21 Savage’s $100,000 Gaming Bed is Almost Everything You’ll Ever Need

“That’s how we comin’ all 2019. Everything exclusive, everything one of one, man, no number two. This is what a $100,000 bed looks like right here.” And that’s how rapper 21 Savage introduced his custom bed to fans on Instagram Stories. The bed features an enclosed area with open sides that can be closed off with shades that automatically raise and lower. The foot of the bed features what looks like a screen for a projector, which 21 Savage was playing a video game on.

Of course, you need an audio system to go with the TV. The bed also has lighting.

21 Savage doesn’t give any information on who made the bed—and his labelling it a “one of one” suggests that it doesn’t matter who made it anyway as no more will be made. However, it does bear a resemblance to Hi-Interiors’ High-Fidelity Canopy, or HiCan. The Italian brand sells their bed for USD$40,000, and promises that it can monitor sleep patterns and adjust your pillows with just the push of a button.

Regardless of where he got it, 21 Savage has scored the ultimate man cave bed. With plenty of privacy and entertainment, aside from trips to the John or the fridge, you may never need to leave.

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