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13 Best Nintendo Switch Cases: Softshell to Travel | Man of Many

Due to the console’s portable nature, having a robust case is arguably the most important accessory you can add to your gaming arsenal. Not only do Nintendo Switch carry cases protect your console, they also offer additional accessories. Luckily, we have done some digging to bring you the best Nintendo Switch cases so you can find the right one for you.

Best Nintendo Switch Cases

A simple, fuss-free design makes this carrying case by AmazonBasics one of the best Nintendo Switch cases on the market. As the first one we purchased, it has a special place in our hearts, but that hasn’t clouded our vision. This option, while very basic, does have everything you need to protect your console. The case is hard-shell and extremely durable, with Joy-Con grooves and powerful velcro that secures your console when on the move. It also features a separate inner pocket for standby Joy-Con, a mini charger, analog sticks and small accessories and Game-Cartridge slots to store up to 10 games. The only downside is that it isn’t the best for using when you’re actually playing, which you may find an issue with the more in-depth games.

1. AmazonBasics Carrying Case – Best All-Around

This case looks like something straight out of the future! Constructed with a hybrid combination of soft, shock-absorbent TPU and damage-resistant materials, it will not protect your Switch from scratches but is still comfortable to use. With a user review rating 4.7 out of 5, the general feedback for this is strong, in particular, due to the ergonomic design. Best of all, it’s easy to put on and take off whenever you want to dock the Switch, especially when playing in handheld mode. While we love the look of this one, it definitely isn’t for everyone. Additionally, the stand, while good in theory, can be a little tricky to actually set up.

2. Mumba Protective Case – Best for Protection

If you’re looking for something big and sturdy to protect your most prized possession, the tomtoc travel case is the one for you. The case accommodates your console, dock, adapter, Pro Controller, Joy-Con grip, 4 x Joy-Con straps, 32 x Game Cards and HDMI cable. Another very basic case, we found that the design was better for transporting your Switch rather than playing with it strapped in. It comes with padding foam containing separate and snug compartments for each part, while the thick handle means you can carry the case with you easily and comfortably. Plus, it comes with lockable zippers, just to keep things extra secure.

3. tomtoc Travel Case – Best for Travel

Looking more like a crossbody bum bag than a Switch case, this stylish accessory means you will be keeping your switch safe, and looking the part! The case is designed with a padded pocket with brushed tricot liner to protect your mobile gaming devices, and can store your smartphone in the back zipper pocket, too! It has interior slots that can store up to 14 games/SD cards and is easy to use, with a secure magnetic fold-over closure on the front pocket. it’s definitely not something you can keep your Switch in while you play, but as for travel, this case was a real godsend.

4. Timbuk2 x Astreo CS03 – Best Crossbody

Another case you can also wear, the Villager Supplies 3UP is one of the best Nintendo Switch cases with a soft shell design. Featuring a series of 5 star user reviews, noting the extra storage and security, this option goes above and beyond. It can house your your Switch, Switch OLED or Switch Lite and has three pockets, compartments, and three ways to Carry it! One major benefit we noted was the fact that it is made from weather-proof durable nylon with Poron foam padding, meaning it’s not just comfy, it’s also protected from the elements.

5. Villager Supplies 3UP – Best Softshell

Available in a range of funky colours, the Mumba Dockable Case is renowned for its sturdiness, so if you’re the clumsy type, this may be the case for you. It is made from hybrid TPU and PC materials that will protect from any drop or fall and features cutouts that allow for easy access to all ports and features without case removal. To make things even easier for you, it can also charge in its case on the switch dock, which we found was a real game-changer.

6. Mumba Dockable Case – Best for Docking

With portability at the forefront of its design, the Orzly Nintendo Switch carry case makes taking your switch with you everywhere you go as easy as pie. The case fits the Nintendo Switch tablet, 2 x Joy-Con controllers, and features a separate inner pocket for other smaller accessories. The hard EVA shell means it is durable to withstand any drops on the road, while the soft inner material keeps it free from scratches. That being said, this one isn’t the most durable of cases and is probably best suited to transportation.

