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Yellowstone season 5

Yellowstone Season 5: Everything You Need to Know

When the Dutton family returned to the ranch with Yellowstone season five on November 14, 2022, it looked as though a grand finale was imminent. Paramount Network officially green-lit the series back in February 2022, so it was only a matter of time before the hit series made its way back to the small screen after rocking the cable, broadcast, and premium networks by bringing in an average of more than 11 million viewers each week. More than two years after that initial announcement was made, fans are still no closer to figuring out how the iconic western is planning on shutting up shop, and there’s still a long wait ahead.

Paramount Network has confirmed that Yellowstone season five part two won’t be returning to screens until November 2024. Now in its fifth season, the Kevin Costner-led ratings juggernaut has proven an international success story, but with a multitude of spin-offs and cast controversy plaguing production, the cowboy soap opera is finally coming to an end.

Yellowstone season screenshot 15
Image: Stan

Yellowstone Release Date Delay

The announcement of the Yellowstone season five part two premiere window follows months of speculation surrounding the future of the Emmy Award-winning series. Doubts over star Kevin Costner’s participation in the final season, coupled with the recently completed actors’ strike have placed the much-loved neo-Western in a precarious position. Throw in Costner’s very public divorce and reported feud with series creator Taylor Sheridan, and you start to get a picture of how the land lies.

In a statement, Australian distributor Stan has confirmed that Yellowstone season five part two will release sometime in November this year. The eight-episode first instalment of the fifth season debuted in 2022, leaving fans with more questions than answers. A series of (literal) cliffhangers and the usual over-the-top Dutton family drama kept fan interest high, compounded only by reports that star Kevin Costner was exiting the smash-hit TV series to focus on his two-part Western series Horizon: An American Saga. Thankfully, the Oscar-winner is back on board for one last round, with the second half of Yellowstone season five set to be comprised of six additional episodes releasing in November 2024.

The initial reports suggested that Horizon would conflict with Costner’s Yellowstone filming schedule, leading many to speculate the series would go on by either recasting his role or gravitating away from the character.

With news that season five part two is on the way, Paramount has confirmed that neither is happening. Instead, Yellowstone season five will likely continue to follow Costner’s John Dutton III, now Governor of Montana, as he reluctantly discovers that with great power comes a whole lot of problems.

Yellowstone season screenshot 18
Image: Stan

Yellowstone Season 5 Part One Release Date

If you haven’t already tuned in, Yellowstone season five part one returned to Stan on November 14, 2022. The news came after production house 101 Studios confirmed Yellowstone season five production had been scheduled for May, which is a remarkable turnaround time for a series as far-reaching as this.

“We are honoured to be able to bring audiences another season of Yellowstone,” Glasser said at the time. “The continued growth in viewership and the recent recognition from the guilds bolsters our commitment to continue to bring groundbreaking entertainment to audiences.”

Importantly, Yellowstone season five has been split into two parts. The first part was released on November 14, 2022 with fans left in the dark as to when the second and final instalment would hit screens. In May 2023, Glasser finally confirmed that Yellowstone season five part two would premiere in November 2024, but stopped short of revealing the exact date.

  • Yellowstone Season 5 Part 1 release date: 14 November 2022
  • Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 release date: November 2024

Yellowstone Season 5 Official Trailer

The first official trailer for Yellowstone season five gave us the best look yet at what lingering questions were likely to be answered after the season four cliffhanger. The initial look above saw John (Kevin Costner) swearing an oath over the bible, with the battle for governor of Montana between John and Jamie looking all but locked up by the former. The trailer, titled ‘Power has a Price’, promised a lot and delivered little, raising a few questions along the way. Namely, if Caroline will make good on her threat to put Beth in prison and if some long-lost characters might finally be reintroduced.

Yellowstone season screenshot 20
Image: Stan

Yellowstone Season 5 Cast

Yellowstone season five will see a vast number of fan-favourite cast members return to reprise their roles, however, season four guest stars Jen Landon and Kathryn Kelly has now been upped to series regulars. The ensemble cast now includes Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser, Kelsey Asbille, Brecken Merrill, Jefferson White, Forrie Smith, Denim Richards, Ian Bohen, Finn Little, Ryan Bingham and Gil Birmingham. A full list of the Yellowstone cast as we know it can be read below.

Who’s Returning to the Yellowstone Cast?

These are the characters that we know are returning to Yellowstone season five, some of which have been promoted to series regulars.

  • Josh Lucas as John Dutton.
  • Kylie Rogers as Beth.
  • Kyle Red Silverstein as Rip.
  • Jacki Weaver returns as the Duttons’ latest business foe, Market Equities CEO Caroline Warner.
  • Jen Landon as Teeter.
  • Kathryn Kelly plays Jimmy’s fiancée Emily.
  • Mo Brings Plenty as Mo.
  • Wendy Moniz as Dinah Marler.
  • The whole bunkhouse will also be back, including Forrie J. Smith, Denim Richards, Ian Bohen and Ryan Bingham.

Who’s New to the Yellowstone Cast?

There are some new faces appearing on the ranch in Season 5, four to be exact, including.

  • Kai Caster as a young cowboy named Rowdy
  • Lainey Wilson who plays a musician named Abby.
  • Lilli Kai as an assistant of the Duttons named Clara Brewer.
  • Dawn Olivieri who joins the cast as Sarah Atwood, a determined corporate shark.

