Sonos Play:1

sonos play 1 wireless speaker back and front side

While it may resemble a kitchen appliance, or at best a contemporary sculpture, the Sonos Play:1 is actually a very compact-sized wireless speaker and also a quite potent WiFi radio. Equipped with a custom-designed 3.5’’ mid-woofer and a twitter, Sonos Play:1 delivers a clear HiFi sound in spite of its rather small size. The device requires a home WiFi-access, which allows you not just to stream your own music from your online-enabled gadgets, but also to access endless audio sources from the Internet. It’s compatible with Amazon Cloud Player, Deezer,, Pandora, or Spotify which can be enjoyed directly from the Sonos Play:1. Available in black, or white with light metallic grille, Sonos Play:1 is priced at $199.

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