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Mobi fox watch bands

Man of Many’s Staff Favourites – 18 May 2023

This week, we’ve sifted through the clutter to bring you a curated collection of the latest and greatest goodies. From mesmerising tech gear to gourmet treats, our handpicked selections will surely ignite your shopping spree. So, sit back, grab a cup of curiosity, and immerse yourself in the irresistible feast that is Man of Many’s Staff Favourites.

Image: Banchō

Banchō Haymarket

Nick Hall – Editor-in-Chief

It’s been a little while since I went out for cocktails, but this week I was persuaded to do precisely that. Venturing to the back alleys of Haymarket, I found myself at Banchō, a beautifully tranquil oasis set against the bustling Chinatown district. With a Japanese whisky list that could rival any in the country, Banchō is the kind of place you would love to frequent but could scarcely afford to. Next time I’ve got a hankering for a whisky, you’ll find me here.

Visit Banchō

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Mobi fox watch bands
Image: MobyFox

Hokusai Custom Apple Watch Bands

Scott Purcell – Co-Founder

I’ve been checking out these custom Apple Watch bands from Mobyfox lately. If you can’t afford the leather Hermes bands, these are a great way to add some flair to your wrist with sweat free and UV-resistant silicon. They’re compatible with all Apple Watch models and come with two sets of connectors to fit both sizes. My picks were these Japanese-inspired prints that feature the artist’s, Hokusai’s, signature on the back. There’s also other options if you’re a Star Wars, Harry Potter or Rick and Morty fan which are also great for the kids.

Visit Mobyfox

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Staff favourites satta dojo jacket
Image: Satta

Satta Dojo Jacket

Frank Arthur – Co-Founder

To keep me toasty through the cold months ahead, it was time for a new coat, so I recently got myself a Satta Dojo Jacket. Satta is a brand known for its laid-back looks, minimalist style, nature-inspired garments and use of sustainable materials. The Dojo’s collarless neckline, piped cuffs and edging are reminiscent of a military-style field jacket liner, executed in Satta’s sleek minimalist aesthetic. Cotton poplin outer gives the jacket a soft textured feel, the synthetic insulative fill offers a high level of heat retention and the generously sized hip pockets offer plenty room to stash belongings. And whether you’re after a dark or light tone, the Dojo jacket is available in two colourways – Graphite or Cashew.

Visit Satta

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Osaka to sydney massage venustus copy
Image: Venustus

Osaka to Sydney 75min Massage at Venustus Beauty & Body Lab

Denise Barnes – Head of Branded Content

I’ve had a fair few massages in my life, some really good ones, and some pretty average ones, but I’ve never experienced anything quite like the Osaka to Sydney massage at Venustus in Paddington. It is the perfect balance between relaxation and tension release. The fusion of Japanese techniques used (including Shiatsu body technique, Tanaka Facial massage technique, Reiki, Rocking & Hot Rock massage) will melt your pain away and have you walk out feeling particularly relaxed. No wonder it’s a favourite among local celebrities. It’s perfect for athletes, sports people, or if you’re like me and hold a lot of tension in your neck and shoulders from being behind a desk most of the day, then you will absolutely love this.

I also quite enjoyed the amount of care that was taken by Jeannie and her team to ensure my massage was tailored specifically to my needs. Other than the Osaka to Sydney treatment, there are a bunch of other options to suit everyone’s needs, including a brand new ‘Lengthening Muscle Releasing Massage’ designed to lengthen and expand the back and legs that will release tension in very tight areas. Venustus will be opening its doors soon to a bigger, more beautiful, and incredibly serene space, but until then, you can find them at 381 Oxford Street, Paddington.

Visit Venustus

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Kickin' inn
Image: Kickin’ Inn

Kickin’ Inn

Harry Parsons – Branded Content Manager

Spontaneous mid-week dinners out are the best, aren’t they? Well, mine ended up being better than expected as I ventured to Kickin Inn, found in the heart of Dee Why. Featuring an extensive Kajun seafood menu including but not limited to Morten Bay bugs, lobster, muscles, oysters and prawns, this dining experience comes with a twist. Upon taking a seat you are welcomed to a table lined with paper, accompanied by a bib and rubber gloves. Yep, you guessed it, no plates or bowls here, it’s time to get primal and eat with your hands directly off the table. I chose the mixed bag of seafood with a mild Kajun sauce which set me back $99, let me tell you this was value for money, the table was piled high with an assortment of spicy seafood. Aside from the experience being a bit of fun, the seafood was delicious and perfectly cooked!

If you are looking to enjoy some seafood with a twist, Kickin Inn is a must!

Visit Kickin’ Inn

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Year one by seth rogen
Image: Supplied

Year Book by Seth Rogen

Jack Boulding – Sales Executive

I promise not to make our staff favourites Jack’s book nook but this week I had the pleasure of finally reading Seth Rogan’s book ‘Yearbook’. The book details an intimate look into Rogen’s life and career, featuring anecdotes about his experiences in Hollywood, memorable encounters with celebrities, and personal reflections on his journey to success. ‘Yearbook’ isn’t just a collection of entertaining tales; it’s also a chance for readers to connect with Rogen on a deeper level as he opens up throughout the book about his own insecurities, vulnerabilities, and personal growth, offering insights into his own journey towards self-acceptance and happiness.

