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13 Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in Brisbane | Man of Many

Starting off our list is Maru, the Korean fine cuisine and BBQ restaurant. From the photos of the food and restaurant alone you’ll be drawn into this Korean BBQ restaurant. Presentation is just as important as flavour, making Maru a great spot to impress first-timers of KBBQ as well as experienced veterans.

1. Maru

If you’re known for your eat-everything-in-sight appetite, Hanwoori Restaurant may just be the restaurant for you. Hanwoori provides an all you can eat buffet of Korean BBQ, with only the freshest produce used for the best quality meals. With a range of meats, salads, and other hot dishes on offer, we recommend the elastic waistband for this outing.

2. Hanwoori Restaurant

The Funny Funny Korean Restaurant is as much a staple to Brisbane City’s culture as sunburn and flip flops. Having run for a decade amongst the bustling city streets, Funny Funny is one of the best Korean restaurants in Brisbane. Along with its selection of KBBQ meals, the bibimbap (along with being fun to say) is delicious, as well as the pancakes.

3. Funny Funny Korean Restaurant

If you’re looking for crunchy, moist fried chicken, forget the Colonel, and make your way to Midam Korean Charcoal BBQ in Brisbane. As well as having succulent Korean fried chicken (the better KFC, in our opinion) Midam also provide an all you can eat Korean BBQ buffet. We hope you’ve worked up an appetite.

4. Midam Korean Charcoal BBQ

Mapo BBQ is another popular Korean BBQ restaurant in the suburb of Sunnybank. The à la carte menu means that you can try a little of everything, preventing any plate-envy for dishes passing you by. If you’re dining with a larger party, you can also pick and choose from the set menu, which is sure to leave you full and satisfied.

5. Mapo BBQ

Don’t let the wide eyed mascots of Seoul Ssamm scare you off from this tasty Brisbane Korean BBQ restaurant. Best of all, Seoul Ssamm provides cheap KBBQ, within walking distance of some of Brisbane’s best bars. This makes the KBBQ restaurant a great spot to start or finish your night out.

6. Seoul Ssamm

Char Kor BBQ is unique from our list of the best Korean restaurants in Brisbane, because it’s not a restaurant you can book a table at, it’s a food truck. This travelling taste-bud tantaliser roams the streets of Brisbane, in search of its next customer to please. Char Kor BBQ specialises in fusion Korean food, so you can expect bulgogi bento boxes and teriyaki chicken bowls.

7. Char Kor BBQ

One of the newer Brisbane KBBQ restaurants on the scene, Tok Tok Korean Cuisine makes up for their lack of experience with their delectable menu. Customers and critics alike are raving over Tok Tok’s menu, which covers all your favourite meat and chicken dishes. We can see Tok Tok Korean Cuisine sticking around for a long time.

8. Tok Tok Korean Cuisine

Restaurant Red & Green is another all you can eat buffet on our list. Specialising the charcoal cooking, the meats, fish, chicken, and vegetables are infused with the smoky flavours produced by the charcoal. Pick and choose from buffet and unlock flavours on the grill at your table for a meal you won’t soon forget.

9. Restaurant Red & Green

Sunny Seoul BBQ should be your go-to spot for large bookings. With generous serving sizes, Sunny Seoul BBQ caters to everyone’s needs in their menu. Here you’ll find platters of marinated meats and vegetables to cook up at your table, along with kitchen made items such as hot pots and pancakes. For a feast to please the masses, Sunny Seoul BBQ is the only Brisbane KBBQ restaurant you should consider.

10. Sunny Seoul BBQ

You’re going to want to get to Go Bull early, if you want to get into Go Bull at all. The lines out the door are justified at this Korean BBQ restaurant, with a menu that has people returning time and time again for another fix. Once you do find yourself a table, order yourself some DIY rice balls, for all the playing-with-your-food fun your parents shunned for years at the dinner table.

11. Go Bull

Korean BBQ can be intimidating, which is why Mr Bap is so perfect for those new to the world of KBBQ. You won’t find anything too wild and wacky like offal on the menu at Mr Bap, just the ol’ reliable meats and chicken. The menu still features all your favourite kimchi and bulgogi menu items, allowing newbies to slowly expand their taste horizons to KBBQ flavours.

12. Mr Bap

Rounding out our list of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Brisbane is Korilla BBQ Restaurant. From BBQ beginners at Mr Bap to premium Korean cuisine, Korilla have some of the finest cuts of meat you’ll find in the city of Brisbane. From à la carte dining to mains of fish and pork, you can’t go wrong at Korilla. The only trouble you’ll have is deciding what to get first.

13. Korilla BBQ Restaurant

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