The Ferrari F8 Tributo Advances Ferrari’s Legacy

Automobile companies love to make special edition vehicles—be they anniversary or limited edition or tribute cars. Ferrari is no exception to this practice, and in the case of the Ferrari F8 Tributo, you’ll be glad that they follow suit.

ferrari f8 front view

The Ferrari F8 Tributo pays homage to the 458 Italia, which Ferrari introduced to the world 10 years ago. Before the Italia, Ferrari had the F430, but the Italia was something more. Ferrari continued doing the same—taking the older version and improving it for a new iteration. That’s what gave use the Speciale, then the turbocharged 2015 488 GTB. The Pista took over where the 488 left off, adding 710 horsepower to the 488 platform. Now Ferrari is unleashing the F8 Tributo.

ferrari f8 back view

The Tributo will boost that 710 horsepower to 720, making it the most powerful production car in Ferrari history. (What about the Pista? That particular model is considered a “special” and not production). Ferrari has designed the F8 to be more comfortable and easier to drive than its predecessor. It comes with Side Slip Angle Control and Dynamic Enhancer systems to help keep you between the gutters. It also has a smaller diameter steering wheel, an aerodynamics package that is 15 percent more efficient, and a seven-inch passenger touchscreen display.

upholstery car seat and dashboar of ferrari

With an eye to the future, Ferrari is already stating that the Tributo is a “bridge to a new design language.” With a track record of improving each generation, the future looks promising.

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