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25+ masculine bathroom ideas and inspirations

8 Men’s Bathroom Decor Ideas & Inspirations

Al Bundy once said proudly, “take me to your finest bathroom“. By that he meant a bathroom made by men, for men. However, even Mr. Bundy himself might feel at a loss inside the best masculine bathrooms, which strive for a touch of elegance while nevertheless retaining their macho foundations. That is to say the best masculine bathroom ideas are as much about aesthetics as they are about a place to do your business. Females are not only welcome to enter, but likely to leave impressed. We know, we know–Al Bundy would never approve. But Larry David might call it heaven. Check out our Men’s Bathroom Ideas & Inspirations to make your private masculine sanctuary as worthy a destination as any other room in the domicile.

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masculine bathroom design

What is a Masculine Bathroom?

It might be females who use bathrooms as impromptu meeting rooms, but the terrain itself remains largely manly in spirit. Men are, after all, masters of toilet humour and far more open about their bodily functions. That said, a true masculine bathroom spits directly in the face of sophomoric tradition. It’s thereby a place that exudes both maturity and sophistication, not just practicality. Guests should be able to walk in and relish the cleanliness, the decor, and even (dare we say it) the smell. To put it another way: a true masculine bathroom should tangibly reflect the male who owns it, minus his idleness and his instincts for tacky fart jokes. We assure you, this really ought to be considered bathroom art. Whether you own a condo or home, these manly tidbits will make you the most popular bloke on the block.

8 Men’s Bathroom Ideas and Decors

masculine bathroom wood and metal

1. Make Wood and Metal Your Friend

No materials spell manhood quite like quality wood and metal, and a great masculine bathroom presents endless opportunities to use both. Blend them together for a vibe that’s part industrial and part rustic. Or utilise them sparingly to provide brilliant artisanal touches to an otherwise strictly modern setting.

masculine bathroom use neutral colours

Photo Credit: James Dear

2. Use Neutral Colours

A proper masculine bathroom is not the place to go bonkers with colour. Aim for softer, neutral shades like light grey and blue to keep things bright but not too bright. Go the black and white route if you’re aiming for a clean and starkly modern aesthetic, but expect a slightly colder vibe as a result.

masculine bathroom a piece to the whole

3. A Piece to the Whole

When designing or decorating your condo bathroom or house bathroom, don’t forget that it’s part of broader, fluid environment. The bathroom should, therefore, feel like an extension of the themes you’ve already established in your home. If your residence employs an industrial aesthetic, design the bathroom accordingly. Same goes for any style, whether it be rustic or minimalist or anything else.

masculine bathroom every little detail counts

4. Every Little Detail Counts

When it comes to men’s bathroom ideas, every little detail counts. A proper masculine bathroom is about so much more than its primary functions. Every little detail counts. And we mean every little detail. That means the hand soap to the reading materials to the floor mat to the potpourri to the shower head to the wall hangers, and of course, the illustrious men’s bathroom wall art. Give those little things the attention they deserve to perfectly round out the overall decor.

masculine bathroom big details count too

5. Big Details Count Too

In the same sense that the soap next to the sink is as important as the wallpaper, some big decorative touches can breathe new life into the space. Whether it be a plant, or a mirror, or a standing shelf for towels, or a work of art on the wall, you can use big details to make that masculine bathroom pop. Ideas for master bathroom decor can truly be all-encompassing.

masculine bathroom stay organised

6. Stay Organised

The bathroom is perhaps the foremost place where a man’s more slobbish instincts can get the best of him. Combat those instincts by employing organisational products like a shower caddy, clothing hamper and tray for your lotions and soaps. Force yourself to abide by the organisation tools you’ve established so that every spare item has its place.

masculine bathroom no toilet humour

7. No Toilet Humour Doesn’t Mean No Humour

Just because you’re rising above the frat boy antics, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. Consider installing creative, modern wall hangers or putting slightly crude vintage art up on the wall. It will lighten the atmosphere without turning the domain into one big fart joke. Just don’t go overboard.

masculine bathroom find the vibe

8. Find the Vibe

Sometimes the natural construction of the room will dictate the masculine bathroom accessories that best suit the room. For instance, if you have tall, concrete walls then you’re already heading in the industrial direction and should bring in elements like copper fixtures or a solid square sink basin. Find the vibe that’s already there and ride with it instead of trying to change it.

When it comes to men’s bathroom decor, pictures can say far more than words. To see more men’s bathroom ideas and inspirations, check out the images below.

More Men’s Bathroom Ideas in Pictures:

masculine bathroom wood besin

masculine bathroom bathtub

masculine bathroom sitting place

masculine dark concrete bathroom

masculine wood look tile bathroom

masculine striped black and white fabric shower curtain

masculine kleines bad aufbewahrung

masculine arredo bagno minimal chic bathroom

masculine salle de bain loft bathroom

masculine industrial home decor bathroom

masculine bathroom bathtub

masculine bathroom black door

masculine bathroom best interior design

masculine bathroom full wood besin

masculine bathroom aesop

masculine bathroom glass design

masculine bathroom high commode

This article is part of our Home & Design Series

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