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Red wing iron rangers 8085

Man of Many’s Staff Favourites – 6 May 2023

Well, well, well, look who’s back. It’s your favourite team of product pickers, ready to reveal some of the hottest items flying off the shelves. While we’ve been a little distracted with watching the Dune: Part II trailer on repeat, we’ve also been digging deep to find the hidden gems that’ll make your life more awesome. From beauty to bites, we’ve got you covered. So, sit tight, grab a snack, and get ready to swoon over the latest and greatest products in this edition of Staff Favourites.

Waken toothpaste australia
Image: Waken Mouthcare

Waken Mouthwash and Toothpaste

Scott Purcell – Co-Founder

Waken has entered the building. A new mouthcare range from the UK with a flashy design and exterior has launched into exclusively into Australia in Woolworths. So what makes it special compared to other toothpastes and mouthwashes? well, firstly, it wouldn’t look out of place in any designer bathroom and uses natural mint extracts that can whiten your teeth without any peroxide. They’re also environmentally conscious with their toothpaste tubes are made from recycled aluminium and the mouthwash bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. There’s also four flavours try try across both the toothpaste and mouthwash, including Whitening, Peppermint, Mint & Strawberry, and Spearmint so you’ll never be left without choice.

Visit Waken

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Red wing iron rangers 8085
Image: Franklin & Poe

Red Wing Iron Ranger 8085 Boots

Nick Hall – Editor-in-Chief

After five long weeks galavanting across Europe, this Monday marked my first foray back into the office. A little bit older, heavier and more windswept than before, I’ve found it quite difficult to get back into the swing of things, but at least the pressure is off my feet. While I was overseas, I chalked up a few thousand kilometres walking up and down every sidestreet, park and boulevard I could find, but I was smart enough to pack my trusty Red Wing Iron Rangers with me. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t strap myself into these tough-as-nails boots and I’m eternally thankful that I did.

I love the way the 8085s gain a nice patina over time and the Vibram sole definitely adds to the comfort. Best of all, the Iron Rangers just look downright rugged. If they weren’t virtually indestructible, I’d probably buy another pair.

Visit Red Wing Shoes

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Cobram first harvest 2023 10th february griffin simm finals 14
Image: Cobram Estate

Cobram Estate 2023 Limited Release First Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Richie Hall – Video Producer

Aussie-owned leading Olive Oil brand Cobram Estate has released just 5,000 bottles of their 2023 First Harvest. It’s a seriously premium Olive Oil that’s priced at $60 for 500mL. What exactly is First Harvest you ask? Co-CEO and chief olive oil maker, Leandro Ravetti explains “(we) picked the fruit from them extra early while it was just starting to ripen, and gently cold pressed the fresh fruit within four hours of picking”. Of course, you can use it in just about anything you whip up in the kitchen but I can’t go past dipping my sourdough in it and savouring that liquid gold.

Visit Cobram Estate

Image: Krondorf

Krondorf Icon 2019 King’s Mantle Shiraz

Elliott Barsby – Commercial Director

I was fortunate enough to recently visit the Barossa for a Cellar Door Masterclass with Krondorf Wines. Yes, lucky me. As I sipped my way through the five stunning wines in the 2023 Collection (more on these in the coming days) a standout soon appeared.

The Krondorf Icon 2019 King’s Mantle Shiraz is a treat for enthusiasts and serious wine collectors alike. Youthful, vibrant, and perfectly balanced, it has silky tannins and a persistent finish. I picked up dark forest fruits notes and aromas of chocolate and licorice. The wine is the result of meticulous attention to detail in the winemaking process, with each barrel individually tested and classified so that only the best are selected for the final blend.

Aptly named, the King’s Mantle is the imperial robe worn at coronations and other important state occasions, and this stunning drop is the crowning selection of the Krondorf Wines 2023 Collection. Royalist or not, this is the perfect wine to mark the occasion of the King’s coronation this weekend.

Buy Krondorf

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Narciso rodriguez
Image: Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Forever

Denise Barnes – Head of Branded Content

If I had to describe this fragrance in two words, it would be ‘undeniably feminine’. It’s soft, yet addictive, familiar yet dramatic. Having recently celebrated 20 Years, the brand is paying tribute to this icon with Narciso Rodriguez For Her Forever, an ode to ‘eternal feminity’. Sonia Constant, the perfumer behind For Her Forever, describes it as “composed like an immaculate bouquet, a caress of petals warmed by the rays of the sun, soft and dense like a silky cream of flowers, and illuminated with an electrifying vibration”. It’s also beautifully packaged making it the perfect gift for your better half or for your mum (Mother’s Day is just around the corner you know).

Buy Narciso Rodriguez

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Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge on PS VR2

Rob Edwards – Branded Content Writer

I’m someone for whom both Star Wars and video games have seen quite a bit of the shine come off them in recent years. It’s a shame, but of late neither has thrilled me the way that they used to, which I’ve just put down to me getting older and prioritising other things. However, playing Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge on the new PlayStation VR2 has enabled me to enjoy both with more enthusiasm than I’ve done in years.

An incredibly immersive way to explore the galaxy far, far away, with engaging action and lots of nostalgic Star Wars details, Galaxy’s Edge enables you to inhabit Star Wars in a way that I never thought possible. From the moment I first looked down and saw a Han Solo-esque blaster holstered at my right hip, which I was then able to grab hold of, inspect with great detail, and then use to take down Imperial goons, I was hooked. Like Han, I shoot first.

This game (along with a number of others available on Playstation’s new VR offering) hints at almost infinite possibilities. Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in!

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