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Claudine Auger in a black swimsuit sitting on lap of Sean Connery in a chair

A Look at Every Single Bond Girl Through Time

The 007 film franchise has come a long way since 1962 and our list of all the James Bond girls is accordingly diverse. That said, at least one thing has never changed over the course of 5+ decades and 20+ official entries: pretty much every official Bond girl (and the actress who plays her) goes easy on the eyes. Of course, beauty standards have evolved over the years and the Bond films have too. As such, any list of all the James Bond girls doubles as a historical survey, providing an overview of various shifting trends.

Meanwhile, outright attractiveness isn’t the only consistent Bond girl motif. For example, a number of Bond women first appear as allies or sexual interests before revealing themselves to be double agents and femme fatales. In turn, audiences have learned to be cautious when meeting a new Bond girl, who could very well turn out to be Agent 007’s final undoing. Then we have the “sacrificial lambs,” i.e. those who make the mistake of getting too close to the superspy and end up getting killed as a result.

When Daniel Craig tackled the role of James Bond, the franchise made some radical shifts in its depiction of women. For example, it introduced Dame Judi Dench as M, Bond’s superior and the head of MI6. Representing another benchmark, 2006’s “Casino Royale” was the first film in over 35 years to have Bond openly professing his love for a woman. That woman was Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) and she played a vital role in both “Casino Royale” and its follow-up, “Quantum of Solace.”

The upcoming Bond film, “No Time to Die,” will continue to reposition the role of women within the iconic franchise. To ensure as much, “Fleabag” creator and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge was brought on to co-write the screenplay. With her help, Daniel Craig’s Bond keeps his romantic streak alive, reportedly marrying Dr. Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux). Showing just how far both society and the franchise has come, Swann retains her maiden name.

No matter where the series goes from here, odds are it will hang tight to one of its foremost traditions (even if that means introducing “Bond men” somewhere down the road). Today, we honour that tradition with a list of all the James Bond girls (and actresses). Starting with the first Bond girl and ending with the latest, here we go.

1. Dr. No (1962)

Ursula Andress in a swimsuit holding seashells by the beach
Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder | Image: United Artists

Honey Ryder

Actress: Ursula Andress

Long before Halle Berry emerged from the water in a head-turning bikini, a seashell-slinger named Honey Ryder did the very same thing. Played by European starlet Ursula Andress, the fiercely independent character set a precedent by wrapping brains, beauty, and an element of danger into one iconic package. To this day, many refer to Ryder as the first Bond girl.

Eunice Gayson in a red dress with her hands intertwined
Eunice Gayson as Sylvia Trench | Image: United Artists

Sylvia Trench

Actress: Eunice Gayson

Considered the “other” first Bond girl, Sylvia Trench appears in the opening scene of “Dr No” and sticks around for both this film and its follow-up, “From Russia with Love.” As Bond’s love interest, she gets left in the lurch every time he gets called away on a mission. So goes the life of a superspy’s girlfriend.

Zena Marshall holding a telephone
Zena Marshall as Miss Taro | Image: United Artists

Miss Taro

Actress: Zena Marshall

Working for Dr No, the lovely Miss Taro attempts to lure Agent 007 into a deadly trap. Sensing danger, Bond quickly turns the tables on both his seductress and her boss. Miss Taro was the first of many femme fatales to cross paths with Agent 007.

2. From Russia with Love (1963)

Daniela Bianchi in a blue dress holding her hair
Daniela Bianchi as Tatiana Romanova | Image: United Artists

Tatiana Romanova

Actress: Daniela Bianchi

Originally hired to seduce and unwittingly betray Bond, Soviet agent Tatiana Romanova ends up helping him instead. A short-lived romance ensues.

Aliza Gur in a sexy outfit looking at camera
Aliza Gur as Vida | Image: Popperfoto


Actress: Aliza Gur

Representing one of the early franchise’s many anachronisms, a gypsy named Vida (played by Israeli actress Aliza Gur) engages in a brutal catfight over a man. When Connery’s Bond breaks up the fight, his reward is to spend some quality time with both participants.

Martine Beswick in a seductive pose
Martine Beswick as Zora | Image: Popperfoto


Actress: Martine Beswick

The other gypsy involved in the catfight is Zora, who’s ready and willing to die for her man. Actress Martine Beswick (who was accidentally credited as Martin Beswick during the opening title sequence) would later appear as Bond girl Paula Caplan in 1965’s “Thunderball.”

