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The Inspired Unemployed Put Their Own Spin on Vogue’s ’73 Questions’

The Inspired Unemployed boys are known for their comedic dances and skits, but they have recently ventured into the world of pranks with their latest content. In a recent video posted on their YouTube channel, the duo pretended to have just completed Vogue’s popular interview series, 73 Questions. This series is renowned for only interviewing the most prominent celebrities worldwide and asking them continuous questions.

However, it was quickly revealed that the video was an April Fool’s joke that came a month late and was not officially associated with Vogue. Despite this, Jack Steele and Matt Ford still answered 73 questions, giving fans a glimpse into their lives behind the scenes. You can watch the video above.

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The Australian The Inspired Unemployed

Image: The Australian

The video begins with the Australian duo opening the door to their lush AirBnB residence in North Bondi, where they and their crew are living to film a new TV show. When asked to elaborate on what the show’s about, the boys mentioned that they were not allowed to give any details but expressed their excitement for its release in “August/September”.

As the video continues, the boys give viewers a tour of their stunning Bondi residence while answering a few questions. We get to see heartfelt moments and hilarious cameos from their friends while also learning more about the boys’ vision and how grateful they are for all they have accomplished. We won’t go into detail about some of their intriguing answers, but it’s definitely something you need to watch for yourself.

Be sure to check out the clip above to see the Inspired Unemployed boys in action. We look forward to their official 73 Questions with Vogue in the not-to-distant future.

The Inspired Unemployed

Image: Sylvia Liber/Illawarra Mercury

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