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Kohler’s PureWash E930 is a Voice Controlled Bidet Seat

Now that almost every electronic gadget in our lives is becoming increasingly connected, even the humble toilet seat is embracing the digital age. Kohler recently introduced the new USD$2,149 PureWash E930 smart seat that promises to deliver a truly pampering bathroom experience complete with all the bells and whistles.

This handy piece of anal ingenuity offers a compelling blend of cutting-edge features like a voice-controlled bidet seat and a heated throne. You can even customise your comfort and “set all your personal preferences, from water temperature and pressure to seat temperature and air-drying” via simple voice commands.

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Kohler's latest Purewash E930 is here to make your bathroom experience hands and hassle-free | Image: Kohler
Kohler’s latest Purewash E930 is here to make your bathroom experience hands and hassle-free | Image: Kohler

But perhaps Kohler has taken this a little too far in some areas, take, for instance, the Alexa and Google Home connectivity. As the brand explains, you simply tell your preferred voice assistant to activate the bidet spray, warm air dryer, or UV cleaning features and voila it’s done! You can also personalise and fine-tune your experience using the Kohler Konnect app (or the included remote control) to set your preferred settings and presets.

While that might sound easy and convenient in theory, there’s something unsettling about the prospect of sitting on the can and shouting ‘More pressure, hotter, cleaner!’ while a long-suffering AI assistant joylessly complies. Call me old-fashioned, but even Alexa doesn’t deserve that.

Kohler purewash e930 bidet toilet seat settings
Image: Kohler

The PureWash E930 also boasts motion sensors for hands-free cover opening and closing, along with a self-cleaning mode powered by its built-in UV light. Adding to the comfort, it features Kohler’s “Quiet-Close” technology for gentle seat closure and a quick-release function for easy deep cleaning.

Some other notable features on the PureWash E930 include a heated seat, adjustable water temperature and pressure, and various spray modes, including a softer, gentler child mode and a “boost” spray at full pressure. Furthermore, you can also opt for an oscillating or pulsating spray, and Kohler says that the water is continuously heated for “consistent comfort.”

Kohler purewash e930 bidet toilet seat features
Image: Kohler

Per The Verge, Alfred Richardson, Kohler’s director of channel marketing and commercialisation, explained that the company prioritised “a slim and low-profile” design for the Kohler PureWash E930, further assuring that this design is tailored to fit the majority of elongated toilets seamlessly. The accessory, which supports front and rear wash modes, has a heated seat and a remote control with two programmable presets.

The bidet automatically mists the toilet bowl before use “for more effective rinsing while flushing.” Its water temperature and pressure are adjustable, and you can choose between oscillating or pulsating sprays. When it’s time to dry, it includes a warm-air system with adjustable temperature settings. So if you’re looking for a more luxurious way to freshen up, then Kohler’s new PureWash E930 might be worth a look.

Kohler purewash e930 bidet toilet seat front
Kohler’s latest Purewash E930 is here to make your bathroom experience hands and hassel-free | Image: Kohler