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Breaking Bad Walter White Underwear Auction

Breaking Briefs: Bid on Walter White’s Iconic Underwear and Fulfil Your Meth-Making Dreams

Although many investors may be holding onto their money due to the economic downturn, sometimes an opportunity presents itself that is too good to pass up. And for fans of the iconic show Breaking Bad, that moment has arrived. You now have the chance to bid on a piece of television history: Walter White’s famous white briefs. These tighty-whities were worn by Bryan Cranston while cooking crystal meth in the desert, and they can now be yours to wear while cooking eggs hungover on a Sunday. Propstore Auction is hosting the Los Angeles Online Entertainment Memorabilia Auction, and they’re giving fans a chance to own this truly unique piece of undergarment.

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Before you eagerly place your bids, there’s an important detail to keep in mind. These briefs aren’t the actual ones that Bryan Cranston wore on the show; they’re a “decoration” pair. But, let’s be honest, owning someone else’s used underwear isn’t exactly desirable, even for the most die-hard Breaking Bad fans. So, it’s probably best that these briefs are merely a replica. Sorry to break the hearts of all the jock-sniffing creeps out there…

While they may not be the exact briefs worn by Cranston, these undergarments are still an iconic piece of television history. Made from cotton and polyester, the briefs boast a 40-inch waist and feature a white elastic waistband with blue and goldenrod accents. However, the website warns that the elasticity has mostly worn out over time, so if you’re considering wearing them to this year’s Halloween party, you might want to think twice.

Breaking Bad Walter White Underwear Auction

Image: Propstore

Fans of the hit series will undoubtedly remember that Bryan Cranston’s character, Walter White, sported matching sets of these iconic white briefs throughout the show. The briefs first made their unforgettable debut in the very first episode of the series, in a moment that left audiences on the edge of their seats. Convinced that he had been caught, Walter is seen in the desert, ready to end his life with a loaded gun. But as it turns out, his pistol isn’t loaded, and he discovers that the police aren’t actually after him and his co-conspirator, Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul).

In addition to Walter White’s iconic briefs, you can bid on a variety of other Hollywood props, including Johnny Depp’s cowboy boots from the hit show 21 Jump Street, a light-up helmet from the classic sci-fi film Alien, and a selection of costume and prop items from the popular series Better Call Saul. But if it’s Walter White’s underwear that has really caught your eye, you’ll want to act fast. The bidding for this unique piece of television history ends on February 27 at 9 am PST. As of writing, the bidding for the briefs opened at USD$1,250 and is now up to a staggering USD$4,000.

If you need further proof of how the show continues to hold a special place in fans’ hearts almost a decade after it ended, look no further than the recent Super Bowl ad featuring Cranston and Paul reprising their iconic roles, which sent fans on a heart-warming nostalgia trip.

Looking to get your hands on a piece of TV history that’s truly legendary? Look no further than the Propstore Auction website, where you can place a bid on what might just be the most iconic pair of undies to ever grace the small screen.

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