Want to see a 7 Million Pound 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet?

A 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet is being auctioned off at Artcurial Motorcars… and it is a beauty. Part of the 23rd Convertible Series, this car is one of only 40 ever made, 29 of these such cars no longer exist today, so now it’s one of eleven still in existence.

1959 ferrari 250 gt cabriolet front

Like all Ferraris, this beautiful machine has a storied past. Since the mid-1950s, Ferrari’s road-ready vehicles have been huge part of the company’s success. Created and designed in pursuit of the perfect automobile, Ferraris have always been some of the fastest and most attractive vehicles with four wheels in the world. As racecars were truly Enzo Ferrari’s biggest passion, these road-ready cars were built in an attempt to expand the brand’s impeccable reputation, and that is exactly what they did.

side 1960 ferrari 250 gt cabriolet

This specific car is one of the most beautiful we have ever seen. It’s jet black body is lined with sloping and satisfying curves. The perfect frame is highlighted in polished silver surrounding the front grille, head lamps and, and hood-scoop.

bumper ferrari 250 gt cabriolet

The iconic design and body shape is glorious just to look at but when you see it in action, it’s a whole other story. Whether the soft-top is set down or up and covering the cockpit, the vehicle looks the part and you can tell this machine was designed after Enzo Ferrari’s beloved racecars.

Check it out

open door ferrari 250 gt cabriolet

steering ferrari 250 gt cabriolet

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