3. Goldfinger

Honor Blackman holding a gun
Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore | Image: George Konig

Pussy Galore

Actress: Honor Blackman

No list of Bond girls is complete without Pussy Galore, whose tawdry name is too NSFW to Google. Ripped straight from the pages of Ian Fleming’s original novel, she’s the leader of a female aviation group and one of Goldfinger’s top henchwomen. After Bond basically forces himself upon her, she eventually caves and then switches sides. Suffice it to say, everything surrounding this character has aged poorly.

Shirley Eaton in her underwear holding a nail file
Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterson | Image: Danjaq

Jill Masterson

Actress: Shirley Eaton

One of the most iconic scenes in “Goldfinger” involves the assassination of this Bond girl, who’s sprawled across the bed and covered head to toe in gold paint. Her fatal mistake? Helping Bond, naturally.

Tania Mallet inside a car
Tania Mallet as Tilly Masterson | Image: United Artists

Tilly Masterson

Actress: Tania Mallet

Seeking revenge for her sister’s death, Tilly Masterson tries to take out Goldfinger on two separate occasions. After both failed attempts, she gets killed by Oddjob and his deadly steel-rimmed hat.

Greyscale image of Nadja Regin in a bath tub
Nadja Regin as Bonita | Image: Getty Images


Actress: Nadja Regin

In the pre-title sequence of “Goldfinger,” Bond is taking care of some “unfinished business” when he walks in on Bonita while she’s taking a bath. As it turns out, this Bond girl has some unfinished business of her own.

4. Thunderball

Claudine Auger in the water
Claudine Auger as Domino Derval | Image: Danjaq

Domino Derval

Actress: Claudine Auger

Another early Bond film means another woman who simply can’t resist his advances. This time around, that woman is Domino Derval, who betrays SPECTRE Agent Emilio Largo after an underwater encounter with Agent 007.

Martine Beswick in a bikini apprehended by men in wetsuits
Martine Beswick as Paula Caplan | Image: Apic

Paula Caplan

Actress: Martine Beswick

You might recognise Bond girl actress Martine Beswick from her previous appearance as a catfighting gypsy in “From Russia with Love.” Here, she plays Paula Caplan, who helps Bond in his mission and then meets with an untimely demise.

Luciana Paluzzi holding a rifle
Luciana Paluzzi as Fiona Volpe | Image: United Artists

Fiona Volpe

Actress: Luciana Paluzzi

Bond quite literally flirts with danger when he beds this SPECTRE assassin, who later gets killed during a clever dance sequence.

Molly Peters with Sean Connery
Molly Peters as Patricia “Pat” Fearing | Image: United Artists

Patricia “Pat” Fearing

Actress: Molly Peters

While recovering from a hangover and subsequent assassination attempt, Bond earns the affection of this sexy and sympathetic nurse. A steamy fling follows.

Maryse Guy Mitsouko with Sean Connery
Maryse Guy Mitsouko as Mademoiselle La Porte | Image: United Artists

Mademoiselle La Porte

Actress: Maryse Guy Mitsouko

Given her all-too-brief appearance as a French liaison, Mademoiselle La Porte barely qualifies as a Bond girl. We’ll put her name on the list anyway!

5. You Only Live Twice

Karin Dor in a yellow top and white skirt
Karin Dor as Helga Brandt | Image: United Artists

Helga Brandt

Actress: Karin Dor

After seducing Bond, this sultry SPECTRE henchwoman fails to kill him the next morning. As punishment, she’s dropped into a pool of deadly piranhas. It’s one heck of a way to go.

Akiko Wakabayashi in a kimono
Akiko Wakabayashi as Aki | Image: United Artists


Actress: Akiko Wakabayashi

A top agent for the Japanese secret service, Aki saves Bond’s life a few times and eventually dies as a result, thereby fulfilling the “sacrificial lamb” archetype.

Mie Hama in a bikini holding a fish net
Mie Hama as Kissy Suzuki | Image: United Artists

Kissy Suzuki

Actress: Mie Hama

Bond goes undercover as a Japanese fisherman and stages a mock wedding with this poorly named Bond girl, who happens to be a ninja. Yeah, times have definitely changed since the early Bond films.

Tsai Chin in a green top
Tsai Chin as Ling | Image: United Artists


Actress: Tsai Chin

Speaking of things that films can no longer get away with, “You Only Live Twice” opens with Bond and Ling in bed, where he ponders the taste of Chinese girls. Yikes.

6. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Diana Rigg pointing a gun at George Lazenby
Diana Rigg as Teresa di Vicenzo | Image: Danjaq

Teresa di Vicenzo

Actress: Diana Rigg

This beautiful contessa was the first Mrs. Bond and, therefore, one of the franchise’s most important characters. Unfortunately, she gets assassinated by SPECTRE on the day of her wedding.

Angela Scoular with her back exposed
Angela Scoular as Ruby Bartlett | Image: United Artists

Ruby Bartlett

Actress: Angela Scoular

SPECTRE leader Ernst Stavro Blofeld and his righthand woman Irma Bunt have numerous Bond girls up their proverbial sleeves, including this one. While under hypnosis, Ruby leads Bond into the clutches of the enemy.

Catherine Schell holding a stick
Catherine Schell as Nancy | Image: United Artists


Actress: Catherine Schell

As one of the only males in a Swiss clinic, George Lazenby’s Bond draws all kinds of female attention. Who is Nancy to resist?

7. Diamonds are Forever

Jill St. John wearing lingerie
Jill St. John as Tiffany Case | Image: United Artists

Tiffany Case

Actress: Jill St. John

After Bond saves her life, diamond smuggler Tiffany Case abandons SPECTRE to start playing for the good guys. With her help, Bond takes down Blofeld once and for all.

Lana Wood in a violet dress looking at a man
Lana Wood as Plenty O’Toole | Image: Danjaq

Plenty O’Toole

Actress: Lana Wood

In the early Bond films, cheesy and highly suggestive names simply came with the territory. Enter Plenty O’Toole, a gold-digging Bond girl who gets thrown out of a window by mobsters.

Lola Larson lifted by a man
Lola Larson as Bambi | Image: Maritius Images


Actress: Lola Larson

One of two gymnastic bodyguards, Bambi helps keep Willard Whyte prisoner in his Las Vegas villa.

Trina Parks in a bikini
Trina Parks as Thumper | Image: United Artists


Actress: Trina Parks

Introducing the other gymnastic bodyguard: Thumper. When Bond arrives at the villa, he squares off against both women and their formidable martial arts skills.

Denise Perrier in a bikini
Denise Perrier as Marie | Image: United Artists


Actress: Denise Perrier

Using her bra as a weapon, Bond squeezes vital information out of the lovely Marie.

8. Live and Let Die

Jane Seymour wearing fancy makeup and red outfit
Jane Seymour as Solitaire | Image: United Artists


Actress: Jane Seymour

Among all the early Bond girl actresses, Jane Seymour went on to have one of the biggest careers. In “Live and Let Die”, she plays Solitaire, a psychic tarot card reader who loses her unique powers after making love to Bond.

Gloria Hendry holding a gun
Gloria Hendry as Rosie Carver | Image: United Artists

Rosie Carver

Actress: Gloria Hendry

Bond girl Rosie Carver presents herself as a CIA agent, but she’s secretly working for drug kingpin Dr. Kanaga. That can only lead to one thing: death by scarecrow.

Madeline Smith in a blue dress beside a man
Madeline Smith as Miss Caruso | Image: Mirrorpix

Miss Caruso

Actress: Madeline Smith

The Italian secret service is missing one of its top agents, Miss Caruso. As it turns out, she’s been hiding in Bond’s bed.

9. The Man with the Golden Gun

Britt Ekland holding a gun
Britt Ekland as Mary Goodnight | Image: United Artists

Mary Goodnight

Actress: Britt Ekland

Swedish bombshell Britt Ekland plays Mary Goodnight, Bond’s secretary and travelling assistant. She and Bond miraculously avoid a romantic tryst, though it’s not for a lack of trying.

Maud Adams in a white dress
Maud Adams as Andrea Anders | Image: Eon Productions

Andrea Anders

Actress: Maud Adams

Assassin Francisco Scaramanga is the man with the golden gun, even if that sounds like a pet name for Bond himself. Scaramanga’s girlfriend is Andrea Anders, who betrays him and then suffers the ultimate fate. This was the first of two appearances by Maud Adams, who later starred as a different Bond girl in “Octopussy.”

Carmen du Sautoy in a dancer outfit
Carmen du Sautoy as Saida | Image: Eon Productions


Actress: Carmen du Sautoy

Hoping to find out what happened to a fellow MI6 agent, Bond visits the agent’s lover, a Lebanese belly dancer named Saida.

