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18 Best Healthy Restaurants in Melbourne | Man of Many

Hunters Roots offers you a fulfilling dining experience with a healthy twist. Using local and fresh produce, you’re promised a tasty meal here. From smoothies to toasties, you have a range of nutritious eats to choose from. All meals are changed after every season, which means you’ll never have the same thing twice. They only serve brekkie and lunch, so be sure to pop by during the day.

1. Hunters Roots

‘Organic and Seasonal’ perfectly describes SHOKU IKU. They are set to help you with your healthy eating journey with their variety of food options. At SHOKU IKU, you can get ‘ready to eat’ meals that are jam-packed with sustenance. Everything is organic, low in sugar, grain-free and vegan. You can buy them in-store or get them delivered right to your door.


Transformer Fitzroy celebrates plant-based eating while giving you a luxurious experience. Being one of Melbourne’s best healthy restaurants, you are invited to enjoy their dimmed lighting, locally sourced produce, and exquisite seasonal wine. Bring along a bunch of your friends and try out their ‘feed me’ menu.

3. Transformer Fitzroy

Need food for your soul? Look no further! Nosh is on a mission to make ‘bellies smile.’ Everything served here is made with passion and filled with nutrients while also being incredibly innovative. You can’t go wrong with one of their Signature Bowls, like their Eye of The Tiger (which has tamarind prawns) or their Wagu-San. Unlike most health-conscious restaurants, meat and seafood are a prominent part of their menu, perfect for meat lovers looking for healthy meals.

4. Nosh

Hochi Mama CBD is chic, hip and definitely doesn’t look the part of a healthy restaurant. But rest assured, you’re going to find some of the best healthy foods in Melbourne here. Their Asian-inspired menu is devoted to the art of food sharing. They’re best known for their ‘Me Hungry Now’ menu, which is $32.50 for lunch or $34.50 for dinner. You have a choice between 2 entrees, 2 mains and 1 side (per pair). We recommend their caramelised pork belly and crispy fried dumplings.

5. Hochi Mama CBD

Taco Tuesdays, anyone? Trippy Taco specialises in bringing you the ultimate Mexican street food in Melbourne. Determined to use the freshest products, this healthy restaurant offers you veg only Mexican food. Their mixed taco meal and Taquitos are customer favourites and are must-tries in our books. They also give you the option of having everything you eat be completely vegan friendly. From their breakfast taco to their Nutella melt, every meal is guaranteed to be 100% nutritious here.

6. Trippy Taco

Seedling Cafe is one of Melbourne’s leading healthy cafes. Everything here is 100% gluten-free and delicious. Much like Hochi Mama, they offer excellent ready-made meals that make eating clean effortless. You’ll fall in love with their Shepherd’s Pie and gluten-free Lasagna. They also have an assortment of fabulous cakes that will be a hit at every party.

7. Seedling Cafe

From fresh smoothies to wholefood bowls, Vegie Bar is committed to their veggie lovers. Commemorating different cuisines, this fusion inspired restaurant offers you stir-fries, burritos, arancini balls, burgers, and so much more. Their dishes welcome you to try new things with unexpected flavour combinations. If you love everything veggie related, check them out now!

8. Vegie Bar

Yong Green Food allows you to enter a new world as soon as you get in. Their enchanting atmosphere, dragon walls and floating paper lanterns don’t distract you from their incomparable food. Being one of the best healthy restaurants in Melbourne, their attention to detail is commendable. Like Vegie Bar, there’s not one cuisine served here. You can get dumplings, Nachos, Lentil Curry and Sticky Date Pudding all in one sitting. They also offer both veg and vegan options, ensuring everyone on the table will be happy.

9. Yong Green Food

Sustainability and ethical eating is just the start at Heal.Thy Self Co. Every dish is plant-based and organic as they want you to experience clean eating in Victoria. Their love for good food is clear in each bite as they use natural, earthy flavours. Their Antiox Acai is the perfect go-to breakfast dish, and for lunch, you could always go for their Bootylicious Bowl.

10. Heal.Thy Self Co.

The Moroccan Soup Bar wants you to fully immerse yourselves into the tastes of Morroco. They don’t just have soups here, they also offer both lunch and dinner. You can have rice, hummus, eggplant, dips and more. Their vegan and dairy-free Harrira Soup is definitely worth a try and perfect for those rainy Melbourne days. They also have a ‘Pay it forward’ system which allows you to give a meal pack to those in need.

11. Moroccan Soup Bar

Vegetarian cuisine has been celebrated at Shakahari Too for just shy of 50 years. Every dish is vegan and served with seasonal VIC produce. Affordable veg food can sometimes feel like a battle to find, but at Shakahari Too, you’ll have a full belly without any worries. Their flavour combos are creative and unusual, like their legendary satay and lasagna delizioso. Don’t be surprised if your taste buds are blown away.

12. Shakahari Too

Touchwood offers you rejuvenating meals that don’t break the bank, making it one of Melbourne’s best healthy cafes. We love eating here because of the diverse food choices, which will satisfy any cravings you have. From their fresh Granola, Brekky Burger to their Crispy Chicken Baos and Mexican Chicken Salad. This cafe also proves you don’t have to just eat veg or vegan to have a healthy, fulfilling meal.

13. Touchwood

‘Follow your bliss’ is the motto at Combi Elwood. It’s the quintessential unique and quickly Melbourne cafe. They are hoping to bring you clean food that’s rich in flavour and oozes indulgence. They offer a lot of raw dishes like their Organic Acai Bowl and their Blue Moon Smoothie. If you’re not feeling like something sweet, they have a whole variety of savoury items, including their Spicy Pumpkin toasted sandwich.

14. Combi Elwood

At Green Man’s Arms, you’re sure to feel their passion for locally sourced Aussie produce and alcohol. Their purpose in the vegetarian cuisine scene is to ensure you’re getting the freshest food in your bellies, accompanied by some great booze. Their menus are seasonal and are all vegetarian. If you want something light, we recommend their Fried Cauliflower or their Smoked Watermelon. For something heavier, it definitely has to be their Sunday Roast or Green Man’s Green Burger.

15. Green Man’s Arms

From Tel Aviv to Paris to NYC and finally, to Melbourne, Miznon is an international sensation. They are dedicated to giving you their spin on Mediterranean street food. With a bunch of options for you to try, you will have some serious flavour explosions to look forward to. Their Ratatouille is unquestionably the perfect veg meal (it would make Remy proud).  If you’re a meat-eater, you have to order their Intimate Wagyu and Roots Stew. Every dish here values nature and earthy ingredients.

16. Miznon

Loving Hut is another international staple, but this time for exquisite vegan food. Their love for sustainable eating is clear with every dish that’s on offer. Their extensive menu has entrees, quick bites and much more. They also have an entire Thai section where you can order classics like Green Curry and Pad Thai. They also have a couple of raw food options for you to try.

17. Loving Hut

As one of the best healthy restaurants in Melbourne, Alimentari has been serving customers for over 22 years, and they’re not stopping anytime soon. Besides having delicious meals, they also have a shop where you can purchase cheese, sausages and even fresh bread. There’s no need to book a table here, just walk right in to get your brekkie or a lunch salad.

18. Alimentari

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