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Jim Jefferies

INTERVIEW: Jim Jefferies Reveals the Most Ridiculous Lie Ever Told

Imagine you’re a depressed 20-something guy, dead broke, and your girlfriend has just left you. Then one day, you discover your bank account has unlimited funds due to a bank glitch, and nobody detects a thing. What would you do? If this question seems too unrealistic or farfetched to consider, let us introduce you to Luke ‘Milky’ Moore, an ordinary Aussie bogan who transformed into a high-rolling playboy, a prison inmate and a successful criminal layer – all because of a bank error. Now in an exclusive Audible Original podcast, Jim Jefferies will chronicle the incredible chain of events that led to this outrageous, yet true tale. Always keen to hear a good yarn, we sat down with Jefferies to discuss the parallels between Moore and his own life as a young fella coming up in the world.

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Luke "Milky" Moore

Luke “Milky” Moore | Image: Supplied

Whipping around in sports cars dressed in fancy clothes, Milky wasn’t exactly hiding his newfound wealth. When people asked how he got so rich, he famously claimed: ‘I’m the Milkybar kid. I still get mad royalties.’ Now that was obviously a lie, but somewhat believable due to his convincing tone and golden locks. In the spirit of the great man, we asked Jefferies about the most egregious fib he’s ever told. As you’d expect, the professional funny man gave us an absolute doozy, revealing how he used to meet ladies back in the day.

“I remember I was trying to meet girls after just moving to London. At the time, I was just a shitkicker comedian working behind the bar, and that didn’t sound very impressive. So at parties, I told them I worked at the zoo because I was obviously Australian and Steve Irwin was big”

“So I said I was the number one specialist with giraffes in the world. And this was before the internet, so I researched a few giraffe facts so I could rattle them off at parties because women love a man who’s nice with animals.”

“So I learned that the giraffe has the same amount of bones in its neck that we have in the human spine. And that its tongue is so strong that it can rip the bark off a tree. And I said, ‘That’s why there’s no lesbian giraffes'”

While hilarious, Jefferies admits his success rate wasn’t high. However, a guy like Milky would’ve respected how elaborate and detailed the lie was.

Indulging in strippers, drugs and luxurious penthouses – all thanks to someone else’s money – Milky Moore is a classic catch me if you can figure. When listening to his first hand account on the podcast, mixed emotions rise up for the listener. On one hand, you know he’s committing a crime, but his innocent charm makes it hard not to root for his success.

“It’s his classic antihero character that creates an appeal”, Jefferies explains. “Because sometimes through the story you go, ‘Oh, that’s wrong that, he shouldn’t have done that.’ And then at the end of it, you’re like, ‘Fuck it. It’s the banks.’ It was a Robin Hood story – stealing from the rich, giving to the poor, and it just so happened that the poor was him.”

The Outrageous True Story of Milky Moore, hosted by Jim Jefferies, is out now and only available on Audible. The podcast is free for Audible members and can be found on the Audible website.

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