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13 best computer speakers for your home office

13 Computer Speakers You Need for the Home Office

If you want quality computer speakers in your home office, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. As more of us are working from home, having a quality set of speakers is essential, whether it’s for Zoom calls, watching videos, gaming, listening to important audio, or just blasting some music on your lunch break. No matter what you need them for, there is a set of computer speakers for everyone’s needs and niche. A good set of computer speakers will provide you with functionality, and not to mention, will be the perfect finishing touch to deck out your setup. Here are the 13 best computer speakers for your home office.

audioengine a5 wireless best sounding

1. Audioengine A5+ Wireless – Best Sounding

The Audioengine A5+ Wireless speakers are some of the best computer speakers if sound quality is what you’re after. These speakers could make up a complete home music system, with their bold sound that easily reaches the whole room, and some. They come with a wire, or you can set them up as wireless speakers via Bluetooth from your phone, tablet or computer. They come in a black, timber or white finish and have a classic look that will fit nicely into any room.

Power Output: 150 W peak power total
Drivers: 5″ aramid fiber woofers, 0.75″ silk dome tweeters
Inputs: 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack, RCA L/R, Bluetooth
Outputs: RCA variable line-out
Dimensions (HWD): 10.75″ (27 cm) x 7″ (18 cm) x 9″ (23 cm)
Weight” Left (active) – 15.4 lb (7 kg), Right (passive) – 9.6 lb (4.4 kg)
Price: USD$499

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bose companion 2 series iii best allround

2. Bose Companion 2 Series III – Best Allround

The Companion 2 Series III by Bose is the best allround computer speaker system. The sound is adequate and extra loud, considering the size of the speakers. The smaller size also means these speakers fit comfortably on any workspace without being too bulky or taking up too much space. The design is sleek and elegant, and the price point is very affordable. Whilst these speakers offer no extra add ons, the sound is smooth enough that you will find you won’t need to adjust to the treble or bass.

Dimensions: 19 cm H x 8 cm W x 14.5 cm D
Inputs/outputs: Aux input, Headphone jack
Price: USD$199

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creative pebble plus

3. Creative Pebble Plus – Best Cheap

Compact, functional and trendy design is what you can expect from Creative Pebble Plus’ computer speakers. Often considered the best computer speakers on the cheaper end of the spectrum, Pebble knows how to create affordable but quality speakers. The design is minimalistic, and the sound is clean. The speakers also come with a USB connector for easy use. The down-firing subwoofer means the sound is guaranteed to be clear and loud for you to enjoy.

Power Output: Up to 16W
Drivers: 2″ full range speaker driver with subwoofer
Inputs: 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack, RCA L/R, Bluetooth
Outputs: RCA variable line-out
Dimensions: 116 x 122 x 115 mm
Price: USD$79.95

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harman kardon soundsticks 4 best looking

4. Harman Kardon SoundSticks 4 – Best Looking

The Harman Kardon SoundSticks 4 has an iconic design that will make a statement in any contemporary home. The transparent dome design features a sleek finish and an inner rippled surface. The sculptural design doesn’t mean the speakers compromise on sound, the one-of-a-kind speaker boasting fantastic sound quality with a vibrant treble and bass. A seamless combination of iconic design and state of the art audio, these are some of the best computer speakers to get your hands on.

Output power: 140 W RMS
Power input: 24V/3.7A
Frequency response: 40Hz-20kHz
Dimensions: 271mmx84mmx84mm
Weight: 4.432 kg
Price: AUD$499

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edifier r1280db best bookshelf

5. Edifier R1280DB – Best Bookshelf

If you’re looking for the best computer speakers with a bookshelf design, look no further than the Edifier R1280DB. These prominent speakers are perfect for making a statement and those who would prefer bulky design if it means solid sound. The speakers include a 4-inch woofer and a 0.5-inch tweeter, guaranteeing quality bass and vocals for years to come. The Speaker is functional, with two RCA inputs which means you can connect one input to your computer and the other to an additional source. The best bit- the Edifier is affordable while still providing everything you need for quality sound and add ons.

Power output: R/L: 21W+21W RMS
Product Dimensions: ‎ 14.61 x 24.13 x 17.78 cm
Weight: 4.9 Kilograms
Input: RCA x2
Price: AUD$179

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audioengine a1

6. AudioEngine A1 – Best Value

This two-speaker system is ideal for music lovers and is one of the best value speakers on the market right now. If you love listening to your music with the premium standard in sound, AudioEngine has you covered. You can set these speakers up wired or wireless, depending on what you prefer. They have a compact and classic design. If you are thinking of buying these speakers, you won’t break the bank but will still receive the best in terms of quality and functionality.

Power output: 60W peak
Product Dimensions: ‎ 15.2 x 10.2 x 13.3cm
Input: RCA x2
Price: AUD$329

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logitech g560 gaming speakers best gaming

7. Logitech G560 Gaming Speakers – Best Gaming

If you’re a gamer looking to experience new intensity levels while gaming, purchasing these Gaming speakers by Logitech is a no-brainer. Undoubtedly the best computer speakers for gaming purposes, the sound quality is so good you will feel like you are in the game you are playing. The built-in G560 audio visualiser helps bring the sound to life, combined with the 240 watts peak powered subwoofer. The unique, lightweight design means you can position the speakers how you like for whichever soundscape you wish to create. The speakers also connect with USB and Bluetooth.

