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Disney Confirms Woody and Buzz Lightyear Will Reunite in ‘Toy Story 5’

Get your cowboy hats and space helmets ready as Woody and Buzz Lightyear will be blasting their way back onto the big screens in Toy Story 5. The highly-anticipated reunion was recently confirmed by Pete Docter, the chief creative officer at Disney Pixar, in an exclusive interview with Variety. Without giving away too many details, Docter casually dropped the bombshell, stating, “We have another “Toy Story,” so Woody and Buzz are back.”

Docter also opened up about the balance of introducing new characters while continuing beloved franchises. He said, “Right now, the world seems to want the comfort of what they know, which is sequels, and movies based on things like comic books or video games. But all of these things were original at one point. I think it’s essential for us to develop new original stories, which are harder to publicize, harder to get people excited to go see them. But I think audiences deserve it. They want to find that surprise, along with the comfort of the expectation.”

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Toy Story
Image: Disney

While specific plot details are still being kept under wraps, Woody and Buzz’s reunion news is definitely surprising, especially after the events of Toy Story 4. Woody, now living a kid-free life, ventures on his own path and joins Bo Peep as a member of a travelling carnival. On the other hand, Buzz stayed back alongside the rest of the toys.

Tim Allen, the voice of Buzz Lightyear, also teased about his involvement in the upcoming sequel. Taking to Twitter, he wrote, “See ya soon Woody, you are a sad strange little man and you have my pity. And off we go to number 5! To infinity and beyond!” However, the question remains unanswered as to whether Tom Hanks, the beloved voice of Woody throughout the previous four Toy Story films, will reprise his role or not. 

With a whopping USD $3.03 billion in global box office earnings, Toy Story has become a blockbuster franchise for Disney. As of writing, no release dates have been announced for Toy Story 5.

Disney toy story
Image: Disney

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