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Memories For Miles: Get a Lifetime of Adventure With RIMOWA

In Partnership with RIMOWA

If there’s one thing we’ve been reminded of over the last few years, it’s just how valuable it is to be able to travel freely and make precious memories we can carry with us for the rest of our days. Whether ticking a long-admired natural wonder off the bucket list; exploring a rich new culture with a plethora of fascinating customs, food, and experiences; or simply visiting much-loved but geographically distant family and friends, travelling well and having the stories to prove it is one of the most fulfilling pursuits life can offer.

Rimowa lifetime 2 copy


Having said that, while exploring the world can (and often should) mean pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, it’s always reassuring to have an ever-reliable travel companion by your side. This is particularly true if said companion is a steadfast piece of luggage carrying a bevy of dents, scratches and stickers that recall the time zone-hopping escapades you’ve shared.

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RIMOWA knows the importance of just such a piece all too well. Having facilitated countless overseas adventures since it was founded in 1898, the German brand’s impressive range of luggage options is ready and waiting to join you on your next jaunt. Whether you’re after a new piece to put your own personal stamp on (like the ones outlined below), or a pre-owned piece of aluminium luggage waiting for a new lease of life courtesy of RIMOWA’s RE-CRAFTED programme, you can start planning that next trip knowing the luggage you need is ready when you are.

Rimowa classic cabin copy


Classic Cabin

Like the entirety of RIMOWA’s range, this piece is crafted in Germany to the very highest standards. The definition of luxury meets functionality, this highly portable suitcase is constructed using a high-end anodised aluminium alloy with riveted aluminium corners, and striking, hand-made leather handles.

TSA-approved locks mean airport security won’t need to damage your luggage during security checks, while the built-in flex divider will keep everything in order throughout the Cabin’s journey. RIMOWA’s signature Multiwheel System and a telescopic handle are sure to keep things breezy as you navigate your way to the next airport lounge, while the dimensions are handily designed to fit in most overhead compartments. AUD$2,060


  • Measurements: 55 x 40 x 23 cm
  • Weight: 4.3 kg
  • Volume: 36 L

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Rimowa essential check in copy


Essential Check-In L

A world-first thanks to the polycarbonate material used in its construction, this Essential Check-In L would be our go-to for most trips overseas. This is due to it being generously proportioned enough to carry just about everything you could need, while remaining compact enough to keep you moving. We’re also big fans of this particular matte black finish, which exudes a kind of understated cool.

While the Classic Cabin will carry enough for a quick work trip or weekend getaway, the Essential Check-In L will stand you in good stead for up to 10 days. And like its smaller sibling, this German-constructed boasts TSA-approved locks, a built-in flex divider, along with the Multiwheel System and telescopic handle for maximum comfort and convenience. AUD$1,540


  • Measurements: 77.5 x 51 x 26.5 cm
  • Weight 4.8 kg
  • Volume: 85 L

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Rimowa original trunk plus silver


Original Trunk Plus

There’s a reason the distinctive grooved design of RIMOWA’s aluminium suitcases is considered one of the most iconic of all time. And when you see it put to good use in this Original Trunk Plus’ silver finish you’ll be left in no doubt as to why.

Intended to offer enough storage for those longer treks away from home, RIMOWA’s Original Trunk Plus manages to keep things lightweight while maintaining the robust structure needed to keep your essentials (as well as your not-so-essentials) safe. Deploying the same high-end anodised aluminium as the aforementioned Classic Cabin, this is a timeless piece of travel gear that will be by your side with its TSA-approved locks, flex divider, Multiwheel System and telescopic handle for many years (and even more kilometres) to come.


Measurements: 80 x 36.5 x 44 cm
Weight: 6.4 kg
Volume: 105 L

Buy the RIMOWA Original Trunk Plus

Buy the RIMOWA Original Trunk Plus

Rimowa lifetime new copy


No matter what your requirements, RIMOWA has exactly what you need to ensure the scrapbook in your mind is overflowing with the kinds of memories, experiences and adventures that mean you’re never short of a good story. Plus, with RIMOWA’s lifetime guarantee, you can rest assured that all functional aspects of your suitcase are covered from your first trip to your five-hundredth. To discover more about the brand’s incredible range, visit RIMOWA via the link below.