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Ruroc Atlas 4.0 | Image: Harry Parsons

Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Review: Have Style and Safety Finally Met?

Since the introduction of the Atlas 1.0 in 2019, Ruroc has come a long way in refining motorcycle helmet safety and style. The UK-based company is best known for its unwavering commitment to innovative safety gear and after spending a few weeks with the Atlas 4.0, I can attest to that continuing. Sure, some will still ask, can a helmet with so much safety integrated into it still look cool? But the answer is a resounding yes. I had the opportunity to give the Atlas 4.0 a run for its money and here’s what I found out in the process. 

Ruroc Helment, Box and Contents
Unboxing the Atlas 4.0 Carbon | Image: Harry Parsons

Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Design

From the first moment you unbox the Atlas 4.0 Carbon, it is obvious that attention to detail featured prominently in the build brief. The box displays the helmet and all its accessories against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, which I found was a nice nod to Ruroc’s beginnings in producing snow equipment.

The Atlas 4.0 has undergone some cosmetic changes from its predecessor, featuring a sleeker look with the removal of some air vents. The helmet’s aggressive front grill and jet fighter styling give it a futuristic look that made me feel like I was straight out of Star Wars. Each helmet comes with a clear and dark visor, both of which are pinlock-compatible. If you wish to customise your helmet further, Ruroc supplies a large array of coloured, iridescent visors that add even more of an aggressive look.

One thing that took me back when trying on the Atlas 4.0 is the large size of the shell. This sizing does make you feel a bit like a bobblehead, however, to fit all the new safety gear I’ll be mentioning later on, this is completely understandable. Once the helmet is on your head, fastening the chinstrap couldn’t be easier. Featuring a Fidlock system, the strap has a magnetic connection that clicks into place and feels extremely secure.

The interior is plush and sits securely on your head | Image: Harry Parsons

Is It Comfortable?

As the helmet is only sold online it can leave some buyers nervous about the fit. Pleasingly, Ruroc provides detailed measurement instructions inclusive of a step-by-step video to ensure that there is no hesitation when pressing that purchase button. Following these instructions, I measured my head and low and behold, it was the perfect fit.

Once you have the Atlas 4.0 helmet in your hands, you might find it to be a snug fit when putting it on, but rest assured, the internal structure has room in all the right places. The helmet applied pressure on my cheeks and forehead, alongside having ample space around the top and back of my head. Evidently, Ruroc listened to valuable community feedback from the Atlas 3.0 and completely re-engineered the internals of the Atlas 4.0. The result is a plush, multi-layered foam interior wrapped in soft moisture-wicking fabric. Over my various short and long rides I found these materials to be extremely comfortable

Not stopping there, the upgraded interior also significantly reduces wind noise compared to its previous versions. The helmet did an incredible job at dampening the roar of the engine beneath me and wind noise. This is a result of sound-dampening inserts around the ear structure that Ruroc claims contributed to a 57 per cent reduction in wind noise in comparison to the Atlas 3.0.

When it comes to airflow throughout the helmet, the Atlas 4.0 truly excels. The internal switch directing air flow to your mouth or visor delivers a satisfying amount of air. The switch itself is in a hard-to-reach spot, especially when you’re on the move, however, the outcome of directing the airflow is a welcome feature. The upgraded 4.0 also features an on/off switch of airflow directed through the top vent. When opened there is a noticeable cooling effect within the helmet, perfect for those hotter days.

The Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Visor provides an incredible field of view | Image: Ruroc

How Safe Is It?

Starting with the vision, I was impressed, to say the least. Featuring 215 degree horizontal and 100-degree vertical field of vision meant that my peripheral vision was the most I had experienced in a helmet. The horizontal vision also meant that there was a tiny amount of head movement when checking your speed. Pair the visor with the Pinlock attachment and fog is a thing of the past.

Rheon 1
RHEON technology provides significant protection: Image: Ruroc

With the Atlas 4.0’s looks and design firmly solidified, the helmet’s safety components have set the benchmark of protection. Featuring the world’s first road-ready helmet to integrate RHEON impact technology, Ruroc has challenged helmet safety technology that has remained unchanged for over 50 years. Without getting too technical, the RHEON technology was born from decades of research and lines the Atlas 4.0 with a reactive polymer that offers targeted energy dissipation against various impact points. The fact that NASA also participated in this research gave me total confidence that this helmet had my safety as its highest priority.

Due to these significant safety inclusions, the Atlas 4.0 is one of the first motorcycle helmets on the road to meet the ECE 22.06 rating, not only has it met this rating but it exceeded all tests by a minimum of 20 per cent.

Ruroc - Shockwave Soundsystem
Ruroc’s Shockwave integration certainly packs a punch | Image: Harry Parsons

Tech Compatible

Get ready to level up your riding experience, because Ruroc has re-engineered its helmet audio system, Shockwave, alongside Harman Kardon and it’s a game changer. I found the integrated 40mm speakers and microphone were extremely easy to install and seamlessly became part of the helmet’s interior. The speakers do a great job of cutting through the wind and external noise whilst also providing a satisfying amount of bass and treble.

Situated at the rear of the helmet is the control pad, giving you access to power, volume, previous/next track and more. When using the Shockwave system controls, I found it rather difficult to find the buttons when on the move and would wait till I stopped at the lights to skip the track or increase the volume.

Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Carbon | Image: Harry Parsons

Should You Buy The Altas 4.0?

Overall the Atlas 4.0 is a helmet that promises aggressive styling, state-of-the-art safety and a comfortable ride, so to have all these features within a AUD$690 (currently AUD$520 on sale) product is quite impressive. If your current gear is in need of an upgrade, the Ruroc Atlas 4.0 should definitely be on the top of your list.

Ruroc Atlas 4.0 FAQ

Price (When Reviewed)AUD$520
Shell ConstructionCarbon Fibre
Field of View215° Horizontal
100° Vertical
Internal LinerRHEON Integrated head-liner
Multi-density layered foam
Chin StrapFidlock
CertificationDOT FMVSS 218
ECE 22.06
What are the motorcycle helmet safety requirements in Australia?

In Australia, all motorcycle helmets must meet the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1698:2006 or United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Regulation No 22 (UNECE22.05 or UNECE22.06). This standard specifies the minimum requirements for the construction, design, performance, and labelling of helmets for use by motorcyclists and their passengers.

DISCLAIMER: The author of this article, Harry Parsons, was provided the Atlas 4.0 for the purposes of this review.