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21 Best Australian Jewellery Brands You Should Know | Man of Many

To help you choose from the finest labels to accessorise in, here are the best Australian jewellery brands you should know.

Best Australian Jewellery Brands

First up on our list is Amber Sceats. The brand is an ode to abstraction and has quickly gained a high-profile in the media spotlight since its advent in 2012. Having sourced the finest of craftsmen in the provinces of Tuscany and Paris and having combined artistry from Italy and France, Amber Sceats has redefined jewellery design. No wonder the likes of Taylor Swift, Ruby Rose and Kylie Jenner have been spotted in the brand.

1. Amber Sceats

Christie Nicolaides is a namesake jewellery brand that has swiftly garnered a loyal international audience for its unique jewellery designs. Each collection pay homage to her artistic upbringing and Greek heritage. The brand’s artistic direction by skilled artisans throughout Asia and Europe showcases how each collection is conceived: all made to be worn either singly or together as a complete aesthetic, from head crowns to earrings, necklaces and rings.

2. Christie Nicolaides

Founded in 2012, By Charlotte quickly amassed a loyal following. Inspired by its owner Charlotte Blakeney’s love for stones, crystals, symbols, the evolution of the brand has been a natural and organic progression. The brand’s signature Lotus Necklace, Charlotte’s first-ever design, has been adorned by the likes of Miranda Kerr, Tash Oakley, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Georgia May Jagger, Shanina Shaik and Georgia Fowler. Talk about top-tier.

3. By Charlotte

Holly Ryan founded her eponymous jewellery brand that has always been passionate about sustainability, sourcing recycled metals and ethical stones for her designs. Artistic influences also play an important role in the brand’s design process and this has it to expand into the field of sculpture. Today, her highly sought-after designs have been featured on Vogue, i-D, Harpers, Bazaar, Russh, and Unconditional Magazine.

4. Holly Ryan

Reliquia Jewellery is inspired by relics and family heirlooms: each collection plays on the pieces you might borrow from your grandmother’s jewellery box. Founder Ana Piterira established Valet Studio on the same idea in 2017 – taking influence from bold, colourful pieces for modern wear. Don yourself with her carefully selected pieces that align with our overarching vintage-inspired aesthetic.

5. Reliquia

Sarah & Sebastian is an ever-evolving body of work. From day one, its founders have committed to operating a responsible label, both environmentally and socially. They have consciously chosen to minimise their impact by using recycled metals, ethically sourced stones. And their pursuit to push designs with respect for traditional craftsmanship has created their distinct jewellery label that’s indicative of longevity and sentiment.

6. Sarah & Sebastian

Lucie Ferguson is a contemporary jeweller and with her brand Babyanything, has created future heirlooms filled with femininity and timelessness. Each piece is designed and sustainably made in Australia and is handcrafted from precious metals. The brand places heavy emphasis on the power of jewellery: because it’s Ferguson’s intention to have her pieces become your heirlooms.

7. Babyanything

For those who seek out the unconventional, Lucy Folk has that appeal. This nomadic lifestyle brand has exceptional craftsmanship and an eclectic aesthetic that transforms the creative concept into a piece of art. The label’s handmade jewels, Italian made eyewear, spirited accessories and resort-inspired apparel create a subtle sense of opulence. It’s also been glorified by Vogue, and it’s no surprise the New York Times has praised the brand as a ‘stand-out’.

8. Lucy Folk

Enesea is a Bondi jewellery brand that draws on hand-made, limited edition jewels and one-off pieces inspired by the natural world. It employs and toys with local material and revamps them to give you avant-garde jewellery design. Expect gold hardware, shells, beads and semi-precious stones, hand-crafting pieces for your wear. They also create a plethora of unique and bespoke pieces.

9. Enesea

Albus Lumen is a brand that’s not bound by trends. It’s grounded in core elements, drawing strength from detailed minimalism. With a knack for craftsmanship, you’ll love their simple shapes and classic modernity. Being the Woolmark International Prize Finalist 2019, the brand continues to create the ultimate traveller wardrobe of interchangeable pieces that draw strength from minimalism.

10. Albus Lumen

At 31-year-old, Sydney based jewellery designer, Ryan Storer, launches his namesake e-boutique and it takes the fashion world by storm. This is the story of this jewellery brand. It’s attention to detail makes his designs so precious and intricate. Each piece holds its sense of individuality. Their collection features a range of cuffs, bracelets, earrings and necklaces: which have already featured in US Vogue and are in high demand for boutiques.


