instagram girls of the month june 17

Instagram Girls of the Month – June ’17

To think, there was once a time where you had to subscribe to a bunch of different magazines just to check out some hot babes. Those times are long gone. Now the world’s most exquisite female faces and figures (and, you know, personalities) are never more than a few clicks away. However, you still need to know which rocks to turn over to find all that jaw-dropping beauty. That’s where we come in. Presenting our Instagram Girls of the Month for June 2017.

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Radmila Sadykova

Hailing from Moscow, Radmila is a model, commercial actress, and self-described bird. Yes, a bird. We can only assume she’s cheekily referring to her skinny physique, and if so she’s definitely being modest. Pair that physique with two downright seductive eyes and you’ve got yourself one beautiful Russkie!



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Here’s another Russian bombshell and Instagram babe who stays hot now matter how cold those Siberian temperatures get. And while we meant that in a purely figurative way, the model does seem to also spend a lot of time scantily dressed on famous beaches around the world. In other words, she’s all kinds of hot!



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Anna Kubritskaya

Keeping those beautiful Russian vibes going strong is the lovely Anna. She’s blonde, she’s sexy, she loves to travel and she’s totally down to get naked. We really can’t argue with any of those things.



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Presenting Jacquie, a Sydney stunner with tan skin and an alluring gaze. She touts an Instagram feed that’s pretty much all her, all the time. And there’s definitely nothing wrong with that!



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Kristina Makarova

It’s back to Russia to meet the wildly popular and outrageously sexy Kristina. Like the other Instagram babes on this spread, Kristina loves to explore (and pose on) beaches around the world. That means plenty of gratuitous bikini shots and semi-topless pics. Around here we call that a win/win.



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Clara Wilsey

Here to finish off June’s list of Instagram babes is the lovely Clara. She’s originally from America but as her feed proves she’s really a citizen of the world. She’s also exceptional in every way. We love Clara’s frequent “no-nonsense” poses, as if she’s simply over pretending you’re in her league.



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