Francoise Therry in the pool
Francoise Therry as Chew Mee | Image: Thunderballs

Chew Mee

Actress: Francoise Therry

In case you were wondering, the campy Bond girl names were alive and well in 1974. For proof, look no further than Chew Mee, played by Francoise Therry. Oh, and let’s not forget about her occasional suitor, Hai Fat.

10. The Spy Who Loved Me

Barbara Bach in a white shirt underneath green jacket
Barbara Bach as Anya Amasova | Image: Danjaq

Anya Amasova

Actress: Barbara Bach

Her official Bond girl name was Anya Amasova, but she also went by the code-name ‘Triple X.’ She sits next to Roger Moore’s Bond inside a Lotus Espirit during a gripping car chase sequence. Meanwhile, the actress playing her would go on to marry a Beatle. What more do you need to know?

Sue Vanner and James Bond actor inside a log cabin
Sue Vanner as Log Cabin Girl | Image: United Artists

Log Cabin Girl

Actress: Sue Vanner

“But James, I need you,” says Log Cabin Girl as Bond gets up to leave. “So does England,” he replies. With that, he’s out the door and she’s on the radio, revealing herself as a secret KGB agent.

Caroline Munro in a bikini
Caroline Munro as Naomi | Image: United Artists


Actress: Caroline Munro

Working for Bond enemy Karl Stromberg probably means you’re going to blow up in a helicopter before the movie ends…and that’s exactly what happens to poor Naomi.

Olga Bisera in a fancy dress
Olga Bisera as Felicca | Image: United Artists


Actress: Olga Bisera

After being hired to seduce Agent 007, Felicca ends up falling for the spy and fulfilling the role of “sacrificial lamb.” You know what that means: “Bye, Felicca!”

11. Moonraker

Lois Chiles in a black and yellow costume
Lois Chiles as Holly Goodhead | Image: Danjaq

Holly Goodhead

Actress: Lois Chiles

Her name is Holly Goodhead and she narrowly avoids an explosion involving rockets. Have we fulfilled our innuendo quota yet?

Corinne Cléry with James Bond actor
Corinne Cléry as Corinne Dufour | Image: United Artists

Corinne Dufour

Actress: Corinne Cléry

After sleeping with Bond, Corinne shares vital information about Hugo Drax and then gets killed by a pack of wild dogs. Sounds about right.

Emily Bolton in a white beach dress
Emily Bolton as Manuela | Image: PictureLux


Actress: Emily Bolton

Manuela mixes Bond a vodka martini in his hotel suite. After shaking and not stirring, she helps him locate one of Drax’s warehouses, where the assassin Jaws awaits.

Leila Shenna with James Bond actor
Leila Shenna as Private Jet Hostess | Image: United Artists

Private Jet Hostess

Actress: Leila Shenna

In the pre-title sequence, Bond is aboard a private jet and on the last leg (both literally and figuratively) of his latest mission. It’s a leisurely trip until the hostess pulls out a gun and reveals herself as the enemy. Soon enough, Bond is soaring through the air without a parachute.

12. For Your Eyes Only

Carole Bouquet holding a crossbow
Carole Bouquet as Melina Havelock | Image: Sunset Boulevard

Melina Havelock

Actress: Carole Bouquet

After her parents are assassinated by a hitman, Melina tracks the perpetrator down and kills him with a crossbow. Eventually, she teams up with Bond to find the person who ordered the hit.

Lynn-Holly Johnson in skiwear
Lynn-Holly Johnson as Bibi Dahl | Image: United Artists

Bibi Dahl

Actress: Lynn-Holly Johnson

Professional skater Lynn-Holly Johnson starred as Bibi Dahl, who also happens to skate for a living. Despite her many attempts to woo Bond, he turns her down due to her young age.

Cassandra Harris in a white nightgown
Cassandra Harris as Countess Lisl von Schlaf | Image: Keith Hamshere

Countess Lisl von Schlaf

Actress: Cassandra Harris

Greek smuggler Milos Columbo has a mistress and her name is Countess Lisl von Schlaf. She spends the night with Bond and then meets a tragic fate, like so many before her.

13. Octopussy

Maud Adams in a white robe
Maud Adams as Octopussy | Image: MGM


Actress: Maud Adams

With a title like “Octopussy,” you’d think this instalment was a list of Bond girls unto itself. Instead, it’s a relatively standard—albeit blatantly cheeky—entry in the franchise. At the heart of the film is the title character, who operates a floating palace of female acrobats. Actress Maud Adams had previously appeared as a different Bond girl in “The Man with the Golden Gun.”

