Ferrari F40 Tribute Reimagines a Timeless Classic

Imagining a modern version of a timeless classic is a challenge few would want to take on. Samir Sadikhov did just that, taking the car that inspired super cars, the Ferrari F40, and reimagining it for a modern age.

ferrari f40 tribute reimagines

Sadikhov is a graduate of the Istituto Europeo di Design. He has worked on a number of other projects, including a line of Rezani cars among others. Currently, he works for Genesis, Hyundai’s luxury brand. On the site for his tribute, Sadikhov admits, “For car designers like us, the F40 is a design icon. Its combination of racing genes and minimalism generates an engaging aesthetic that continues to win hearts even today.”

back view f40 ferrari

Sadikhov’s Ferrari F40 Tribute stays true to the original by maintaining the basic characteristics of the F40—namely a large rear wing, intakes on the shoulders, and a pointed front end. The biggest difference is in size. The Tribute looks and feels stockier. Part of that may be the more curvaceous lines; or it could also be because of the larger tires. As a virtual model, knowing the ins and outs of the engine is impossible, though Sadikhov did include one in the rending.

ferrari f40 top view

The incredible amount of detail that went into the model is a testament to Sadikhov’s love of the F40—it took him more than a year to finish the project. All that remains is for Ferrari to decide to produce the design.

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