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What is mexican martial arts

What is ‘Mexican Martial Arts’? The Iconic & Comedic MMA YouTube Channel

Consider yourself an MMA junkie? Think you’ve got what it takes to watch cut-throat fight content? Or maybe you just need your daily fix of gags? Then roll out a red carpet for Mexican Martial Arts. This one-of-a-kind YouTube channel has made ripples worldwide for its hilarity and credibility.

Who’s the trusted granddaddy of the fight world? Dana White? Joe Rogan? Maybe even Chael Sonnen? Well, they’re just a string of honchos that aren’t worth their salt — at least in fight breakdowns & lessons. Unlike those one-trick ponies, Mexican Martial Arts is unvarnished truth with over-the-top fight analysis. Founded and presented by Jesse, aka the Grand Master, who’s celebrated for his tongue-in-cheek fight rundowns, phenomenal fight commentary, witty wordplay, caricatures and smart-assed fight lessons; all pumped out in a proverbial Latino-American accent while clad in a beanie, à la cholo, and his self-branded apparel.

So, if you’re prying to know more about Mexican Martial Arts and don’t want to live in a world where Ariel Helwani & Brendan Schaub are the chief spokespersons for MMA — let us break it down for you.

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What is ‘Mexican Martial Arts’ & Who is the ‘Grand Master of MMA’?

Mexican Martial Arts is an iconic YouTube channel dedicated to providing bona fide fight breakdowns and lessons. Founded and helmed by Jesse, the Grand Master of MMA, and often buddied by his larger-than-life cousin, and punching bag, Flaco, the channel sprung onto the scene as Voto Studios in March 2016. Its initial video broadcasted Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 1 Breakdown and featured the Grand Master sporting a beanie cholo-style and egging for Nate Diaz after defeating Conor McGregor at UFC 196. The video got the ball rolling and set the channel on foot in being a first-of-its-kind in MMA-flavoured content.

After testing the waters, the YouTuber whipped up more politically incorrect fight breakdowns, videos on how certain forms of martial arts don’t cut the mustard and satirical fight lessons. Whilst painstakingly picking up steam, it wasn’t until Khabib vs Poirier: 7 Things You Missed that his channel turned heads worldwide; amassing over 100,000 subscribers and catapulting him to stardom. The flash in the pan continued to make a splash in the fight world with his game-changing and chart-topping content by capitalising on his gift of gab.

The Grand Master is praised for unabashedly poking bears, calling out quacks, blowing the lid off any misinformation, serving up CTE-inducing one-liners, grinding out envelope-pushing fight narratives laced with not-so-subtle Easter eggs and making his often prophetic fight predictions. Swinging from strength to strength, Jesse’s upped the ante on fight rundowns; critiquing combat movies, martial arts TV series, boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, street fights, sports fights and even animal fights — ushering a fresh flavour of fight analysis to the world. But that’s not all he does. Other than his high-octane efforts, you’ll catch him taking papas (Mexican-Spanish for ‘crap’) about the throes of beef his mysterious missus Marilena saddles him with and his brushes with his hapless Tío Beto — but that’s perhaps just horseplay.

The stalwart also pays no heed to whose toes he steps on; whether it’s the light-heavyweight champion steroid-abusing criminal of the world Jon Jones, reigning Twitter champion of the world Conor McGregor, Israel Adesanya, Dana White, Joe Rogan, referees, MMA buffs or YouTubers. Coupled with his crack-up Latino-American accented spiel, exceptional rhetoric, suburban beanie, lose use of the term ‘fool’ & other Mexican-Spanish slang words as well as bent to toy with fight narratives, Jesse has chalked up an inimitable persona and channel. And as par excellence of this digital rabbit hole, the avant-garde has viewers itching for more of his juicy content.

But what distinguishes this channel from other MMA purveyors across YouTube? While Mixed Martial Arts is a middle finger to the fight industry, Mexican Martial Arts is a burning bag of sh*t. The channel has a line-up of flavours across all fight genres. As the pound-for-pound YouTuber in the world in fight lessons and over-the-top MMA content, Jesse has veritably cemented himself as the champion of truth, a people’s champ and a man of many talents: the amigo can sing, rap, fight, cook — and there’s no telling what the GOAT will dish up next in his videos.

