Instagram Girls of the Month – February ‘17

No matter what the era, time period, movement or generation, the arguable fact remains that when not at work about 90% of men are thinking about one thing 90% of the time: women. When at work it’s ohhhh, we don’t know, maybe 80% of the time. The point is: we couldn’t responsibly call ourselves Man of Many if we ignored the one thing that most men think about the most. It’s therefore in honour of a proud tradition as old as mankind itself that we present our newest instalment: Instagram Girls of the Month. After all, who are we to argue with tradition?

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Steph Rayner

Steph Rayner is an athletic and stunning model who’s worked with a slew of great fashion brands. Her Instagram page is so picture-perfect you’ll have to remind yourself you’re not looking at an SI Swimsuit Issue.



Olga Katysheva

This Russian-born beauty started flaunting her assets in 2013. 700K followers later, Olga Katysheva is no less exotic or alluring. Check her out.



Elizabeth Turner

For the gentlemen who prefer jaw-dropping blondes, look no further than the gorgeous Elizabeth Turner. This seasoned model is firing on all cylinders, meaning there’s a certifiably sharp brain behind that perfect face and wind-blown hair of hers. She says she’s currently writing a Youtube series and she’ll wrap it up as soon as she’s done posting another gratuitous Instagram.



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Bianca Ghezzi

Jewelry designer and Instagram hottie Bianca Ghezzi made headlines last year as walking proof that football player Johnny Manziel gets much hotter babes than you and I. In the meantime, gaze upon her wondrous beauty and keep working on those bear crawls because you never know.



Carmella Rose

Here we have a bona fide Instagram sensation, complete with a million followers and a dedicated subreddit. Carmella Rose is a slim, sexy model with an approachable quality to her, as if she doesn’t carry her extreme hotness and globetrotting lifestyle with an annoying air of pretension. Naturally, that only makes her hotter.



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