Vandenbrink Design Gives the Ferrari 612 its Due

When you think of Ferraris, you don’t necessarily think of a family vehicle. In fact, you don’t even think of room for more than a driver and a passenger. It’s no wonder, then, that four-seat Ferraris don’t get much attention.

The 612 Scaglietti falls into that category, which is a shame. Vandenbrink Design is giving the Ferrari Shooting Brake some credit with a redesign that will have you reconsidering the car.

vanderbrink top view design

For starters, Vandenbrink completely rethought the car’s rear end, changing it into a wagon—that’s a V12 powered wagon, lest you forget. The new rear end features a gentle slope with integrated skylights. New rear quarter windows were also added with a large C-pillar. The tailgate was granted a spoiler and, like most wagons, it has a rear wiper. The cabin stayed largely the same, though there is a leather-lined cargo compartment and a pass-through to the second row.

back compartment of vanderbrink design

The car is essentially just a sales tool for now. The designers are displaying the one-off at the Classic Youngtimers Consultancy located in Uden, Netherlands. The purpose of the display is apparently to drum up business. Vandenbrink announced in a release that “an additional limited series of Vandenbrink Shooting Brakes will be built only on a bespoke order, exclusively for visionary and knowledgable customers with passion for the underlying automotive quality, aesthetic excellence, and historical significance.”

Each model will be designed for a purpose defined by the customer, and could include such things as “falconry, racing and equine sports.” And one other quality a potential customer will need to have? Deep pocketbooks. Classic Youngtimers Consultancy lists the 2005 Ferrari 612 Scalietti at €300,000. That may seem like a steep asking price, but considering just how exclusive the car will be, and that it will be tailored to your interests—and that it is a Ferrari—the price may be right in line with the value.

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vanderbrink's leather upholstery for car seat

ferrari's new vanderbrink design

road test for ferrari's vanderbrink design

back view vanderbrink design