The perfect balance of feminine and masculine jewellery designs is F+H Jewellery. This is a brand that strikes that perfect balance of feminine and masculine designs. The result? Oh-so-summery jewels that provide plenty of styles, impact, and many a compliment. Gorgeous. Australian jewellery label F+H has been seen on some of the world’s leading ladies, from Lara Worthington to Margot Robbie.

12. F+H Jewellery

Founded in Australia, based in Notting Hill. Atelier Romy was a vision developed for the creation of a new online-only fine jewellery brand. The brand intends to transcend seamlessly across occasions and time zones whilst complementing the wearer’s style. It retails yellow gold, rose gold, black rhodium and sterling silver pieces made with world-class craftsmanship at affordable and accessible prices.

13. Atelier Romy

Natasha Schweitzer is a fine jewellery brand, specialising in custom pieces, engagement rings and everyday pieces to last forever. Hand-crafted in Australia by a team of highly-trained jewellers. Designing with a sensibility that combines modern and simplistic shapes with an imagination of decades past, it’s founder’s pieces are instantly recognisable for their refined beauty and exceptional quality.

14. Natasha Schweitzer

Natalie Marie offers a non-traditional jewellery experience, creating a holistic approach with a focus on sentiment and connection. Their designs combine minimal styling with traditional detailing and embellishments – a unification of our jewellers’ design visions – which results in a distinct aesthetic. You’ll love their beautifully crafted precious, fine pieces with fashion-forward statement pieces.

15. Natalie Marie Jewellery

Mountain & Moon is more than a jewellery brand — it’s a lifestyle. The label’s designs are strong, sexy, and state-of-the-art made for every woman who loves to make a statement. There’s an unapologetic spirit behind the brand and a fresh and exciting appeal that stands out. Its jewellers are inspired by shared adventures and have an affinity for pieces that transcend cultures, styles and eras.

16. Mountain & Moon

Valére Jewellery needs no introduction. As being a favourite on the ears, necks, wrists and fingers of some of the world’s biggest names – from Kylie Jenner to Jesinta Franklin. Their unique jewellery continuously creates pieces that reflect its lasting ethos, “to be of worth”, and cemented itself on the global fashion stage. Its signature jewellery collection continues to push and innovate.

17. Valére Jewellery

ToniMay is the love label of accessories designer that are designed by gemstones from all over the world. The jewellery label’s unique aesthetic is synonymous with a wanderlust spirit, offering soulful designs that incorporate semi-precious and precious stones set in luxe metals. Their finery range uses 9K, 14K, or 18K White, Rose and Yellow Gold. The jewellery store prides itself on creating unique designs that are everlasting.

18. ToniMay

When looking through Valet Studio, you’ll find that its founder, Ana Piteira, is behind more than one fashion labels – Reliquia Jewellery and handbag label Respiro. The Valet Studio is the host website to many of Piteira’s labels, including Reliquia Jewellery, Valet Studio, Blanca Apparel, Respiro, Primavera and Aeyre Home– all retailing different accessories. Heads up, there are spiral hoops, vintage-inspired candle holders, flowy dresses for the season, thick and colourful headbands, delicate jewellery and more.

19. Valet Studio

Elso Jewellery is an ever-evolving expression of creativity. Its jewellery is steeped in art, quality and sustainability and continues to create unique pieces. It’s creator wanted to celebrate the contemporary art in jewellery, and Elso Collective’s designs echo the art movements pioneered by Picasso but are inspired by his trailblazing female muses. Each piece of Elso is named after Picasso’s muses because they are my true inspiration— so quaint.

20. Elso Jewellery

Kate & Kole was the brainchild of two good friends, Sara and Maddy and has now become a full-blown ring concierge and jewellery label; comprising of eight jewellery collections and a custom jewellery design service. Encapsulating classic style reimagined, Kate & Kole offers timeless fine jewellery centred around quality metals, diamonds and stones. So whether you’re looking for an everyday piece or a custom-created engagement ring — they’ve got you covered.

21. Kate & Kole

Sustainable jewellery is the employment of transparency and responsibility when sourcing sustainable materials. Nowadays, many jewellery brands use sustainable materials such as recycled gold, silver and stones that are responsibly sourced, either through fairtrade in their country of origin or through local suppliers.

What is Sustainable Jewellery?

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