How to Roll Up Your Sleeves Properly

Part of becoming a grown man is learning the basics all over again. See, when you were a kid, everything you wore and how you wore it was typically centered around immediate needs or desires. Hence, if you grew too hot and didn’t know how to roll up sleeves properly, that certainly didn’t stop you from scrunching as high as you can go and rocking the look as long as you could carry it. And when those sleeves drooped back down? Well, you simply scrunched them back up again. Ahhh, the impulsive whims of youth.

But you’re grown up now and that means exploring techniques that are not just optimal, but far less sloppy looking. Among the many fundamentals you must rediscover as you pass into manhood is learning how to roll up sleeves all over again. For that, take no shame in heeding a few pointers by referring to the infographic below. It outlines how to roll up sleeves by way of three different methods, and no this isn’t one of those scrunch-er or over-fold moments. Time to roll those sleeves up and check out the infographic…on how to roll up sleeves.

cuff shirt sleeves italian cuff shirt  sleeves marine cuff shirt  sleeves

As the infographic shows, rolling up sleeves is a relatively painless artform but an artform nonetheless. And don’t think just because no one’s commending you on your top notch sleeve rolling performance that they aren’t taking notice. Rolling up sleeves is just one of those things people will only talk about when done poorly and you don’t want to be the guy who does it poorly.

Being a grown up means dressing the part, and dressing the part means scoping the hottest brands and bidding adieu to sloppy short-cuts. Show others what a big boy you’ve become by throwing on a stylish dress shirt and rolling up those sleeves like a man. Your mother will be so proud!

Source: Esquire

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