Succulent Chinese Meal Guy Returns

It turns out the “succulent Chinese meal” guy is alive and well, appearing in the music video for The Chat’s latest single Dine N Dash.

Rumours were this guy died back in the mid-2000s, but The Chats’ manager and crew unearthed the viral star and persuaded him to re-enact his famous arrest for their video.

The Dine N Dash video sees the Aussie pub rockers skipping out on a restaurant bill only for “Mr Democracy Manifest” to appear and spout his most famous lines.

“The song was actually about the original ‘Democracy Manifest’ video, and originally we were just going to re-create the arrest scene ourselves,’ lead singer Eamon Sandwith told Junkee. “Then our manager and video crew ended up tracking him down.”

“We were stoked to find out he was alive.”

“He turned up, had drinks with us on set, then he was gone.”

While there are still many unknowns surrounding this bloke who’s best known from his 80’s arrest video, a website recently popped up citing to know the truth.

“Here it is. Jack is still with us,” reads the website Mr Democracy Manifest.

“Jack will tell his story. Jack wants the truth to come out… and no, he was not a chef. He was not from Norway his name is not Paul Charles Dozsa, he was not a chess grandmaster and he is most definitely still alive.”

“Stay tuned. Jack, the real, legendary man from that video of his arrest we all know, love and use in memes, will tell his story soon.”

Apparently “Jack” now has an agent who can be contacted with “offers.” Because prices have increased since the 1980s, and Chinese meals don’t come cheap.

If you haven’t seen the viral video where “Jack” spouts now-iconic lines like “are you waiting to receive my limp penis?” and “I see you know your judo well,” be sure to watch it above.

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