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Mark Wahlberg's Diet & Workout Plan | Man of Many

Through Instagram chats and interviews, Wahlberg has revealed everything he eats within a standard, single day. He’s also explained that his routine might vary depending on the demands of the film he’s shooting, but that he sticks to a schedule, no matter what that schedule may be.

Mark Wahlberg Diet Plan

Upon reviewing the schedule above, you might notice that Wahlberg often works out not once, but twice a day. With help from personal trainer Brian Nguyen, the actor maintains a program that’s equal parts intensive and extensive. Naturally, the parameters of each program will vary depending on Wahlberg’s current or upcoming film roles.

Mark Wahlberg Workout Plan

Wahlberg’s warm-up doesn’t just get the blood flowing and the muscles loose, it also improves posture.

Warm-Up Exercises

It’s time to pump you up!


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