7. Orzly Nintendo Switch Carry Case

tomtoc has done it again with their unique travel case. The case has space for 24 game cartridges, your console, AC adapter and an extra two Joy-Con controllers, all in a secure case with an easy-to-hold handle – because they know how hard it is to decide what games to bring on a trip, so why not bring them all? The good news is, that you can also charge while playing and don’t have to worry about your console and accessories being protected, with a high-quality polyester exterior and soft fleece interior.

8. tomtoc Travel Nintendo Switch OLED Case

Outside of the general Nintendo Switch model, you may be hard-pressed to find a suitable option, however, all is not lost. We’ve done some digging to find the best Nintendo Switch Lite cases for your portable console.

Best Nintendo Switch Lite Cases

To protect and transport your Nintendo Switch Lite, we recommend the Bionik. The sturdy case has been designed for ultimate protection with strategically placed padding and a very plush exterior – fancy! It is also super easy to carry with a padded carry handle and an adjustable, removable shoulder strap. To store all those extra games and cables, we made use of the neatly secured mesh pocket.

1. Bionik Power Commuter Lite – Best All-Around

One of the best Nintendo Switch cases for protecting your Switch Lite is the Hori Duraflexi. The case has a flexible TPU protector which guards against any dirt and wear you may put your Switch Lite through. Not only does it protect, but it also looks the part, with a cool, transparent design that is easy to attach and remove.

2. Hori Duraflexi Nintendo Switch Lite Case – Best for Protection

The Mumbra Ultra Slim Hard Shell is the best case for you if you like to travel around often with your Switch Lite. This is thanks to the durable EVA external shell and soft interior material, protecting your console from bumps, drops and scratches that seem to happen when on the move! For extra convenience, it also comes with a detachable wrist strap which makes it easy to carry your Switch Lite conveniently anytime, anywhere.

3. Mumba Ultra Slim Hard Shell – Best for Travel

Available in three different colours and sizes, we love this case for its versatility. Not to mention, this Nintendo Switch cover is compact, portable and convenient, with an easy to manoeuvre magnetic opening. It is soft, so can fit perfectly in any space and has a water-resistant exterior to protect in the disaster of any spills!

4. Waterfield Designs Dash Express Case

Orzly has one of the best carry cases for your Switch Lite. It fits it all – your Nintendo Switch tablet, 2 Joy-Con controllers, and features a separate inner pocket for any other stuff you need. You won’t have to worry about your console being protected- we can guarantee the hard shell will withstand any bump.

5. Orzly Nintendo Switch Lite Carry Case

There are a few key reasons why you should buy a Nintendo Switch case, the main ones being for protection, charging purposes and easier travelling and usage.

Why You Should Buy a Nintendo Switch Case

If you’re going to be taking your Nintendo Switch out and about, you will need to keep it protected. A case acts as a sturdy, indescribable outer shell and a good one will be able to withstand any drop, wear or tear you may (accidentally) put it through. Many Nintendo Switch bundles include cheaper pockets for free, but it’s worth investing in a harder shell if you’re planning to be on the go a lot!

Nintendo Switch Protection

Not all cases are charging cases, but the genius two-in-one deal will ensure your Switch will never run out of battery. The case comes with all the charging accessories you need to keep your battery life healthy.

Console Charging

Not only does a Nintendo Switch case protect your console, but it makes it extremely easy to comfortably carry around and more comfortable to use while on the go!

Ease of Use

Thanks to the portability of the Nintendo Switch, many people use it while travelling to and from a location, or take it with them on big trips. There’s nothing worse than a loose piece of valuable technology thrown in a bag or suitcase – but, with a case, you can be sure your favourite gamepad is secure and stored neatly in your bag or luggage.

Portable Gaming and Travel

Nintendo Switch Case General FAQs

Can a Nintendo Switch Lite fit in a Switch case?No, you need a seperate case to fit your Nintendo Switch Lite. Can a Nintendo Switch OLED fit in a Switch case?The Nintendo Switch OLED is slightly larger a Switch, so it would be a fairly tight fit. Is a Nintendo Switch OLED bigger than a regular Switch?Yes, a Nintendo Switch OLED is 0.1 inches longer than the regular model and 9.5 inches overall. Does Otterbox make a case for the Nintendo Switch?No, Otterbox doesn't have a case for the Nintendo Switch.
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