Bose 700 New Flagship Noise Cancelling Headphones

Many noise cancelling headphones look like they’re not only cancelling out the noise, they’re also protecting the whole side of your head—as if they are more helmet than headphone. The Bose 700 noise cancelling headphones are slim-lined, stylish headphones that deliver the audio you want.

side view bose headphones

Designed with a stainless steel headband, the 700 headphones feature all-new drivers, ear cushions, and USB-C support. Bose focused on creating an adaptive voice system with these headphones. They come with eight microphones—four on each earcup—that listen for your voice while tossing out the ambient noise that surrounds you so that your calls are crystal clear without any of the background noise garbling the conversation.

The 700 headphones also allow you to customise how much noise cancellation they provide with low, medium, and high settings, which can be controlled on the headphones themselves or via the Bose Music app. You can also control your music with controls on the right cup. The headphones sport a 20-hour battery life. Finally, you can use the headphones in conjunction with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri.

The headphones come in triple black or in lux silver. Pre-orders are currently up, with the 700s launching on June 30 for AUD$399.

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