Kristina Wayborn in a black see-through robe
Kristina Wayborn as Magda | Image: MGM


Actress: Kristina Wayborn

Octopussy’s righthand woman is Magda, who’s ordered to sleep with Bond.

Tina Hudson driving a car
Tina Hudson as Bianca | Image: MGM


Actress: Tina Hudson

When Bond gets captured during a mission, it’s MI6 Agent Bianca and her superb driving skills to the rescue.

14. A View to a Kill

Tanya Roberts holding a gun
Tanya Roberts as Stacey Sutton | Image: Keith Hamshere

Stacey Sutton

Actress: Tanya Roberts

Actress Tanya Roberts starred in the final season of “Charlie’s Angels” before landing the role of wealthy Bond girl Stacey Sutton. After pointing a shotgun at Bond, she learns to trust him and eventually helps him take down Max Zorin.

Grace Jones with another actor
Grace Jones as May Day | Image: Danjaq

May Day

Actress: Grace Jones

If May Day is one of the most iconic Bond girl names, it’s thanks to actress Grace Jones. After trying to kill Bond multiple times, she gets double-crossed by Zorin and then switches sides.

Mary Stövin driving
Mary Stövin as Kimberley Jones | Image: MGM

Kimberley Jones

Actress: Mary Stövin

In the infamous pre-title sequence, Bond snowboards down a mountain and evades all sorts of obstacles before arriving at a cleverly concealed boat. Waiting on board is fellow MI6 Agent Kimberley Jones with caviar and a bottle of vodka. All those near-death experiences were totally worth it.

Fiona Fullerton taking a bath with James Bond actor
Fiona Fullerton as Pola Ivanova | Image: MGM

Pola Ivanova

Actress: Fiona Fullerton

Bond and KGB Agent Pola Ivanova hit up the spa and slip into the hot tub for a night of steamy deception.

15. The Living Daylights

Maryam d’Abo playing a cello
Maryam d’Abo as Kara Milovy | Image: Danjaq

Kara Milovy

Actress: Maryam d’Abo

Timothy Dalton’s Bond finds a friend in Kara Milovy, but only after deciding not to kill her.

Kell Tyler with a male actor
Kell Tyler as Linda | Image: Danjaq


Actress: Kell Tyler

Bored of “playboys and tennis pros,” socialite Linda pines for a “real man” while aboard a yacht. On cue, Bond arrives by way of smoldering parachute. He joins her for champagne and perhaps some extracurricular activities.

16. Licence to Kill

Carey Lowell in a swimsuit
Carey Lowell as Pam Bouvier | Image: Thunderballs

Pam Bouvier

Actress: Carey Lowell

An ex-army pilot and CIA informant, Pam Bouvier flies Bond to Isthmus City and adopts the guise of his executive secretary. Eventually, the two strike up a romance.

Talisa Soto looking at camera
Talisa Soto as Lupe Lamora | Image: Danjaq

Lupe Lamora

Actress: Talisa Soto

After crossing paths on more than one occasion, Bond forces Lupe to take him to drug kingpin Franz Sanchez. She later makes a pass at Bond, but alas, his heart belongs to Pam Bouvier…for this one movie.

17. Goldeneye

Famke Janssen holding a gun
Famke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp | Image: Getty Images

Xenia Onatopp

Actress: Famke Janssen

When Pierce Brosnan stepped into the role of Agent 007, it spawned a new wave of high-profile Bond girl names and actresses. That included Famke Janssen and her on-screen counterpart Xenia Onatopp, henchwoman for rogue agent Alec Trevelyan.

Izabella Scorupco in a bikini
Izabella Scorupco as Natalya Simonova | Image: Danjaq

Natalya Simonova

Actress: Izabella Scorupco

After narrowly escaping death at the hands of Xenia Onatopp, Natalya uses her computer skills to help Bond in his mission.

Serena Gordon driving a car
Serena Gordon as Caroline | Image: United Artists


Actress: Serena Gordon

MI6 psychologist Caroline gets more than she bargained for when joining Bond for a ride in his Aston Martin DB5. A near brush with death doesn’t stop her from quickly yielding to Bond’s advances.