I found the book easy to read and digest on my morning and afternoon commutes with Rogan’s wit and humour getting me through each trip with ease. I strongly recommend you read it when you can.

Buy Year Book

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Song for the Mute "SCENT 001 RAIN" Candle
Image: Song for the Mute

Song for the Mute “SCENT 001 RAIN” Candle

Ben McKimm – Journalist

Developed together with Johanna Everingham – of Australian-based organic skincare and fragrance brand Lepaar – is the first scent collection from Song for the Mute, one of my favourite Australian fashion brands. I had a chance to spark this one up this week and the scent is best described as abstract. The brand uses phrases like “drawing inspiration from poetic clashes of weed-like plantations bursting through cracked tiles,” but I reckon it just smells odd. Apparently, this is exactly what the brand is going for. They built the scent with air-dried plant matter before steeping it in virgin olive oil for six months, heated solely by the heat of the sun itself. If you’re looking for something cool and different, get amongst it! From $120 AUD.

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Little moons
Image: Little Moons

Little Moons Golden Blond Chocolate Mochi Icecream

John Guanzon – Head of Social

Mochi ice cream combines two of my absolute favourite things in life, so when Little Moons announced their new flavour ‘Golden Blond Chocolate’ I had to get my hands on a box or two. Admittedly, the boxes did not last very long at all. The Golden Blond Chocolate mochi ice cream is a true indulgence, combining delicate white chocolate and caramelised sugar and blended with Little Moons’ signature velvety golden gelato. The silk soft insides are studded with milk and white chocolate pieces and all perfectly wrapped in a sweet rice dough. It’s hard to accurately describe what a ‘Golden Blond’ flavour is, but if you’re a fan of Caramilk, you’re going to want to try this. And speaking from experience, these little bite-sized balls of joy are addictive. Luckily, Little Moon are readily available at Woolworths, so once you finish a box, it wouldn’t be that difficult to pick up a few more.

Visit Little Moons

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The legend of zelda tears of the kingdom
Image: Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Richie Hall – Video Producer

It’s hard to believe six years have passed since Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW). A game that redefined the franchise, revolutionised open world adventure and has been consistently ranked as one the greatest games of all time. The anticipation for its successor built to fever pitch over the last couple of years until finally, on May 12, Tears of the Kingdom was released. More than ten million copies were sold within its first three days of release, making it the fastest-selling game in the franchise, as well as the fastest selling Nintendo game in America. After getting my hands on a copy, playing through the opening stage and witnessing that title moment (no spoilers, you’ll have to experience it for yourself) I was transported back to playing Ocarina of Time on N64. That sense of adventure, of losing yourself in the Kingdom of Hyrule. Somehow they topped BOTW. This is Nintendo in full command of their craft and at the peak of their powers.

Visit Nintendo

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Modus operandi brewing neural network east coast ipa
Image: Modus Beer

Modus Operandi Brewing – Neural Network East Coast IPA

Elliott Barsby – Commercial Director

For its latest limited release, Modus Operandi Brewing partnered with Absolutely AI to create Neural Network, an East Coast IPA designed entirely by artificial intelligence – it seems that nothing is immune from the influence of AI these days! The name, the recipe, and the label were all created following the prompt, “what makes the perfect East Coast IPA?” I was sceptical to say the least, but like most things from the Modus team, the result is a quality beer that is definitely worth giving a go. A strong (7% ABV), flavoured filled, and thoroughly enjoyable IPA, Neural Network demonstrates that technology in the brewing process isn’t something to be scared of. And for the tasting notes, also generated by AI, “experience a tropical paradise in every sip of this East Coast IPA, featuring a balance of sweet malt and hoppy bitterness with notes of grapefruit, orange and passionfruit. Enjoy its smooth mouthfeel and refreshing finish on a warm summer day or paired with spicy dishes.” AI can create it, but thankfully it is still me that gets to enjoy it.

Visit Modus

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Goji modern asian cuisine
Image: Goji

GOJI Modern Asian Cuisine

Claudette Sampang – Sales Executive

Earlier this week, I had the fantastic opportunity to experience and dine at GOJI Modern Asian Cuisine’s first Sydney CBD location. The moment I walked in, I was captivated by the restaurant’s stylish and contemporary atmosphere, incredible wait staff, and extensive menu. The restaurant seamlessly blended Chinese, Japanese and Malaysian dishes into a delicious myriad of flavours and textures that comprise their mouthwatering range. From handmade dumplings to hand-pulled noodles to mango crepes and Ferrero Rocher fried ice cream, each bite was bursting with flavours, leaving me eager for more! Their Boneless Peking Duck with a Kumquat Dipping Sauce was a true highlight of my meal, and I can’t wait to try their other dishes, such as the Lobster Sashimi with Wasabi Mayo or the Hot Rock Rib Eye Wagyu. When I come back, I hope to see you all there!

Visit Goji

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