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Style Guide: How to Dress Like John Mayer | Man of Many

John Mayer’s hair is naturally curly, which simplifies styling for him. Over the years he’s worn his locks both long and short, however both types of styles have generally been low maintenance. The hairstyle he’s most frequently been seen sporting of late is achieved by leaving the front and top of his hair long, and cutting the back and sides shorter.

Get the Signature John Mayer Curly Hair

Tattoos are a key component in Mayer’s overall style, with the singer/songwriter having been inked several times. John Mayer’s tattoos range from a crudely drawn koi fish he got inked in Japan at age 18, to the number ‘77’ on his chest, representing the year of his birth; 1977.

John Mayer Tattoos

John Mayer has been vocal about his love of robes, wearing this printed one by Japanese streetstyle label Visvim. A strong supporter of Visvim, Mayer has developed a friendship with its founder, Hiroki Nakamura, also sporting the label’s Wabanaki boots. Letting the graphic print do the talking, the singer-songwriter has teamed his robe with a relatively neutral colour palette of camo green, beige, white, and grey, with a chunky necklace to maintain that #hipster appeal.

Find a Formula You Love and Stick to it

John Mayer is one of few celebrities who can throw on several hyped-up pieces at once and turn it into a look, concurrently being on trend whilst looking like he has no idea what he’s doing.

Wear Multiple Trends at Once

Whilst many of John Mayer’s fashionable looks subscribe to the ‘too much is never enough’ philosophy, the singer/songwriter also knows when to scale it back and focus on one standout piece. Case in point; this comparatively pared-back outfit of black trousers, a white t-shirt, black sunnies, one of Mayer’s signature robes in black, and a pair of three-toned grey, purple, and turquoise Nikes.

Pick a Statement Piece

Men’s fashion is getting increasingly more open-minded and experimental, with many male celebrities hopping on the floral bandwagon (cc. Harry Styles, Lewis Hamilton, Pharrell Williams, Zayn Malik, and Tyson Beckford). John Mayer styled a lightweight black floral jacket with a grey t-shirt, grey trousers with oversized pockets, and white Nikes for a look that’s somewhere between athleisure and modern smart casual.

Florals are the New Black

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