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14 Best Wheat Beers to Try Right Now | Man of Many

Our list of the best wheat beers goes like this.

Best Wheat Beers at a Glance

A tried-and-true technique called “yeast suspension” lends this wheat beer its cloudy appearance and consistent quality. Effortlessly drinkable, it’s the #1 wheat beer in Germany and also a favourite of ours. Malted grain, yeast, and the use of Herkules hops generate a creamy and fruity flavour profile, which dispenses with additional notes of clove and pepper before riding out on an effervescent finish. This ranks as our favourite for those looking to try wheat beer for the first time.

1. Paulaner Hefe-Weizen

We think this American wheat beer puts a distinctive twist on the Belgian tradition to deliver a light-bodied texture and classic flavour profile of yeast, citrus, and spice. Maine-based brewery Allagash uses its own signature blend of coriander and Curaçao orange peel when bringing it to life, hence its complex but quintessential character. Refreshing by design but loaded with nuance, it’s become one of the most beloved wheat beers around the world and our office here at Man of Many.

2. Allagash White

Australia’s own Stone and Wood brews this American-style wheat beer with watermelon, cucumber, and mint before bittering it with Galaxy hops. The end result is predictably fruity, unique, and refreshing, to the point that it just might upend your very idea of what a beer is supposed to taste like. Whilst perfectly sippable on its own, we think The Gatherer works as a terrific mixer in your next summer cocktail.

3. Stone and Wood The Gatherer

Brewed in Austin, Texas, Live Oak Hefeweizen takes cues from the Bavarian tradition with a classic flavour profile to match. Cloudy and orange-like in appearance, we love the refreshing taste of vanilla, clove, banana, and seasonal spice on the palate. Each batch is produced using traditional yeast, malted wheat, and a small amount of hops.

4. Live Oak Hefeweizen

We had to throw a Sydney favourite onto our list of the best wheat beers, and what could be better than 4 Pines Aussie Wheat Ale? This beer uses homegrown wheat and fruity hops when crafting this slightly hazy ale. It eschews complex yeast character in favour of a light and refreshing taste, with fruity overtones and subtle citrus accents.

5. 4 Pines Aussie Wheat Ale

What began in honour of a Belgian brewery that fell on hard times became this flagship wheat beer from Delaware-based Dogfish Head. Enticing aromas of orange slice and citrus give way to a similarly vivacious flavour profile, which brings in additional notes of clove, coriander, peppercorn, and sweet malt.

6. Dogfish Head Namaste

No one helped popularise wheat beer in the USA more than Blue Moon Brewing out of Colorado. The brewery’s traditional Belgian White remains a reliable classic even as a legion of craft competitors enters the fold and thus, a staple of any discerning beer-drinker’s fridge. Brewed with Valencia orange peel, we love the palpable citrus aromas and flavours along with a subtle sweetness. Garnish with an orange slice and get sipping. We vote Blue Moon Belgian White as the best value-for-money wheat beer on this list.

7. Blue Moon Belgian White

You haven’t tried the best German wheat beer until you’ve tried this one from Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan aka “The World’s Oldest Brewery” (with origins dating back to 1040). Notes of banana, clove and malted grain emanate form a frothy head of white foam before swirling over the palate in creamy waves. This is everything a wheat beer should be and more, and yes, you read banana as a tasting note.

8. Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

Lambics make up their own light and fruity sub-category of wheat beer and no one crafts them quite like Lindemans. Choose between a variety of styles – including their sour cherry-infused Kriek – and consider pairing it with spicy food or grilled meat. Now that’s refreshment!

9. Lindemans Lambic Beers

“Untamed, unfiltered, and unafraid” is how Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. describes this acclaimed wheat beer, and we tend to agree with the assessment after trying it. Crafted in the true Bavarian tradition, its hazy body of suspended yeast rides in like creamy silk and offers delicious notes of banana, clove, and spice. The brewery recommends pouring two-thirds into a good sized beer glass, swirling the remaining liquid in the bottle, and then pouring the rest before serving.

10. Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

Aussie-based Slow Lane Brewing takes the history of Bavarian weißbier to heart with every can of this worthy sipper. Fermented for four months inside wooden barrels – just like they did in the old days – the beer soaks up living bacteria and thus imparts a naturally sour taste. If only every history lesson was this fun (and drinkable)!

11. Slow Lane Regal Authority 16th Century Weissbier

12. Matilda Bay Aussie Wheat Ale

Here’s another Australian brewery that uses native wheat and carefully chosen hops to distinguish its wheat beer from its standard German or Belgian counterparts. The resulting suds are lively in taste and colour alike, with notes of citrus orange, a light bitterness, and a crisp finish.
WellBeing Heavenly Body Golden Wheat | Image: Supplied

Check out Matilda Bay Buy it here (Dan Murphy’s)

The folks at Missouri-based Wellbeing Brewing are looking out for your well-being with this low-alcohol wheat beer. Based on an award-winning recipe, it goes big on flavour and mouthfeel but is light on the booze (as in 0.2% ABV). The use of both Cascade and German Traditional hops imparts a subtle citrus character.

13. WellBeing Heavenly Body Golden Wheat

Effervescent, cloudy, spicy, and fruity, this beloved hefeweizen hits all the right notes. Pair it with seafood or a tangy cheese and expect signature flavour with every smooth sip.

14. Franziskaner Hefe Weissbier

To determine the best wheat beers, the Man of Many team relied on personal tastings, expert opinions, and customer reviews. We then collated the information together and assessed the results based on factors such as overall flavour profile, reader ratings, and commercial availability.

How Man of Many Chose The Best Wheat Beers

When German wheat beer is bottle-conditioned and unfiltered with the potential for sediment, it’s generally known as Hefeweißbier aka hefeweizen. When the same beer is filtered and thus cleared of sediment, it’s known as Kristallweißbier aka kristallweizen. Then we have Dunkles weißbier aka dunkelweizen, which is a dark wheat beer, and also Weizenbock, a German wheat beer that’s made in the bock tradition. Amongst these sub-groups, hefeweizen is far and away the most popular and well-known around the world.

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