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  • A vessel: The first and arguably most important element of King’s Cup is a vessel. Whether it’s a jug, a chalice, your mum’s priceless china vase, the kettle or the dog bowl, it really doesn’t matter. All it’s got to do is be watertight and be able to hold a lot of liquid. In fact, the funnier the vessel the more hilarious it will be when the loser has to down its contents. So give the house a good squiz, it’ll be worth it.
  • A pack of cards: There are a lot of apps and random websites that’ll help you draw a card if you’re really desperate, but there is nothing better than a good old analogue pack of cards. Take out the jokers, shuffle and spread the cards out on a table in a circle around the aforementioned vessel. Make sure each card is slightly touching its neighbour so the cards form a complete circle (we’ll explain why later). Oh and double check you have all four kings, otherwise, the game is going to end in a huge anti-climax.
  • Some friends: King’s cup works best when played with 4-10 people but, really it doesn’t matter. Whether there’s two of you or 52, you’re all gonna get pissed.
  • Lots of drinks: Well… We’re not here to f*ck spiders.
  • What You Need To Play Kings Cup

    The objective of the game is simple: Get everybody really drunk, really quickly. Now, it should go without saying, but if you don’t want to get drunk don’t play. There’s nothing worse than someone flat out refusing to drink the Cup at the end of the game. Its a high risk, high reward sort of game so play at your own will.

    How to Play Kings Cup

    As we said, the basic rules each card in King’s Cup are disputed often. We are big supporters of anyone who wants to customise the game to their liking and therefore are only offering the following rules as a sort of guideline to the layman on how to play King’s Cup. So, without further ado, here’s our list of the official King’s Cup rules:

    King’s Cup Rules

    This one is universal. When a player draws the ace, he or she must announce to the group at large ‘Waterfall’ and begin drinking. Following their lead, the whole group must drink and can only stop when the player to their left is finished drinking or if your drink is finished.

    Ace – Waterfall

    Whoever pulls the card can choose one person to take two swigs of their drink. A bit of a boring one, we often switch two out for an alternative rule.

    Two – You

    Whoever pulls the three card must then take three swigs of their drink. Lucky you. Another boring one so we’ve got an alternative.

    Three – Me

    In probably the least tastefully named rule, the four card calls on all the ladies present to take a swig from their drink. In the case there are no lovely ladies present or you just don’t want to call all the girls in the room a whore, we’ve got an alternative rule for you to use.

    Four – Whores

    One of the more disputed rules, five is often ‘Bust a Jive’ (lame) or ‘Never Have I Ever’. For the official list however, we’re locking in the game ‘Who’s Most Likely’. It goes like this: The player who pulls the card says something like “who’s most likely to go to jail” or “who’s most likely to get divorced more than twice”. After a quick countdown, each player votes to who is most likely by pointing their fingers at this person. Once the vote is cast the loser must take five swigs.

    Five – Who’s Most Likely

    Another subpar choice of wording in pursuit of a half-arsed rhyme, any six card results in all the males playing taking a swig from their drinks. Yeh, it’s shit, so here’s an alternative.

    Six – Dicks

    Whoever draws the seven, must immediately point upwards without saying anything. The last one to catch on and join him or her in pointing towards heaven must drink. A reliable rule that’s good for keeping people focused to the game at hand.

    Seven – Heaven

    This one’s a cracker. Whoever draws the eight card gets to choose anyone playing to be their ‘mate’. From then on these two drink together whenever either needs to or wants to. Oh, and build ups is a thing. The more the merrier.

    Eight – Mate

    Depending on how creative the group is, this card can actually be a lot of fun.

    Nine – Rhyme

    A stalwart amongst King’s Cup players, Ten represents the game of Categories. Whoever draws the card picks a category – i.e. types of beer, movie genres, sex positions, etc, etc – and you go around the circle to your left as each player says something that fits into the category. If you can’t think of anything or say a repeat well, you guessed it, drink up.

    Ten – Categories

    This is a personal favourite of ours. Whoever pulls the Jack is henceforth known as the Beer Bitch. He or she must attend to the drinking needs of every other player whilst they address him as Beer Bitch. If another player says the Beer Bitch’s real name or if another Jack is pulled then the responsibility is transferred to the offending player.

    Jack – Beer Bitch

    Another olden goldie, the Queen card represents Question Master. Whoever pulls it becomes the Question Master from then on until someone pulls another Queen or if another player addresses him or her by their name.

    Queen – Question Master

    The reason we’re all here. When a king is drawn the player who drew it must pour all of their drink into the King’s Cup vessel that’s in the middle of the table. Slowly, as each King is pulled, the vessel is filled with a menacing concoction that drastically raises the stakes of the game.

    King – King’s Cup

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