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EA Sports 'FC 24' Trailer

EA Sports ‘FC 24’ Trailer Gives Us A Sneak Peek At the Future of Football Gaming

EA Sports FC 24. The gaming juggernaut recently unveiled a spectacular showcase of new league licensing deals, brief gameplay snippets, an official release date, and pre-order information ahead of the game’s launch. This announcement marks a significant shift for EA, as their longstanding collaboration with FIFA concluded with FIFA 23, leading to the birth of the rebranded franchise and marking the gaming studio’s debut into the world of football without the familiar moniker.

  • Name Change: The name has been changed from “FIFA” to “EA Sports FC” due to the end of the partnership with FIFA.
  • Improved Gameplay: EA Sports FC 24 features new technologies like HyperMotionV and an enhanced Frostbite Engine for more realistic gameplay.
  • New Gameplay Features: To give you more control over the pitch, new features include Precision Pass, Effort Dribble, and Controlled Sprint.
  • Player Movement Variety: Four new acceleration archetypes represent different player movement styles.
  • Competitive Ladder: Master tactics and team chemistry and adapt your strategy to climb the competitive ladder.
  • Ultimate Team: Use FC Points to build your dream team and unlock special cards in VOLTA FOOTBALL.

EA had already revealed the distinctive logo of EA Sports FC, featuring a cleverly designed triangle embedded with letters and the game’s premium-priced Ultimate Edition cover, featuring Manchester City striker, Erling Haaland. However, the studio recently treated us to an exciting glimpse of EA Sports FC 24 via its official reveal trailer. It provides us with a first look at some of the mechanics at play in the game and promises some pretty revolutionary changes.

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EA Sports 'FC 24' Trailer
Image: EA

The core aspects of EA Sports FC24 will revolve around a trinity of technology, comprising Hypermotion V, the Frostbite Engine, and the implementation of diverse Play Styles. These technological advancements are aimed at enhancing the overall gameplay experience and delivering a more immersive and dynamic football simulation. Hypermotion V introduces a groundbreaking feature that involves volumetric capture from over 180 matches, resulting in “revolutionary true-to-football movement and animations.” This also enables the creation of incredibly realistic and detailed player movements.

There’s a new iteration of the Frostbite Engine, which introduces remarkable features “through redesigned player models, smoother animations and visibly unique characteristics that make each player special.” Completing EA’s impressive tech trinity is the introduction of Play Styles, a collaborative effort with Opta. This innovative feature ensures that all footballers in the game possess their signature abilities, further enhancing the authenticity and uniqueness of each player’s skills. Additionally, players can look forward to an “all-new match day experience”, featuring dynamic match intros and enhanced match day menus that seamlessly integrate new footage of experts and commentators.

EA Sports 'FC 24' Trailer
Image: EA

Besides all the technical enhancements, EA announced a remarkable array of partnerships to help them retain their role as the leading force in football video games. Notably, EA has secured a substantial exclusive agreement with UEFA, granting them the ability to faithfully portray all the athletes, clubs, and stadiums from the league throughout their FC portfolio. This partnership also includes a long-term commitment with Premier League, guaranteeing ongoing collaboration for the foreseeable future. In addition, EA emphasized its enduring partnership with Spain’s La Liga, granting them naming rights for both prestigious leagues.

Breaking new ground, Ultimate Team will now feature women’s football for the first time, showcasing EA’s commitment to promoting gender equality within the e-football world. As per EA, “EA SPORTS FC 24 will bring men and women’s football together to play on the same pitch for the first time. Players will be able to experience brand-new Ultimate Team features, including welcoming women footballers to the pitch for the first time in Ultimate Team for players to craft their dream XI.” The game also welcomes Liga F and Frauen-Bundesliga, alongside the returning Barclays Women’s Super League, Division 1 Arkema, National Women’s Soccer League, and UEFA Women’s Champions League from FIFA 23.

EA Sports 'FC 24' Trailer
Image: EA

During the big reveal, Cam Weber, President of EA Sports, said, “EA SPORTS has defined interactive football for 30 years, and now we’re bringing fans closer to the sport they love through EA SPORTS FC. This is the next great chapter in our mission to create the future of football with fans everywhere, and it begins with FC 24 delivering incredible authenticity combined with a massive leap in gameplay innovation. Welcome to the Club.”

EA Sports FC 24 is set to hit gaming consoles including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 29.

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