Name: Jesse, the Grand Master of MMA (Mexican Martial Arts)
Ethnicity: Mexican-American
Years Active: 2016-present
Subscribers: Over 200,000

Fight Breakdowns & Mexican Martial Arts Lessons

In his fight rundowns, his schtick is fine combing fight footage to weave a comical narrative with a mishmash of angles. While Jesse goes balls deep into a range of fights & topics, he’s notorious for coining, and exposing, Dana White Privilege, the ungodly Gracies, and how many forms of martial arts don’t pass muster. Speaking of Dana White Privilege, let’s just say that Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to rob Mexican Martial Arts. And that’s not all who’s ripped him off (cough*, cough* MMA World).

The mastermind weighs up the pre-and post-fight press conference and octagon interviews, yielding up the full fight narrative to viewers upon his analysis — so he’s veritably an investigative journalist. But unlike this DIY journalist, a hallmark from his videos is a mouth-watering dash of conspiracy theories he cooks up on certain events in fights — but that’s just to pull viewers’ legs. Because a bit of conspiring never hurt anyone.

The ese wittily fleshes out features from before, during and after fights that are overlooked by most viewers to whip out sensational scoops. 6 Shocking Things About UFC 262 is a testament to this. With his witty wordplay, parodies, off-the-wall narratives, supernatural knack to put a plug in for sponsors and chutzpah to call out half-baked referees, half-assed fighters and half-witted MMA commentators, we can’t help but ask ourselves: “Is there anything this phenome can’t do?” Apparently not.

Fittingly to his rundowns, Jesse is versed with the wealth of folks that hop on to any martial arts bandwagon — that’s why he’s taken to Mexican Martial Arts lessons. Albeit unconventional, they’re an above-board and an insightful seminar on the myriad of fly-by-night combat sports — just ask the dis-Gracies in his BJJ Fail Breakdown: MMA vs Street Fighter. These lessons chiefly showcase the Grand Master rag dolling fighters from fight scenes before making a U-turn to his snarky fight solutions and how their martial arts flop when standing to the test.

While many YouTubers and fight fans take to fighters by dint of their ethnic background, the Grand Master considers that to be gacho (Mexican-Spanish for ‘not cool’). You’ll see him egging for a smorgasbord of lovables like Nate Diaz, Yoel Romero, Manny Pacquiao & giving kudos to Khabib Nurmagomedov; touting him as the GOAT, who’s also an eagle that fights bears.

“I don’t root for people based on their skin colour, I base it on their character”— the Grand Master of MMA.

“Me rooting for Ferguson just because I’m Mexican is like if you rooted for McGregor just because you’re an alcoholic.”

The multi-hyphenate is addedly an emphatic member of the MMA LGBTQF community (that’s Let’s Get Back to Quality Fighting), flippantly Celebrating Pride Month. So, if you’ve burned through all the top YouTube fight channels, it’ll be a good call to start your binge on the thigh-slapping and seldom-seen content of Mexican Martial Arts. And if you need help finding your feet with his content, as a belated nod to Conor McGregor’s 30th birthday, Jesse cranked out a masterpiece Conor McGregor: 30 for 30 video — detailing the UFC star’s rise to fame and shame.

Hot Ones Guest Appearance & Interview Caricatures

While exhibiting an impressive arsenal of content, Mexican Martial Arts continues to hulk in currency by bringing avant-garde content. The Grand Master has banged out some sensational interviews with esteemed sports journalists and YouTubers. In a Hot Ones interview, he revealed to Sean Evans of his channel’s unique character, his M.O, stand-on famous channels, current fads, how jaded he was with certain MMA YouTubers and his pipe dream to gain traction.

As a keyboard-cum-editing wiz, the vato continues to roll out exceptionally realistic cameos with the likes of Ariel Helwani and that dude from Bad Guy INC, Chale Chael Sonnen — and caricatures of MMA world. But the Grand Master’s instalments are squarer and more savage; flagrantly flouting the canons of fight analysis, all the while keeping it age-appropriate. Likewise, despite the sobering foul-up of the sport by MMA Youtubers and journalists who drag their feet, mince their words and draw a veil over certain matters, the Grand Master susses out the truth and zeros in on it.

