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Robert Downey Jr.'s Trainer Reveals How to Look Ripped on Camera | Man of Many

Perhaps best known for his work with the Kardashians, Pasternak has become one of the world’s most sought after trainers, coaches and nutritionists. So revered is the New York Times bestselling author that the team behind massive move production Jumanji and Fast and Furious have asked him to provide expertise on managing workload and ensuring optimum physique on-screen.

The Celebrity Workout

Looking back at classic movie physiques, Pasternak’s ideology is fairly commonplace. With the exception of Stallone, Lundgren and Schwarzenegger, prior to the early 2000s, action stars were rarely muscle-bound animals. In fact, the focus was primarily on lean muscle and posture, helping to strengthen the foundation of mobility and poise without needing actors to pile on a bunch of muscle. This, in turn, allowed for greater results in a shorter timespan and reduced the likelihood of overtraining. Pasternak explains the biggest challenge working on franchises like Jumanji and Fast and Furious was ensuring the actors got the little things right.

The Power of the Back

While Hollywood is renowned for its approach to ‘alternative fitness’, Pasternak maintains the simplest solution is usually the best. The fitness guru admits he is always open to trying new methodologies and training principles, with his one caveat being medical and scientific support.

The Science Behind Celebrity Fitness Trends

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