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Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds in 'Welcome to Wrexham: Season 2' (2023) | Image: Disney+

New on Disney+ in September 2023

The Disney empire appears to be in a state of perpetual turmoil these days and we’re never quite sure how that’s going to play out. In the meantime, Disney+ keeps moving forward with new releases big and small, so get this stuff while it’s both hot and available. For the month of September, the streaming service is bringing viewers a major tentpole film, new episodes of the latest Star Wars miniseries, new seasons of popular shows, and much more. Here’s everything new on Disney+ in September.

New Movies on Disney+

One of the best reasons to subscribe to Disney+ is to gain access to fresh movies straight out of the theatres (which isn’t to mention the vast back catalogue of titles). Last month brought us Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and this month we get a live-action version of a classic fantasy tale. Read on for details.

The Little Mermaid

Here we have the latest in a long (and dare we say tiresome) line of live-action adaptations from the House of Mouse. Multi-hyphenate Halle Bailey plays the mermaid Ariel, who dwells under the sea but dreams of living on land with the handsome Prince Eric (Jonah Hauer-King). To make the dream a reality, she strikes up a Faustian bargain with the evil sea witch Ursula (Melissa McCarthy). Tune in to see what happens next… presuming you haven’t watched the original version a dozen times already.

Release Date: 6 September

New Series on Disney+

Disney+ is releasing a generous bounty of new shows, episodes, and seasons this month. Here are some highlights.

Ahsoka: Season 1

This new Star Wars miniseries spins off from The Mandalorian and takes place after the fall of the Galactic Empire. With a new threat on the horizon, former Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) springs into action. According to critics, this one achieves a solid balance between retro style and modern sensibility, making it a must-watch for franchise fans.

Release Date: Weekly from 22 August

The Kardashians: Season 4

Speaking of cultural juggernauts that refuse to go away, a new season of The Kardashians arrives this September. Follow America’s most over-exposed celebrity family as they deal with various dramas both in the public spotlight and behind the scenes (which is still the public spotlight if you catch our drift). Roll your eyes if you must, but we know you’ll be watching every episode. Don’t worry—it can be our little secret.

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Release Date: 28 September

FX’s Welcome to Wrexham: Season 2

This beloved docuseries is an underdog sports story, minus the guaranteed happy ending. It chronicles the purchase of the world’s third-oldest professional football team by Hollywood icons Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds and doubles as a document of working-class life in North Wales. In the second season, the 5th-tier Red Dragons continue to fight their way up the ranks with the goal (no pun intended) of joining the English Football League. Don’t miss it.

Release Date: 13 September

The Other Black Girl

Adapted from the bestselling novel, this upcoming series puts a suspenseful twist on modern themes of race and office politics. As the only Black girl at a powerful NYC publishing house, editorial assistant Nella (Sinclair Daniel) is elated by the arrival of another Black girl named Hazel (Ashleigh Murray). What should be a story of companionship becomes one of competition instead and that’s just one of the sinister surprises in store.

Release Date: 13 September

I Am Groot: Season 2

A character of few words perhaps, but Baby Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel) is up to all kinds of entertaining antics in this animated series. It unfolds in bite-sized episodes and follows the talking tree on assorted misadventures of the intergalactic variety.

Release Date: 6 September

New Disney+ Documentaries

Who doesn’t love a good documentary or docuseries? Here are some real-life stories coming your way on Disney+ this September.

Demons and Saviors: Season 1

This docuseries examines a case of small-town murder and the “mob mentality” of America’s justice system. Witness the trial and incarceration of Christina Boyer, an abuse victim accused of murdering her own child when her boyfriend was the likely culprit. Unlike other true crime stories, this one reportedly gives equal screen time to the prosecution so as to offer a balanced account of the ordeal.

Release Date: 6 September

Betrayal: The Perfect Husband: Season 1

Jen Faison thought she found the perfect husband in high school teacher Spencer Herron, only to realise she’d married a monster. As revelations of bald-faced lies, affairs, and sexual assault come to light, a web of deceit unravels before the viewer’s very eyes.

Release Date: 13 September

Everything Coming to Disney+ in September 2023

Are you still not entertained?! Fret not because Disney+ is releasing plenty of other content this September. Here’s a full list.

  • The Jewel Thief – 1/9/23
  • The Three Detectives: Season 1 – 6/9/23
  • Demons and Saviors: Season 1 – 6/9/23
  • Praise Petey: Season 1 – 6/9/23
  • Reply 1988: Season 1 – 6/9/23
  • I Am Groot: Season 2 – 6/9/23
  • The Little Mermaid – 6/9/23
  • Master & Apprentice: A Special Look at Ahsoka – 8/9/23
  • The Barn Dance – 8/9/23
  • Playful Pluto – 8/9/23
  • Mickey’s Kangaroo – 8/9/23
  • Bone Trouble – 8/9/23
  • Pluto, Junior – 8/9/23
  • Merbabies – 8/9/23
  • Animals Up Close with Bertie Gregory: Season 1 – 13/9/23
  • Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – 13/9/23
  • Betrayal: The Perfect Husband: Season 1 – 13/9/23
  • Han River Police: Season 1 – 13/9/23
  • PHOENIX: EDEN17: Season 1 – 13/9/23
  • The Butterman: Season 1 – 13/9/23
  • The Other Black Girl – 13/9/23
  • FX’s Welcome to Wrexham: Season 2 – 13/9/23
  • Lang Lang Plays Disney – 15/9/23
  • Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of Secret Invasion – 20/9/23
  • L-Pop: Season 1 – 20/9/23
  • This Fool: Season 2 – 20/9/23
  • The D’Amelio Show: Season 3 – 20/9/23
  • Irresistible: Season 1 – 20/9/23
  • Pretty Freekin Scary: Season 1 – 20/9/23
  • Reply 1994: Season 1 – 20/9/23
  • No One Will Save You – 21/9/23
  • Likes for Sale: Season 1 – 21/9/23
  • All the Same…or Not: Season 2 – 27/9/23
  • The Worst of Evil: Season 1 – 27/9/23
  • Reply 1997: Season 1 – 27/9/23
  • The Kardashians: Season 4 – 28/9/23
  • Beautiful, FL – 29/9/23
  • Project CC – 29/9/23
  • Maxine – 29/9/23
  • The Ghost – 29/9/23
  • The Roof – 29/9/23
  • Black Belts – 29/9/23

New on Disney+ FAQs

What new movies are coming to Disney+ in September 2023?

This September, Disney+ will release the new live-action version of A Little Mermaid, among other movies.

What new series are coming to Disney+ in September 2023?

This September, Disney+ will release the new show The Other Black Girl, new episodes of Ahsoka, a new season of Welcome to Wrexham, and more.

What new documentaries are coming to Disney+ in September 2023?

This September, Disney+ will release the true crime docuseries Demons and Saviors, among other titles.

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