18. Tomorrow Never Dies

Michelle Yeoh with James Bond actor
Michelle Yeoh as Wai Lin | Image: Keith Hamshere

Wai Lin

Actress: Michelle Yeoh

Actress Michelle Yeoh was a Hong Kong action star by the time she starred as Wai Lin, who teams up with Bond to bring down crazed media mogul Elliot Carver.

Teri Hatcher drinking with James Bond actor
Teri Hatcher as Paris Carver | Image: Danjaq

Paris Carver

Actress: Teri Hatcher

Playing a different sort of desperate housewife, Teri Hatcher tackles the role of Paris Carver, former Bond flame and spouse to Elliot Carver. Upon selling out her husband, Carver’s fate as sacrificial lamb is more or less sealed.

Cecilie Thomsen naked on a bed
Cecilie Thomsen as Professor Inga Bergstrom | Image: Danjaq

Professor Inga Bergstrom

Actress: Cecilie Thomsen

Bond is “just brushing up on a little Danish” when he slips under the sheets with Professor Inga Bergstrom, who teaches Danish at Oxford University.

19. The World is Not Enough

Denise Richards in a tank top
Denise Richards as Dr. Christmas Jones | Image: Rex Features

Dr. Christmas Jones

Actress: Denise Richards

Amongst Bond girl names and actresses, who can forget Dr. Christmas Jones, as portrayed by Denise Richards? The world’s most unlikely nuclear physicist, Jones helps Bond unravel a sinister scheme. Talk about brains and beauty!

Sophie Marceau in a violet dress
Sophie Marceau as Elektra King | Image: Rex Features

Elektra King

Actress: Sophie Marceau

Suffering from a nasty case of neglect, wealthy heiress Elektra King kills her father and then tries to blow up Instanbul. Legendary French actress and filmmaker Sophie Marceau tackles the role.

Serena Scott Thomas facing James Bond actor
Serena Scott Thomas as Dr. Molly Warmflash | Image: MGM

Dr. Molly Warmflash

Actress: Serena Scott Thomas

The franchise had come a long way since the days of Pussy Galore, but cheeky Bond girl names persisted. That brings us to Dr. Molly Warmflash, who tells Bond he better call her after they sleep together.

20. Die Another Day

Halle Berry in a bikini
Halle Berry as Jinx | Image: MGM


Actress: Halle Berry

Paying tribute to original (and arguably first) Bond girl Honey Ryder, Halle Berry’s Jinx emerges from the sea in a skimpy bikini, a hunting knife attached to her side. It might very well be the most famous moment in Bond girl history. Presuming you can get that image off the mind, you might recall that Jinx is an NSA assassin.

Rosamund Pike in a sexy costume holding a sword
Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost | Image: MGM

Miranda Frost

Actress: Rosamund Pike

Long before she was a gone girl, actress Rosamund Pike was a Bond girl. More than that, she was an MI6 agent and former Olympic fencing champion named Miranda Frost, who’s much more dangerous than meets the eye.

Rachel Grant close up
Rachel Grant as Peaceful Fountains of Desire | Image: Thunderballs

Peaceful Fountains of Desire

Actress: Rachel Grant

Upon his arrival at the Hong Kong Yacht Club Hotel, Bond is greeted at the door by this Chinese masseuse. What starts as a friendly massage becomes something far more devious in no time at all.

21. Casino Royale

Eva Green in a violet dress
Eva Green as Vesper Lynd | Image: MGM

Vesper Lynd

Actress: Eva Green

Daniel Craig brought a certain amount of gravitas to the role of Bond and his relationships followed suit. Nowhere was that more evident than with Vesper Lynd, who saves Bond’s life and steals his heart in the process. When Vesper fails to leave her past behind, it results in tragedy.

Catherina Murino in a bikini beside a white horse
Catherina Murino as Solange Dimitrios | Image: Danjaq

Solange Dimitrios

Actress: Catherina Murino

After winning an Aston Martin DB5 in a poker game, Bond uses it as a sly way to trick and charm Solange Dimitrios, wife to a villain.

Dame Judi Dench at an office
Dame Judi Dench as M | Image: Danjaq


Actress: Dame Judi Dench

While not technically a “Bond girl,” Dame Judi Dench and her turn as M is too great to leave off the list!

22. Quantum of Solace

Olga Kurylenko in a black dress with James Bond actor
Olga Kurylenko as Camille Montes | Image: Sputnik/AFP

Camille Montes

Actress: Olga Kurylenko

Bond and Camille Montes both have revenge on the mind, so they team up to make it happen.

