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F1 drive london

Buckle Up, An Official F1 Go-Kart Track is Coming in 2024

The spine-tingling rush of Formula 1 has long been an exclusive domain reserved only for the most elite drivers in the world. However, a groundbreaking initiative has shattered the barriers (no pun intended), making the exhilaration of F1 accessible to a broader spectrum of enthusiasts right in the heart of London.

Nestled within the iconic Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, an unprecedented collaboration between Formula 1 and the Premier League giants has birthed the ultimate karting experience, aiming to revolutionise the landscape of motorsport entertainment. This avant-garde venture coming in early 2024, F1 DRIVE, will mark the world’s first official F1 karting escapade – and we’ve already called shotgun on the Red Bull!

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Situated beneath the South Stand of the stadium, F1 DRIVE’s expansive venue – the largest indoor karting track in the city – has been crafted with three distinct layouts. Adding a touch of authenticity, the in-kart audio technology features recordings by stars like Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and Charles Leclerc during the adrenaline-fueled Grand Prix races, complemented by insights from revered broadcasters like David Croft and Naomi Schiff.

The innovation doesn’t stop there— the karts are equipped with cutting-edge Drag Reduction Systems and 18cm LED displays on the wheel providing real-time statistics. Karts also feature a ‘boost’ button, which will deliver additional power for short bursts of time and will recharge during a session. Best of all, the experience caters to everyone, offering a variety of vehicle power levels. This ensures that beginners, young guns, and seasoned drivers alike can revel in some F1 karting.

At the core of this new venture lies F1’s commitment to sustainability, epitomised by the prominently featured fully electric karts. Beyond mere recreational pursuits, it represents a pivotal shift in F1’s ethos, broadening its horizons from a historically exclusive sport to an engaging, participatory endeavour that fans can actively embrace.

“We wanted to create a karting experience that truly captures the feeling and atmosphere of Formula 1 and offers an accessible entry point to our sport for as many people as possible, and F1 Drive – London is going to deliver on this vision and more,” said Jonny Haworth, director of Commercial Partnerships for Formula 1.

He continued: “Whether you’re just starting out on your motorsport journey with your eyes set on the F1 Grid or are looking for a great day out with family and friends, F1 Drive – London can deliver an authentic F1 experience for all. I’m excited to see the karts launch and track testing begin, and I can’t wait to see our fans hitting the track in the new year.”

The experience is set to debut in 2024, and specific details regarding the official opening date and ticket sales will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.