Project Rhodium Omega by JSK Moto Co Realizes Lost Potential

Project Rhodium Omega started with an idea ahead of its time. Back in 1993, Yamaha introduced the GTS 1000. The motorcycle featured RADD—Rationally Advanced Design Development—which had a front suspension designed by James Parker and the frame to match.

Project Rhodium Omega

The idea was so different from anything else, and so advanced, that people just couldn’t see its potential and it never caught on.

It sold for only two years in the US, and was barely seen anywhere else. One thing it did accomplish, however, was to catch the eye of a young James Chen.

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Fast forward to today and James Chen is now a successful businessman with a love for all things on wheels. Chen started working with JSK Moto Co to bring back the GTS 1000 for a new generation that just might be more receptive to its futuristic design.

Working together, Chen and JSK came up with a design that is based on a pentagon, with the seat, air intake, and the view from different angles being influenced by this geometric shape. A major portion of the project was to reduce any superfluous material, cutting way back on how much the GTS 1000 weighed.

They also created a custom fuel tank and a custom radiator.

The side vents and headlights were reimagined, too; the result is a futuristic bike whose potential is finally being recognised.

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