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Players Aren’t Happy About ‘Pay-to-Win’ NBA 2K24 Season Pass

NBA 2K24 will introduce a Fortnite ‘Battle Pass’ style season reward system that will allow players to pay for instant progression and exclusive rewards.

The new model will combine MyTeam and MyCareer into one linear rewards system with prices starting from US$10 for the ‘Pro’ level and US$20 for the ‘Hall of Fame’ level. Individual levels can also be purchased for $2 helping you skip your way through all rewards for $80 per season. When you consider the game costs $120 to purchase, it’s easy to see why some players are reaching for their calculators.

NBA 2K24 Season Pass Pricing and Perks

FreePro ($9.99)Hall of Fame ($19.99)
Level Up RewardsMC x 40
MT x 40
MC x 40
MT x 40
Premium x 40
MC x 40
MT x 40
Premium x 40
Season Pass RewardsN/AMC x 2
MT x 2
MC x 2
MT x 2
1 Additional Reward
Pass PerksN/AN/A15% Boost
10 Level Skips

Seasons are something the NBA 2K community has been asking about for years, however, it has the potential to create a clear pay-to-win style game, should NBA 2K keep the tiered rewards from previous games in place.

Unlike the Fortnite Battle Pass, the NBA 2K reward system has previously offered players additional badge points to upgrade their players. This created a two-tier player base with those who have the time to ‘grind’ their way through the game and a casual player base who doesn’t have the time (or online friends) to partner up and play hundreds of games online to reach these milestones.

This new subscription model will benefit the casual player and create even matchups across all online game modes. Those who choose to grind the game and teach themselves all the skills involved to win will still succeed and those who don’t have the time can pay to make their player better.

That doesn’t negate the fact this costs an absolute fortune. Season passes cost US$10-20 on top of the game itself which costs AU$120. Want to upgrade your player with VC? You’ll have to fork out another AU$80 for that as well. Level skips are also available for $2 a level.

Of course, you don’t HAVE to pay the money as there’s a free tier available, however, choosing not to pay and upgrade your player forces you to dedicate the time, money, and effort to grinding your player just to hang with the rest of the crowd online.

It will be interesting to see how NBA 2K adjusts the rewards to suit the new season pass.

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