Gemma Arterton in a black dress looking at camera
Gemma Arterton as Strawberry Fields | Image: Sony Pictures

Strawberry Fields

Actress: Gemma Arterton

Bond might be crushed by the loss of Vesper Lynd, but that doesn’t stop him from seducing MI6 office worker Strawberry Fields.

23. Skyfall

Bérénice Marlohe in a red dress
Bérénice Marlohe as Sévérine | Image: Sony Pictures


Actress: Bérénice Marlohe

Bond tries to free Sévérine from the clutches of Silva, only to end up watching her die, wasting good Scotch in the process.

Tonia Sotiropoulou with James Bond actor
Tonia Sotiropoulou as Bond’s Lover | Image: 007 Magazine

Bond’s Lover

Actress: Tonia Sotiropoulou

A non-speaking Bond girl with no credited name is still a Bond girl, damn it!

24. Spectre

Léa Seydoux in a light blue dress
Léa Seydoux as Dr. Madeleine Swann | Image: PA

Dr. Madeleine Swann

Actress: Léa Seydoux

The daughter of a deceased SPECTRE agent, French psychologist Dr. Madeleine Swann joins Bond on adventures of both the action-packed and romantic variety. At the end of the film, Bond and Swann drive toward the sunset in his Aston Martin DB5.

Monica Bellucci in a red dress
Monica Bellucci as Lucia Sciarra | Image: Tiziana Fabi

Lucia Sciarra

Actress: Monica Bellucci

Lucia Sciarra isn’t exactly thrilled when she discovers that James Bond killed her husband, but she sleeps with him anyway. Some traditions never die.

Naomie Harris holding a gun
Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny | Image: EON Productions

Eve Moneypenny

Actress: Naomie Harris

Actress Naomie Harris isn’t the first to play Eve Moneypenny—secretary to M—but she is the most notable.

Stephanie Sigman in a violet dress
Stephanie Sigman as Estrella | Image: Jonathan Olley


Actress: Stephanie Sigman

Making a brief appearance, Mexican intelligence operative Estrella joins Bond at a Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico City. He then leaves her hanging in a hotel room. How rude!

25. No Time to Die

Ana de Armas in a black dress
Ana de Armas as Paloma | Image: Greg Williams


Actress: Ana de Armas

Preceded by a long list of legends, Cuban actress Ana de Armas will become one of the newest Bond girls in the upcoming instalment. Excellent choice!

Lashana Lynch in a black undercover costume
Lashana Lynch as Nomi | Image: Landmark Media


Actress: Lashana Lynch

She might be on our list of all the James Bond girls, but Lashana Lynch transcends prototype by appearing as Agent 007 toward the beginning of the film. Things presumably change when Bond comes out of retirement. Wait, he does come out of retirement, right?

Léa Seydoux in a black top holding a wooden box
Léa Seydoux as Dr. Madeleine Swann | Image: Courtesy Everett Collection

Dr. Madeleine Swann

Actress: Léa Seydoux

We’ve tried to avoid doubling down on Bond girl names, but Dr. Madeleine Swann is too integral to the upcoming instalment to leave out. Here’s hoping she makes it past the wedding!

General FAQ

Here are some common questions (and their answers) that people have been asking about Bond girls.

Who was first Bond girl?

While not technically the first love interest to appear on screen, most people consider Ursula Andress to be the first Bond girl. She played the role of Honey Ryder, who famously emerged from the sea in a bikini with a hunting knife strapped to her side.

Who is the best Bond girl?

No one really agrees as to who the 'best' Bond girl is, but Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress), and Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman) appear on numerous lists.

Who was a Bond girl twice?

Actresses Maud Adams and Martine Beswick have both appeared as two different Bond girls, while actresses Eva Green, Eunice Gayson, Léa Seydoux, and Naomie Harris have played the same Bond girl in more than one film.

Why did Vesper Lynd die?

After embezzling money behind Bond's back, Vesper Lynd locks herself into a sinking elevator. As a final gesture, she kisses Bond's hand and frees him from guilt.

Why did Vesper lock herself in?

Having betrayed Bond by bringing embezzled money to Quantum henchmen, Vesper Lynd locks herself into a sinking elevator so as to commit suicide.

Does Bond girl die in Casino Royale?

Bond's love interest, Vesper Lynd, dies by drowning at the end of Casino Royale.

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