Behind the camera, co-creator  Taylor Sheridan is back on board to lead the series, despite having an awfully full plate. The Oscar-nominated screenwriter has been racking up duties across Hollywood, from directing Sylvester Stallone in the mob mafia series Tulsa King to any one of the many Yellowstone prequels and spinoffs currently in development, however, he’s confirmed the original Dutton story is his baby.

Executive producers John Linson, Art Linson, Kevin Costner, David C. Glasser, Bob Yari and Stephen Kay will also join Sheridan behind the lens. Look for more names to be added to this list as information unravels closer to the series release.

Yellowstone season screenshot 19
Image: Stan

Yellowstone Season 5 Plot

If you are not up to date with the past 4 seasons, the Yellowstone story follows the trials and tribulations of the Dutton family who control the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the United States. There are lots of conflicts, shifting alliances and murders littered in the series, all taking place in the rapidly expanding town that is being built up by billionaires.

At the end of the fourth season, the Duttons were left in a fairly strong position, but Yellowstone season five is set to reveal the family’s deepest and darkest secrets. We will find out what happens after Jamie confronts his biological father Garrett Randall, finally getting to avenge the Dutton attack and ultimately choosing John over Garrett.

“The Dutton story continues, picking up where Yellowstone leaves off in another epic tale. We are thrilled to bring this new journey to audiences around the world,” said David Glasser, CEO of 101 Studios earlier this year.

While Glasser stopped short of revealing any official story details for Yellowstone season five part two, it’s likely that the second half will resume precisely where we last left our characters. The midseason finale ended with members of the Dutton family entering into an all-out war with one another.

We see Jamie making his intentions clear that he wants to dethrone John from the governor’s office and the final episode saw him plotting his sister Beth’s slaying with the help of Sarah. With a feud brewing between the family members, it appears the Dutton hierarchy is in for a big shake-up and there’s nothing anyone can do to prevent it.

1 yellowstone season 5
Image: Paramount Network

The Success of Yellowstone as a Franchise

In the US, Yellowstone has found its footing during a particularly turbulent time for the entertainment industry. The record-breaking season four premiere garnered over 14 million total viewers, with the most recent finale delivering over 15 million. It’s a similar story across the globe. Here in Australia, Yellowstone is available on Stan, which has enjoyed the fruits of creator Taylor Sheridan’s blockbuster since the first season. With a fifth instalment officially heading Downunder, the jewel in Stan’s crown remains intact.

“Yellowstone’s record-breaking performance proves we’ve tapped a cultural nerve and unleashed a passionate audience from the centre of the country to each of the coasts… Kevin Costner leads our incredible cast who make the Duttons America’s favourite family and, this new season is sure to be another one fans won’t want to miss,” said Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of ViacomCBS Media Networks.

Sheridan’s original drama series chronicles the sordid lives of the Dutton family, led by Costner’s stoic hero John Dutton. As the patriarch for the family, John controls the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the United States, however, shifting alliances, unsolved murders and open wounds threaten to derail the family’s foundations. Worst of all, the ranch is in constant conflict with those it borders, from the ever-expanding town to a Native-American reservation.

Harrison Ford
Image: Dreamworks Pictures

Yellowstone Chapters are Expanding

It’s true, not only is Yellowstone about to release its final season, but Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan has expanded the much-loved show on Paramount+ with two prequels.

Yellowstone Prequel 1923

The Yellowstone prequel previously titled 1932, now 1923, follows the Dutton family through another expansion period in U.S. history – the Great Depression era of the early 1920s. The series will star Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford, where you’ll see their characters along with the rest of the ranch struggle through drought, cattle theft and lawlessness. Sounds like a wild ride, and if you’re looking for more information about Yellowstone prequel 1923 check out our feature article below.

Yellowstone Prequel 1923

Yellowstone Prequel 1883

The Yellowstone prequel 1883 stars Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and Sam Elliott and takes us back to 125 years before Yellowstone, showing us the birth of the Dutton family and their legacy. The word around town is that Sheridan is in the process of signing off a deal for an in-development spinoff, which is currently operating under the working title 6666. Whilst no date has been announced for its debut, it’s predicted it will be set in the modern day, on the historic 6666 Ranch in West Texas. Check out the trailer and our feature article explainer about Yellowstone prequel 1883 via the links below.

Yellowstone Prequel 1883 Trailer

Catch Up on Yellowstone Season 4

If you’re new to the Yellowstone world or need a recap on the previous season, have all your Yellowstone season four questions answered in our article on the Yellowstone season 4 trailer.

For more information on the Yellowstone season series including steaming quality and ratings, consult the website linked below.

Check it out

Yellowstone Season 5 FAQs

When is Yellowstone Season 5 releasing in Australia?

Yellowstone season 5 is releasing in Australia in two parts. Part one premiered on Stan on November 14, 2022, however, no official release date has been set for ‘Yellowstone’ season 5 part two.

Is there a Season 5 of Yellowstone?

Yes, production house 101 Studios has confirmed Yellowstone season 5 will return on November 14, 2022 with the first instalment in a two-part final season.

What did the Yellowstone Season 5 trailer preview?

he trailer is titled ‘Power has a Price’, and promises more than it delivers. Namely asking the question if Caroline will make good on her threat to put Beth in prison and if some long-lost characters might finally be reintroduced.

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