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Mike Tyson's Workout & Diet Plan | Man of Many

You don’t get a nickname like “Iron Mike” if you’re not taking a hard line on what you eat. That said, Mike Tyson’s training diet reportedly made room for cheat meals like ice cream and his favourite cereal, Cap’n Crunch. Apparently, even stone-cold Cus D’Amato wasn’t going to rip that bowl of cereal from Tyson’s hands.

Mike Tyson’s Diet Plan

The most important meal of the deal. Mike Tyson wasn’t afraid of a few carbs in the morning. His breakfast regularly stuck to a formulaic set of principles, with a basic source of complex, low-GI carbohydrates for energy.


  • Chicken breast – High in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates, chicken breast is the ultimate muscle-building food.
  • Rice – These carbs aren’t bad for you at all. Rice, particularly brown rice is packed full of whole grains.
  • Orange juice – Loaded with Vitamin C and natural sugars, orange juice is a great way to lift calorie consumption while giving a healthy energy boost.
  • Lunch

  • Steak – Loaded with iron, Vitamin B-6 and healthy fats, red meat is a staple of the Mike Tyson diet and a core component to Iron Mike’s physique. Also, red meat has little to no carbohydrate content.
  • Pasta – Forget what you’ve read, pasta isn’t all bad. The carbohydrate-rich food will lift your calories and give you a lasting energy hit.
  • Orange juice – What can we say? Iron Mike loves his OJ.
  • Dinner

  • Protein shake blended with 6 bananas – Extrain protein aids in muscle growth and recovery, while the added six bananas offer rich, natural sugars and potassium.
  • Snacks

  • Ice cream – Dairy-heavy, so while ice-cream is loaded with sugar, it also has a solid amount of calcium.
  • Cap’n Crunch cereal – Delicious, but not so nutritious.
  • Cheats

    If you’re looking for motivation, Mike Tyson’s workout will surely provide it. As one might expect, this fitness program was nothing short of epic. What, you thought he just stepped into the ring and winged it? Or that there was no such thing as a Mike Tyson neck workout?

    Mike Tyson’s Workout Routine

  • 45 minutes of running
  • Warm-Up – Cardio

  • 2000 squats
  • 500 tricep extensions
  • 500 pushups
  • 500 shrugs with 30 kilos
  • 500 neck crunches
  • Bodyweight Strength Training

  • 10-20 rounds in the ring
  • 2 sets of aerobic exercises
  • 45 minutes of technical training
  • Boxing/Sparring Training

  • 1.5 hours on the stationary bike
  • Warm-Down – Cardio

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