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9 Spots for the Best Teppanyaki in Sydney | Man of Many

Not only just a humble teppanyaki restaurant, Jugemu and Shimbashi is also a traditional soba house specialising in house-made buckwheat noodles. This means you can expect all your favourite teppanyaki classics, along with some of the best noodles and broths in town. On the other side, the teppanyaki restaurant will transport you right into the thick of it with sizzling meats, plenty of smoke and impressive chefs.

1. Jugemu and Shimbashi

Lovers of fine dining looking for the best teppanyaki in Sydney, head to Kobe Jones in The Rocks for a flavour experience you won’t forget. Kobe Jones offers a unique take on the classic teppanyaki restaurant we know and love, combining traditional Japanese cuisine with the freshness of prime Australian produce. The restaurant boasts five private dining rooms with your own teppanyaki chef, an intimate cocktail bar and a lounge for before and after-dinner drinks. It is truly everything you need in one beautiful, luxe space.

2. Kobe Jones

Another Haymarket hotspot for teppanyaki extravagance, Ichiban Teppanyaki has been throwing and sizzling food for the past 15 years and is showing no signs of slowing down. If you’re planning a visit here, put your expectations for fine dining away for the night, as this joint is all about authentic, no-thrills Japanese cuisine- we don’t think the decor has changed since its opening! For the best value for money, we recommend going with the set menu.

3. Ichiban Teppanyaki

With decades of experience doing all things teppanyaki, Hisshou is hands down one of the best spots for teppanyaki in Sydney. Located in the CBD, this place keeps it traditional, focusing on entertaining its diners with all the bells and whistles you loved as a kid when it was time to hit up your local teppanyaki joint. Think things like getting your name written in salt and the chefs twirling a bottle of teriyaki sauce like Tom Cruise in Cocktail- what more could you want?

4. Hisshou

Keeping it simple, Kyoto Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant is one of our favourite no-thrills teppanyaki dining experiences. The restaurant has four set menus for you to choose from, ranging from $20 to $45 depending on how hungry you are. Each menu contains a mix of vegetables and meats, and, the best bit- ice cream!

5. Kyoto Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

For some of the best teppanyaki in Sydney, head to King Street’s Ichimoku. Serving the Newtown masses for generations, Ichimoku has a seasonal menu, so you’ll never get bored. You can expect to have food thrown at your face left, right and centre – the restaurant is known for its friendly (but fierce) staff. Just like the streets of Japan, you’ll leave feeling full, happy and with some great memories too.

6. Ichioku

Daikoku Teppanyaki Restaurant in Concord has some of the most authentic, delicious teppanyaki in Sydney. Dining at this restaurant means you will get to see how your food is prepared more intimately than ever before, and we guarantee you will become chummy with the amazing chefs. They offer four set menus, ranging from $45 to $105 for something more substantial, as well as a menu for the little ones for $35.

7. Daikoku Teppanyaki Restaurant

Osaka Teppanyaki has you sorted for some of the best teppanyaki in Sydney. The expansive restaurant has over 100 seats, which means you’ll never have to worry about missing out! Osaka is, therefore, the perfect place for your next party or function if you’re looking for something fun, unique and equally as delicious!

8. Osaka Teppanyaki

For the timeless, authentic teppanyaki experience, Fujiya in Gordon is everything your childhood teppanyaki-hungry self dreamed of and more. Their menu includes everything from exotic meats, seafood and a few vegetables thrown in there as well. We recommend getting the Wagyu ox tongue and the eel fillet if you’re feeling adventurous!

9. Fujiya Teppanyaki

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