Insofar as being the fight world’s most reliable news source, the Grand Master has rubbed shoulders with top MMA YouTubers; McDojoLife, Ramsey Dewey and the trio from the budding channel We Out Here MMA. But they’re all birds of a feather for another time. You’ll discern the hombre showing appreciation for the coterie in his rundowns and at times chewing the fat with them when making a guest appearance in their videos.

Mexican Fight Companion (live stream)

Jesse’s live streams are casual, in his studio-fashioned home basement, or iconic action figure-garnished piano backdrop room, and feature phenomenal commentary. While colour commentating, he, and at times a special guest, host the live stream from the walk-out, cage-side introduction, fight analyses and octagon interviews.

As far as taking the leaf out of Rogan’s podcast and reinventing the live stream wheel, the psychic can be seen making his oft-prophetic predictions, soaking up the bout and peppering fighters with his spiel on their fighting style, sportsmanship as well as other bits and bobs encompassing the fight. But unlike other MMA live streamers, the Grand Master overtly responds to subscribers’ comments with razor-sharp off-the-cuff wit and rhetorically tells fighters what to do when squaring off; like when to tap out — notably parroting: “Just go to sleep, fool. You do it every night!”

Rap Songs & MMAA (Mexican Martial Arts Appetites)

The Grand Maestro’s got bars. When he’s not crafting nifty content, he pours out his POVs when penning and choreographing rap songs. Often featuring his show-stealing cousin Flaco, his songs have him make a monkey of Dana White, cringe-worthy UFC fighters, on the cards fights and jeer at red-hot events in the MMA world.

Since Jesse does live streams for main UFC events, he tends to sink his teeth into foods with a Mexican riff that’ve piqued the taste buds of viewership. And after a flurry of inquiries, he periodically doles out videos on how to make his toothsome munchies in his Mexican Martial Arts Appetites instalments. In a recent GrandMaster class video, he schooled subscribers on the recipes for Mexican corn porn.

Patreon & Merch

In spite of the hilarity and volume of content Jesse churns out, he’s been done dirty by YouTube. His videos are shamelessly demonetised because of fight footage, and in a one-off upload where he unmasked himself, he revealed to viewers of his pickle. But to make it possible for himself to consistently bring viewers the best content, he’s put together a Patreon & YouTube Membership. Kind of like his YouTube channel, the Patreon is choc-a-block with bloopers, outtakes, behind-the-scenes & special features from his videos and lengthy uploads where he hashes out his personal life and answers to queries from members.

So, if you want to tune in to more from Mexican Martial Arts, join the Grand Master’s Patreon, YouTube Membership or hop on the bandwagon with limited-edition merch from his online shop. And if not, that’s cool, homie! Just be sure to subscribe to his channel & share his videos.

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General FAQs

What is Mexican Martial Arts?

Mexican Martial Arts is an iconic YouTube channel dedicated to providing bona fide fight breakdowns with tongue-in-cheek analysis and snarky fight lessons.

Who is the Grand Master of MMA?

The Grand Master of MMA, or Jesse, is the founder and presenter of the YouTube channel Mexican Martial Arts. He’s celebrated for his comical fight breakdowns, phenomenal fight commentary, witty wordplay, caricatures and smart-assed fight lessons; all pumped out in a proverbial Latino-American accent while clad in a cholo-style beanie and his bespoke Mexican Martial Arts apparel.

What is the difference between Mexican Martial Arts and Mixed Martial Arts?

While Mixed Martial Arts is a middle finger to the fight industry, Mexican Martial Arts is a burning bag of sh*t. And the legendary YouTube channel continues to make ripples worldwide with its hilarity and credibility.

Does the Grand Master only do fight breakdowns and lessons?

The Grand Master is a man of many talents; he can sing, rap, fight, cook and is the fight world’s most credible news source. He also does famous interviews, interview caricatures, live streams on fight events, rap songs, cooking videos, has a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Patreon and an online clothing store that retails his merch.

How does one become a member of the Mexican Martial Arts community?

To hop on the Mexican Martial Arts bandwagon, like and share the Grand Master's videos, subscribe to his channel, follow his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or purchase his limited-edition merch from his online shop. And if you are want to tune in to behind-the-scenes footage and make it possible for him to consistently bring the best content, subscribe to his Patreon/ or YouTube Membership.