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18+ Best Ways to Wear a Grey Suit | Man of Many

As with Blue Suits for Men: Types, Brands, How to Wear, grey suits are relatively broad in concept until you break them down into narrower categories. Consider the difference between light grey and charcoal grey and you begin to get the idea, there are so many shades of grey we don’t want you to get lost in the sauce. Bring fabrics and patterns into the mix and your options essentially explode. So what’s the type of grey suit for you? Well, it’s a tricky question.

What’s the Grey Suit for You?

A light grey suit makes for the perfect smart-casual statement. Projecting a softer and sunnier vibe, it delivers approachability and effortless flexibility. Pair it with a dark shirt, chinos, and expensive white trainers and you’re keeping pace with the latest street style trends. Light grey is best for semi-formal events. Should you be wearing a light grey suit to your next festivity, consider taking the traditional route by throwing on a dark tie and white or muted colour dress shirt, along with some accessories like a pocket square and watch.

Light Grey

The dark grey suit allows you to make a stronger statement than that of the light grey. When matched with a coloured shirt such as blue, as popularised by Daniel Craig, you find yourself with a professional fit that asks to be taken seriously. A dark grey suit is a great option for the man who likes to change things up and is a great alternative to the plethora of navy and black suits you commonly see today

Dark Grey

Striking a more serious and professional tone is charcoal grey. Charcoal grey comes in various textures and blends with a swath of colours. While indisputably handsome, charcoal grey is somewhat narrower in scope. For the most part, you should only bring your tailored charcoal suit out of the wardrobe for important business meetings and formal events. Like the dark grey suit, you can comfortably match your charcoal suit with a white or coloured shirt and a matching tie and pocket square. For shoes, we recommend sticking to black dress shoes.

Charcoal Grey

In between light grey and charcoal is mid-grey (also known as plain grey). Unsurprisingly, the mid-grey tone has a supremely wide reach, making it appropriate for a slew of dress codes, environments, and colour combinations. In many ways, the mid-grey suit is the most flattering shade to pair some less traditional shirts, ties, and shoes with. We recommend pairing the mid-grey suit with a quality white shirt, black tie, and dress shoes (black or brown, the choice is yours).


If you want to be looked at, forget everything else and invest in a silver suit. When shopping for a silver suit, the key feature to look for is reflection and quality quality quality. With a low-quality silver suit you might end up looking like a cheap version of the silver surfer, so make sure you only choose the highest quality tailor. The silver suit is best reserved for the big shot, don’t under any circumstances wear a silver suit to a job interview. If you must wear a silver suit, hold back until the time is right, bring it out for a special occasion and pair the suit with a white shirt and black tie.


The patterned grey suit allows you to casually explore some less traditional prints. A suit of this magnitude will project a certain level of comfort within oneself. The suit is best brought out for semi-formal occasions and parties. The suit will allow your tailor to play with some contemporary materials such as wool, suede, and velour which transforms your attire to either the casual or professional ends of the spectrum. The patterned suit is best paired with brown dress shoes, and colourful shirts, even a matching waistcoat.


Okay, so you’ve decided to wear your new suit to a fancy cocktail party. Thus begins the harrowing process of choosing the right tie, shirt, and shoes. Thankfully, grey is a neutral and versatile colour, so you can basically do no wrong as long as you stay within the parameters of good taste. In other words, avoid neon yellows and orange pastels and you should be just fine. Of course, we’d advise you to do that no matter what kind of suit you were wearing.

What to Wear with a Grey Suit

When determining what tie to wear with a grey suit, don’t forget to take both the shade of grey and the event you’re attending into consideration. Light grey and mid-grey tend to be versatile and summery and so you can afford to experiment in the tie department, bringing in brighter colours, different textures, and eye-catching patterns. Charcoal grey, meanwhile, is more business-like and professional, meaning you should generally opt for dark and monochromatic ties. For weddings or similar engagements, a charcoal grey suit with a pale pink tie and flower lapel pin makes for a terrific ensemble.


As most style experts will attest, you can do no wrong pairing a suit jacket of any colour with a crisp white dress shirt. Grey suits are naturally no exception. Of course, white is far from your only option. Here are some others:


What shoes to wear with a grey suit will vary depending on a variety of factors. The most important things to consider is the shade of your grey ensemble as well as the environment in which you’ll wear it. For instance, a light grey blazer with minimalist sneakers makes for a savvy smart casual get-up.


You can safely wear a grey suit to virtually any kind of event, including cocktail parties, business meetings, weddings, upscale sporting events like the Melbourne Cup, and so on. Even when the invitation says “black tie,” there’s a grey tuxedo with your name potentially written all over it—just be prepared to stand out (you might even want to clear that tux with the host in advance).

When to Wear a Grey Suit

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