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Not Bhed Good Size guy on the deck of a boat

The “Not Bhed, Good Size” Guy is Making Ads Now

It’s a tale of the little Aussie battler made good. From the humble origins of an Instagram video, an energetic young go-getter attains the slightly-less-humble status of YouTube ad star.

You may be familiar with the “Not Bhed, Good Size” guy (Translation: “Not Bad, Good Size”). If not, then welcome, friends, to the world of 21st century pop culture. This fellow was out fishing when a friend caught him on video making an assessment of his catch. Doesn’t sound promising material for a viral sensation, but the man’s charmingly individual inflection caught fire with the public. Tens of thousands of Instagram likes later and #notbhed #goodsize was trending, everyone was repeating the catchphrase to friends and family, and this simple fisherman was what passes now for a celebrity.

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Now he’s gone even further in his rise. A new ad for peer-to-peer storage startup Spacenow – as to what “peer-to-peer storage is, that’s a story for another day – features the Not Bhed dude saying “not bhed” with gusto and vigour in order to promote the exciting new storage solution.

Not only is it a great ad, it’s an inspirational story of modern-day fame and fortune. If a guy can make it big – ish – just by saying what he thinks of a fish in a somewhat idiosyncratic manner, there’s hope for all of us.

General FAQ

Where did 'Not Bhed, Good Size' come from?

The quote 'Not Bhed, Good Size' was taken from a video on the Instagram page Brown Cardigan, where an Australian fisherman with a thick accent is praising the size of his latest catch, 'Not bad, good size'.

What does 'Not Bhed, Good Size' mean?

'Not Bhed, Good Size' just means 'Not bad, good size' but written with the heavy accent of the original video.

What ad was the 'Not Bhed, Good Size' guy on?

The 'Not Bhed, Good Size' guy has appeared on an ad for Spacenow.