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14 Best Australian Watch Brands | Man of Many

Acclaimed, elegant, precise, sturdy and stunning are just a few words to describe the timepieces offered by top Australian made watch brand Melbourne Watch Company (aka MWC). It’s then no wonder that the brand has experienced meteoric success since crowdfunding helped them launch their first watch, Flinders, in 2013.

1. Melbourne Watch Company

This Australian watch company may have a name that sounds Swiss in origin, but that’s no mistake. Founded by Christophe Hoppe, top Aussie watch brand Bausele has no shame in admitting the Swiss are true masters of the form. Hence, Bausele represents “an Australian watch with a Swiss heart”. Specifically, that means coupling the finest in Swiss mechanics with a signature Australian aesthetic. Driving home the Aussie themes are a distinct hollow crown and the inclusion of a native element in every model. Whether that Aussie element is ancient Opal, beach sand, or Red Earth from the Outback, there’s simply no mistaking where this watch came from.


OWC produces a small number of high-quality luxury timepieces. They offer pieces directly to the client without the retailer/dealer margin. The brand is driven obsession, abiding by the mantra that “Less is More,” their products are competent, clean, fit for purpose, overly engineered and inspired by divine order. CNC execution is juxtaposed with hand assembly and human testing. They focus on engineering rather than fashion, quality above price and traditional values over marketing. OWC watches evolve and respond to engineering and technological developments, their components are individually designed and made to order with no generic off-the-shelf parts insight.

3. Orange Watch Company

Sydney watchmaker Nicholas Hacko might reside over the self-proclaimed ‘world’s smallest watch brand’, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be one of the best. His motives are slightly competitive in spirit and meant to address if not undermine preconceived notions of foreign superiority. And while Rebelde watches do use a Swiss-made mechanism along with presumably imported materials like surgical grade stainless steel, titanium or solid gold, they’re designed, assembled and adjusted in Australia with the engraving to prove it.

4. Rebelde

With designs inspired by luxury vehicles, modern architecture and classic Swiss watchmaking alike, top Aussie watch brand Creux Automatiq is the epitome of street style. The company was financed by Dane Rumble, who’s background in everything from music to jewellery logically extends itself to the world of horology. Models like The Ghost, which pairs a skeletonised date wheel with traditional high-end materials and a bold case aesthetic, allows the watch’s inner workings to shine as art while turning your wrist into moving eye candy. Australian men’s watches don’t get any sexier.

5. Creux Automatiq

Laying claim to the first and only watch fully manufactured in Australia is a pretty huge statement. Nicholas Hacko knows a thing or two about watches, it’s literally in his blood. When large Swiss brands restricted the supply of spare parts to Australian watchmakers, they single handily destroyed the livelihood of many independent watchmakers. In an act of rebellion against this, Nick decided that he would prove to the Large Swiss brands that Australian watchmakers were smart, young and willing to invest. He decided to build his own watch. The result? One of the best watch brands in Australia.

6. Nicholas Hacko Fine Watches

PANZERA is an Australian watch brand established in 2009 that specialises in the production of classically designed automatic watches. While traditional in guise, the watches are enhanced with a unique contemporary feel, a style that they refer to as “modern vintage”.

7. PANZERA Watches


One of the best Australian watch brands is also one of its oldest. Family-owned ADINA mastered horology decades ago (in 1971 to be exact). Nowadays, they move 40,000 units a year, using parts from five different countries beforehand finishing each piece in Brisbane.

9. Haigh & Hastings

Nothing says “Australia” more than a beautiful timepiece built for action. Duly up to the task was Aussie watch brand Haigh & Hastings. The Perth-based company experienced an early boost after the release of their stellar M2 Diver watch. With features like Japanese mechanical movement, a 316L stainless steel case, scratch-resistant crystal sapphire, and a screw-down crown, the M2 was an instant classic.

10. JDRT

JDRT stands for Joel Davis and Rhys Thomas, the company’s founders. And these two Bondi Beach mates want to put the power in your hands. To accomplish such a lofty goal, they provide the premium basics like Japanese Miyota movement, scratch-resistant sapphire glass and water resistance up to 100 metres. The rest is essentially up to you. That means going to their website and choosing from among five watch faces and up to eighteen bands. Perfect for those looking for customised watches in Australia.

11. Erroyl

Hailing from Canberra, top Aussie watch brand Erroyl bridges the gap between luxury and affordability, one remarkable piece at a time. Their automatic watches exude timeless elegance and all sorts of classic vibes while brilliant little details emerge whenever you look a little closer. Erroyl enjoys a strong following at home and abroad and with good reason. Popular sellers like the Heritage Collection offer refined minimalist beauty brimming with subtle complexity. Australian-made watches don’t get much classier.

12. Bow & Stern

Aussie watchmakers Bow & Stern are all about celebrating Australia’s favourite pastime: hanging out by the ocean. Their timepieces are reflective of the laidback feel and focus on practicality that comes with a life spend on, or by, water. Hand-assembled and highly customisable thanks to the interchangeable straps, Bow & Stern’s watches are a high-quality option for those wanting a piece of Australian horology that won’t look too overboard, or break the bank.
The 5TH is a contemporary Melbourne-based watch company that offers a timeless design produced in small, limited runs. They focus on quality and details, with timeless pieces that are guided as an accessory for any occasion. The brand believes a watch should elevate the wearer’s image now, and for the time to come. If you’re looking for a quality minimalist watch in a budget, this is an Australian watch brand to check out.

13. The 5TH

Powered by an analogue quartz movement, The Horse’s collection of men’s watches carefully balance bold and understated aesthetics to deliver a timeless leather design that ages with you to tell your story. Designed in their studio in Sydney, their watches honour unembellished natural materials and classic design. If you’re looking for a minimalist Australian watch brand that isn’t marked by heavy detailing The Horse is one to check out.

14. The Horse

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