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15 Best All You Can Eat Buffets in Brisbane | Man of Many

Ariala Kippa-Ring is a family-friendly all-you-can-eat restaurant. The menu is ever-changing and caters to seasonal flavours. The buffet here boasts a worldly array of dishes, including Asian, Mediterranean and Western dishes. They have everything from salads, fresh seafood, juicy steaks and roasts all the way to sizzling stir-fry dishes, curries and even desserts.

1. Ariala Kippa-Ring

Navala Churrascaria is a Brazilian BBQ-style eatery. Its known for its expansive offerings of Brazilian meat served Rodizio style that is fresh off the wood and charcoal fire pits. The staff will carve skewers of barbecued meat, pork, beef, lamb, chicken and traditional sausages. The carvers will keep carving until you tell them to stop. There are also vegetarian and gluten-free options available.

2. Navala Churrascaria

KaiKai Chicken is not for the faint of heart, this Korean styled All-You-Can-Eat buffet specialises in wings, sides and more. Here you can devour limitless chicken wings, saucy pork ribs, loaded fries, beer-battered onion rings, chicken nuggets, nachos, wedges and more.

3. KaiKai Chicken

Southside Bistro is an Asian-fusion tapas bar, but it’s much loved for its Tuesday all-you-can-eat pasta deal. The menu changes also regularly, so you never know what your gonna get. But some staples of pasta night have been spaghetti in slow-cooked pear and blue cheese sauce as well as fettuccine with pork belly and spicy Napoli sauce.

4. Southside Bistro

Seoul Bistro is Sunnybank’s premier fried-chicken buffet spot and for good reason. Their all-you-can-eat offering gives diners plenty to choose from, with unlimited chicken wings available in Seven, yes seven different flavours. Plus there’s also thin-cut fries, garlic bread, K-slaw or chicken-cheese fries, plus even more to choose from. It’s easy to see why they have developed a huge following.

5. Seoul Bistro

Fritzenberger South Bank is loved for its locally brewed craft beer, fresh burgers and sides. Every Friday to Sunday from 6 pm Fritzenberger’s two-hour wings and beer package is available. Offering you a choice of Fritzenberger pale ale, lager, dry apple cider, house wine or even Aperol spritzes while you down endless buffalo wings. What else could you ask for?

6. Fritzenberger South Bank

Buffalo Bar is known for its American pub meals, plus craft beers & whiskey. But they’re also known for their bottomless wing night which is every Wednesday night from 6 pm to 8 pm. Test your stomach with bottomless wings, they are available in original or Frank’s Hot Sauce flavours.

7. Buffalo Bar

Mucho Mexicano does taco Tuesdays the right way. Its all-you-can-eat taco night starts at 5:00 pm and gives you two hours to enjoy unlimited tacos. take your tastebuds on a trip to Mexico as you stuff your face with crispy pork belly, battered snapper, chorizo and sticky wagyu beef and many more other tacos available.

8. Mucho Mexicano

Hanwoori Restaurant isn’t your typical Korean BBQ. This Korean BBQ is also a Buffet, that features a wide array of meaty cuts such as rump steak, marinated pork, calamari, prawns and more, alongside a salad bar and hot-food selection. Every table here is equipped with a gas-fired grill.

9. Hanwoori Restaurant

La Costa Restaurant & Bar is the perfect place for lovers of Pasta. From 5 pm every Wednesday you can dig into three gnocchi varieties and five pizza options plus wine or beer. Try the pumpkin and walnut gnocchi or why not give the mortadella, pistachio and stracciatella pizza or give the classic tomato, mozzarella and Spanish chorizo pizza a try. They also have special seafood gnocchi and pizza that changes daily.

10. La Costa Restaurant & Bar

Salt Meats Cheese Gasworks dishes up the hearty Italian feed we all desire. well, what could be better than a hearty Italian feed well how about all-you-can-eat pizza and pasta on Monday nights. Give the Super Truffle Bros or King Brie pizzas a try or try their other pizza or pasta offerings. Salt Meats Cheese’s monthly all-you-can-eat vegan pizza and pasta nights as well.

11. Salt Meats Cheese Gasworks

What could be better than Korean-style fried chicken wings, easy answer bottomless Korean-style fried chicken wings and golden fries? At Ling Lings every Thursday, you’re able to treat yourself and your stomach to bottomless Korean-style fried chicken wings and fries.

12. Ling Lings

Shabuhouse is a fusion Japanese buffet restaurant, known for the freshest sushi, Japanese Shabu-shabu hotpot and delicious hot food. This all-you-can-eat  Japanese buffet offers a ton of selections for authentic shabu shabu (hot pot), as well as limitless sushi and nigiri, and hot dishes such as tempura fish, takoyaki, chicken wings and more.

13. Shabuhouse

Shinbashi Yakiniku is known for two things, its tasty Japanese barbecue and its large portions. Here you can taste various Japanese-style barbecued dishes as well as numerous Korean and Chinese-inspired sides like bibimbap, takoyaki, deep-fried calamari, lotus chips and salmon porridge to name a few.

14. Shinbashi Yakiniku

Who said Vegetarians can have an all-you-can-eat experience? Well at Govinda’s Brisbane, there’s an amazing all-you-can-eat experience for Vegetarians. With Jasmine rice, mixed vegetable curries, split mung dahl (lentil soup), savoury vegetable koftas on offer. As well as tomato-and-herb chutney, lentil tortillas, garden salad, semolina fruit pudding with custard, and homemade ginger-and-mint lemonade. You definitely won’t go hungry here.

15. Govinda’s Brisbane

What is the best sushi buffet in Brisbane?

The best sushi buffet in Brisbane is easily Shabuhouse, it's known for the freshest sushi.

Where is the best all you can eat Korean fried chicken buffet in Brisbane?

The best all you can eat Korean fried chicken buffet in Brisbane would have to be KaiKai Chicken, but an honourable mention would have to be Ling Lings.

Where is the best all you can eat burger place in Brisbane?

The best all you can eat burger place in Brisbane is definitely Fritzenberger South Bank.


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