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Cooler Master’s ‘Orb X’ Gaming Chair Perfectly Blends Work and Play

We, humans, are rapidly approaching a future where work or play won’t be restricted, to say, just an office desk or the living room anymore and our social lives would already have gone down the drain. Cooler Master’s newly unveiled Orb X is a living, breathing sentiment to this imminent evolution. The company is advertising this new machine as a semi-enclosed gamer pod/workstation geared towards immersion and comfort to help users excel at whatever they do and elevate their experience.

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Shaped somewhat like an orb (hence, the name?), the Orb X is basically an ultra-expensive oval-shaped gaming chair designed to “enhance user’s experience by various approaches” and cut us off from others by completely wrapping us with its semi-enclosed dome-like structure and in-built surround sound speakers that come with spatial audio, thus superficially disconnecting the user from the outside world. Measuring a humongous six by six feet in size, this 757-pound fully immersive multi-purpose semi-enclosed station is a goliath of a machine and is crafted out of vacuum-forming thermoplastic polymer.

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Orb X | Image: Cooler Master

The ARGB illumination from head to toe enables you to choose from a “wide variety of colour arrangements to match the atmosphere or mood.” There are eight built-in lighting modes to choose from and can be synced to the music you are listening to. Step inside Orb X and make yourself comfortable in the built-in recliner made from “genuine leather” that offers “customised comfort” courtesy of the “ergonomic recliner.”

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Orb X | Image: Cooler Master

This fancy/luxurious gaming chair features a fully adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and leg rest that can also give some premium recliners, a run for their money. To provide a strain-free viewing experience, Orb X features a completely automatic shuttle dome at the top that drops the monitor to eye level. The Orb X can house either a single 34-inch screen or a maximum of three 27-inch monitors and even supports 4K resolution, thanks to the HDMI cables that come with the chair. However, monitors aren’t a part of the bundle, but necessary wiring solutions are in place, allowing you to just plug and play.

Orb x
Orb X | Image: Cooler Master

On the audio side of things, the Orb X features a pair of two-inch full-range speakers, a pair of two-inch tweeters, and a five-inch subwoofer, to completely engulf you in whatever you are doing and block out everything else. Switching between gaming and work will be easy and more efficient than ever before, as this futuristic-looking gaming chair comes with an integrated desk and a USB hub with three USB-A 3.1 Gen 1 ports, two USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 ports, and a headphone jack.

You can squeeze your own PC or a console into this thing with the blessings of the concealed compartment that allows you to cleanly hide all the boring stuff. Currently, there’s no word from Cooler Master about the price or when it aims to mass-produce the Orb X.

Cooler Master’s new behemoth of a gaming chair is truly a revolutionary invention that might replace office chairs and desks.. But do we really need something like this? For those who do, then get in line, as this high-tech gaming chair is currently “available for waitlist registration” only. When the Orb X does arrive it will be available in Arctic White or Universe Black.

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Orb X | Image: Cooler Master