Lacoste - Netflix Collaboration

Lacoste and Netflix Collide for New Collection Built Around Your Favourite Shows

We’re picking up all kinds of iconic vibes from the new collaboration between apparel brand Lacoste and streaming giant Netflix. It launches this week and draws direct inspiration from a slew of beloved shows, including Stranger Things, Bridgerton, Money Heist, The Witcher, and Sex Education. You’ve never seen the mighty crocodile as you will here, with the signature logo adorning genderless polos, sweatshirts, caps, and tracksuits, all ripped straight out of your favourite series and its respective universe.

Thanks to a tasteful design language, meanwhile, each garment and outfit goes beyond mere fan service to become an enduring fashion statement unto itself. You don’t need to love Netflix shows to love this collection, though it certainly helps.

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Lacoste Netflix Collaboration

Lacoste x Netflix – Bridgerton | Image: Lacoste

When bringing the collection to life, Netflix gave Lacoste carte blanche to run with the ideas and styles cultivated through the imagined worlds of eight hit shows. The clothing brand decided to take things in a cultured direction to the delight of fashionistas and entertainment lovers alike. Every piece incorporates the enduring crocodile logo whilst paying simultaneous homage to classic Netflix characters, dress codes, and locations, but doesn’t go overboard to the point of cosplay. Take the Bridgerton-inspired sweatshirt, for example, which features the crocodile in an oversized wig in a nod to Queen Charlotte. Yet even without this point of reference, the garment makes for a versatile eye-catcher.

Lacoste - Netflix Collaboration

Netflix – Lacoste Stranger Things | Image: Lacoste

Over on the Stranger Things sweatshirt, the Lacoste crocodile takes on the appearance of the terrifying Demogorgon. A direct tribute to the Upside Down creature perhaps, but again, an approachable and style-conscious aesthetic persists. Other pieces feature an all-over toile de Jouy-like print as the disguised crocodile hops from one Netflix-inspired graphic to the next. By contrast, plenty of pieces dial down the visual interpretations and thereby impart subtler thematic detail, becoming all the more versatile as a result. Pick and choose at will and bolster your wardrobe accordingly.

Lacoste - Netflix Collaboration

Netflix – Lacoste Lupin | Image: Lacoste

In addition to the shows we’ve already mentioned, the Lacoste x Netflix collection pays homage to Lupin, Shadow & Bone, and Elite. Every piece strikes an expert common ground between fashion and entertainment to straddle multiple cultural worlds at once. Not just a terrific way to manifest your personal style, these genderless polos, sweatshirts, caps, and tracksuits help reconnect you with your favourite series and its thrilling iconography. And with a tasteful design language comes enhanced wearability, meaning you don’t have to watch Netflix shows to pick up on what this collaboration is throwing down. You can find it in select Lacoste stores or online through the below links:

Shop at Lacoste Shop at Netflix

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