Power output: 240 Watts Peak
Product Dimensions: ‎44 x 37.5 x 30 centimetres
Input: RCA x2
Price: AUD$249

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razer nommo chroma

8. Razer Nommo Chroma

The Razer Nommo Chroma speakers take users into a new dimension with their depth of sound and detail. The speakers are the epitome of sleek, modern design, made with custom woven glass and engineered to deliver ultra-clear sound. Rear-facing bass ports are located behind the speaker bodies, meaning greater amplification and richer audio. The bass knob also allows you to fine-tune according to your desires, so you’ll never have to worry about poor sound quality ever again.

Drivers: 2 x 3″ full range drivers (1 x per speaker)
Input: 3.5 mm connection
Price: USD$129

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logitech z625

9. Logitech Z625

The Sacrifice Nothing with Sennheiser IE 300 Wireless Earphones offer premium audio that is gaming-grade standard. The speakers provide 400 watts of peak and 200 watts RMS power, which translates to a crisp sound and a thundering bass, perfect for music and gaming. They also keep functionality at the forefront of the design. You can connect these speakers on up to three compatible devices via the optical, 0.14 inch or RCA. The right-hand speaker has several controls so you can tailor your sound the way you like it.

Power output: 400 Watts of Peak
Product Dimensions: 7.68 in (195 mm) x 4.57 in (116 mm) x 4.88 in (124 mm)
Input: RCA x2
Weight: 29.98 oz (850 g)
Price: AUD$149

creative labs gigaworks t20 series ii

10. Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 Series II

Creative Labs have produced some of the best computer speakers on the market with their T20 Series II. The T20s are a solid speaker system that has adequate sound for the affordable price tag. They are tall and narrow, with an adjustable treble and bass and a 14 watts power range which means they are relatively loud for speakers within the price range. Creative labs know how to design premium computer accessories, and their speakers are no different- reliable, quality and durable.

Power output: 14W
Product Dimensions: 88 x 143 230mm
Price: AUD$129

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logitech z407

11. Logitech Z407

With a 20 metre wireless range and a sleek, oval design, these computer speakers by Logitech are a go-to for classic, quality sound and design. The sound quality is clear and immersive due to a combination of 80 watts of power and digital signal processing. They also offer adjustable features- adjust the bass and volume and position speakers horizontally or vertically, depending on what you like.

Power output: 80 Watts
Product Dimensions: 199.9 mm x 93.9 mm x 85.2 mm
Weight: 389.6 g
Price: AUD$149

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cyber acoustics ca 3610

12. Cyber Acoustics CA 3610

Cyber has produced one of the best computer speakers with this three-piece system. The speakers are a curved aluminium design that comes with a subwoofer. They are pretty powerful, with 62 watts peak power which provides an adequate and clean sound experience. These speakers win in terms of functionality, offering a control pod with controls for master volume, bass volume, a headphone output jack, and aux input jack.

Power output: 62 Watts
Product Dimensions: 13.2 x 10.6 x 9.8 inches
Weight: ‎9.7 pounds
Price: AUD$70

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audioengine a2

13. AudioEngine A2+

AudioEngine has outdone themselves with the Bigscreen’s Custom-Made ‘Beyond’ is the World’s Smallest PC VR Headset. The speakers come in a classic design, and you can personalise to your tastes, with black, white and red finishes available. The A2+ premium powered speakers with high-fidelity stereo sound connect to your music in seconds from any app or device. These speakers are versatile, easy to use, and ideal for small spaces.

Power output: 60 Watts
Product Dimensions: 6″ (15.2 cm) x 4″ (10.2 cm) x 5.25″ (13.3 cm)
Weight: 10 lb (4.6 kg)
Price: USD$269

How to Pick the Best Computer Speakers

When it comes to buying a new set of computer speakers, there are a few key considerations to put front of mind. Here is what to think about before you buy anything:

  • Sound – Sound quality is a key marker in determining the standard of computer speakers. While cheaper and less elaborate systems offer adequate sound quality, they are less nuanced than more comprehensive computer speaker systems. More elaborate computer speakers provide a higher maximum volume, richer treble, deeper bass and better vocals. To pick the best speakers, choose ones that equally balance these features.
  • Size and Add-Ons – Add ons are a sign of advanced computer speakers, as they add an extra layer of quality. The most popular additional feature to look out for is bass and treble controls. Also, look out for wireless functionality and RGB lighting. None of these features are necessary but will help make your life easier and will be especially beneficial if you mainly use your computer for audio.
  • Price – Generally speaking, the higher the price, the more advanced the computer speakers are. However, you can find quality speakers at a more affordable price, depending on what features are a property for you.

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General FAQs

What are the best desktop speakers?

Audio Engine A2+ is the best desktop speaker.

Are Logitech speakers good for computers?

Logitech speakers are great for computers, with a design that will seamlessly complement your setup.

What are the best speakers with USB input?

The best speakers with USB input are the Logitech G560 Gaming Speakers.