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Paddy Considine as King Viserys Targaryen in HBO's 'Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon' | Image: HBO

‘House of the Dragon’ Season 2 Release Date Teased by HBO

Those eager to catch up with House Targaryen and the world of Westeros will have to wait a bit longer as House of the Dragon season two won’t air until 2024. Putting all the speculations to rest, HBO and HBO Max content CEO Casey Bloys told Variety that sometime in 2024 “is a good guess” for the critically acclaimed Game of Thrones prequel to return; however, he continued to be tight-lipped regarding the exact release window. Bloys even added that the series wouldn’t be eligible for the 2024 Emmy season, indicating the next instalment will likely premiere after the eligibility period ends on May 31, 2024.

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Image: HBO

The news isn’t surprising at all, considering the second season started filming just this year, not to mention HBO’s meticulous approach is likely to see much of the production time spent in the editing room, particularly for its major money-making Game of Thrones IP. The franchise is known for its epic high-scale battles that take time to choreograph and direct, especially when there are a ton of visual effects involved. And it’s clear that HBO wants to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Shedding some light on the whole development process, Bloys said, “My philosophy is a good script is number one priority. I am not doing it based on wanting to have one a year, two a year. I want to do it based on the scripts that we’re excited about.” He went on to add, “Remember to get House of the Dragon following up from Game of Thrones, we developed a lot of shows, shot a pilot, developed a bunch of scripts and we got House of the Dragon. To do that again is going to take the same amount of effort. You have to develop a lot of things, try things. You never know what’s going to work. So we’re currently doing that. I’m not opposed to any number of shows. There’s probably a natural limit to how many fans want, but I’m open to any as long as we feel really good about the scripts and the prospects for a series.”

Bloys further mentioned that getting things right takes time and the network wants to put out content that “everybody’s really proud of and excited about.” He said, “It takes a while to get one that hits the mark. I know George (R.R. Martin) feels the same way. You want to do one that everybody’s really proud of and excited about.”

Matt Smith as Prince Daemon Targaryen in HBO's 'Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon' | Image HBO

Matt Smith as Prince Daemon Targaryen in HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon’ | Image HBO

Season two of House of the Dragon will be a big one in many aspects and even feature the famous Dance of the Dragons civil war between Alicent and Rhaenrya’s Targaryen clans. So it makes sense that the showrunners are taking their own sweet time with the whole creative process and not rushing things.

Bloys even commented on the status of Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow spin-off series, revealing that the show is still in development and there’s nothing new to share on that front. Season one of House of The Dragon debuted last year and established a record for the largest audience in HBO history for a new original series, amassing more than 20 million viewers across cable television, on-demand, and on HBO Max in the United States. The TV series is based on George R. R. Martin’s Fire & Blood novel, set 200 years before the events in Game of Thrones, revolving around the war of succession within House Targaryen.