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18 Best Fitness Apps for At Home Workouts | Man of Many


1. TRX

Bolstered by cutting-edge technology, this top fitness app tracks your biometric data and then reacts in real-time. Use it to lose weight, build muscle, and breakdown your metrics in the process. Included are world-class coaches along with a variety of training options, including yoga, running, suspension training, and more.

2. Centr

You probably can’t have Chris Hemsworth’s looks or success, but here’s the next best thing. Brought to you by the Aussie hunk and his team of seasoned trainers, Centr features meal plans, mindfulness programs, and workout routines. This isn’t a free app, but you can currently sign up for a complimentary six-week trial.

3. Aaptiv

Putting you in touch with an expert instructor, this audio-only fitness app delivers over 2,500 unique sessions across 12 categories. Throw on some quality headphones to fully immerse yourself in the workout experience.


One of the best fitness apps for gym junkies goes by the name of JEFIT and it hosts personalised workout routines, dedicated analytics, and countless exercises. Join a community of over 8.5 million users to see what all the fuss is about. The app is free unless you sign up for an Elite Yearly Subscription.

5. Nike Training Club

As the world’s foremost athletic brand, it’s safe to say Nike knows a thing or two about fitness. Proving as much is Nike Training Club, which respectively straddles yoga, bodybuilding, and a slew of additional categories by way of various routines. Certain sections of the workout app feature big-name cameos from athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Serena Williams. It’s just the Nike way.

6. adidas Training by Runtastic

Thanks to a relatively recent acquisition of software company Runtastic, adidas delivers two of the best workout apps for iOS and Android. On the running app, you’ll find route tracking, coaching, and various challenges. The training app targets bodyweight routines and includes guided sessions, amongst other things.


Optimise your range of motion with ROMWOOD, which offers daily videos with an emphasis on guided stretching and muscle recovery. In addition to using the app on your iPhone, you can stream the content on your computer or smart TV.


You might be working out all by yourself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be part of a larger community. Use ACTIVEx’s “pack” feature to connect with like-minded individuals and then follow mutual fitness plans. We’re all in this together, people!

9. Peloton Digital

If home fitness went by any other name, that name would be Peloton. The brand’s bikes and treadmills are already the stuff of legend and its incredible fitness app follows suit. Choose between 5 different categories and gain access to daily studio classes, a massive library, and more. Expect to pay for the privilege.
Bridging the gap between exercise, diet, and mindfulness, Asana Rebel is like a life coach and yoga instructor rolled into one. More than one of the best fitness apps, it’s a full-blown way of being. While the app is free to join, you’ll reap the most benefit by signing up for one of its subscription tiers.

10. Asana Rebel

Stop counting calories in your head and download MyFitnessPal instead. With a massive database at its disposal, the health and fitness app keeps expert pace with your current diet. It also connects with other apps such as Fitbit.

11. MyFitnessPal

True to its name, Fitbod will help you both build and maintain a muscular figure. Equipped with AI technology, it recommends workout routines based on your preferences and experiences alike.

12. Fitbod

Just because you’re stuck at home, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on Tabata, an effective form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). 8fit is here to help with both HIIT exercises and nutritional meal plans.

13. 8fit

Discover the wonders of bodyweight HIIT through this popular fitness app, which coaches you along the way. Not only is the app free to use, but you don’t need to buy any equipment. Don’t self-isolate without it.

14. Freeletics

All the workouts in the world won’t do you much good if your head isn’t in the right place. Enter The Mindfulness App and its bevy of meditation programs. Odds are you could use some inner peace right about now so don’t wait.

15. The Mindfulness App

For all the coaches and personal trainers out there, Playbook allows you to create your own content, generate a following, and even make a living. This might very well be the future of fitness so get in before everyone else does.

16. Playbook

With scores of users around the world, Daily Yoga is your gateway to a healthy mind and body. Personalise your data, choose from amongst 100 different classes, load up a playlist, and assume the position.

17. Daily Yoga

Who doesn’t love a name like Sworkit? Behind that catchy name is one of the best workout apps for those on a time crunch. Accommodating all fitness levels, the routines range from 5 minutes all the way up to a full hour.

18. Sworkit

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