The Chats Latest Song ‘Pub Feed’ is About as Australian as it Gets

All true blue Aussies know that there are certain things in life that are sacred. Whether it’s a mean chicken parmy, a well rolled Winnie Blue or an ice cold Green Bullet – you better not mess about while we indulge, otherwise, you might get the lot, ya dog.

Aussie band The Chats definitely have their priorities sorted. After the release of their first hit ‘Smoko’, the three lads from the Sunshine Coast quickly developed a cult status down under. Hot off touring the country for their second ep ‘Get This In Ya’, The Chats have just released a fresh new single titled ‘Pub Feed’ and yeh, their’s no prizes for guessing what the songs about.

Swimming against the stream, The Chat’s aren’t looking to create a transformative music experience that speaks not only to your emotions but to your soul. ‘Pub Feed’ is just a song about one of the finer things in life. A good f*ckin’ feed down at your local.

Have a listen and let us know what you reckon.